[DAO:c1d0840] 18+ Adult World (Pixxxel) For Decentraland Worlds

by 0x012e8326acd4cf9dbbca78f082a1a1c01ed2192f (metaskins)

Should the following $71,000 grant in the In-World Content category be approved?


Acknowledging feedback from our initial proposal, we’re presenting a refined concept to ensure viability before securing the full grant.

While Decentraland has explored various domains, adult content remains untapped. With platforms like Only Fans reshaping independent creator earnings, MetaSkins proposes a fresh platform in Decentraland. This space will allow for gamified mature NPC’s, and be an untapped platform for creators to present mature content and develop NSFW gamified experiences. Our edge? We’re free from centralized constraints, granting creators unmatched monetization freedom in the metaverse. Importantly, 15% of our profits will support the DCL DAO. We’re keen to prove this endeavor’s potential.

Grant size

71,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

3 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



Introducing Pixxxel: Welcome to Pixxxel, the next frontier in the adult entertainment realm within the metaverse. This revolutionary platform, designed exclusively for an audience above 18, encapsulates five cornerstone pillars: renders, gamification, content, partnerships, and immersive events.

Renders: MetaSkins, renowned for its collaborations with illustrious brands such as Puma, Etro, BBC News, and NBC News, brings its expertise to Pixxxel. The avatars you’ll encounter span a spectrum: from hyper-realistic figures exuding sexuality to whimsical, animated sexual characters, each personifying roles like dancers or hosts. What sets them apart? The meticulous design to make these avatars as real feeling as possible, as well as an experienced animation team utilizing different styles including motion-capture techniques that translate real-life movements into the virtual world. Envision public viewing arenas, complete with stages and dancing poles, transitioning to exclusive upstairs private rooms, each endowed with video streaming potential. Witness the potential of Decentraland in this ambit. For a more tangible preview, our mock-up offers an enticing sneak-peek. (This mock up does not yet have the functionality but is a beta to show the beginnings of the experience).

Gamification: Pixxxel transcends the stereotypical online adult offerings by infusing intricate game mechanisms. As users engage, they unlock higher tiers of experiences. Yearn for the VIP echelons? Navigate through a labyrinth of interactive challenges meticulously crafted by MetaSkins with invaluable community feedback. By merging eroticism with gaming, we aim to draw users into Decentraland, not just for the explicit content but for a holistic, immersive experience.

Content: Pixxxel is a treasure trove of diverse adult content. From NSFW metaverse-special videos, intimate live cam engagements, to AI-powered and human-driven chats, we’ve got it all. A standout feature? Our chat interfaces will be built to retain memory, paving the path for users to cultivate a continuous, evolving bond with avatars. It’s not just about fleeting encounters but about creating lasting narratives.

Partnerships: Our mission is to curate unparalleled content. To realize this, we have discussed joined forces with stellar adult entertainers, renowned production houses, and loved OnlyFans icons. This confluence promises to steer passionate followers from various platforms right into the heart of Decentraland’s metaverse. The rhythm of events, curated weekly and monthly, hosted by these industry mavens, ensures consistent user engagement. A special mention: our relationship with Bellesa, an epitome of ethically-curated, women-empowered adult content. Their advisory role ensures Pixxxel is at the forefront of ethical, inclusive adult entertainment.

Events: Bi-weekly events are Pixxxel’s pulse. In collaboration with adult creators and Decentraland’s vibrant communities, we aim to craft myriad experiences. Brands have the opportunity to embed themselves, further enriching the Pixxxel universe.

In Gratitude: A nod to DCL DAO’s unwavering faith in us, we earmark 15% of Pixxxel’s profits for them. Our shared dream? To sculpt a metaverse unparalleled in its freedom and innovation.

Final Note: DCL has unmatched potential but needs better content. Pixxxel offers immersive adult entertainment, blending avatar design & gamification. Our partnerships & events prioritize ethics and inclusivity.

Roadmap and milestones

Month 1:
❖ Build 6-8 UNIQUE dancer/host/bartender avatars with unique identities (strippers/dancers)
❖ Build out specific dances and movements for each avatar (using Rokoko motion-capture
❖ Secure commitment from specific adult entertainers to produce exclusive
metaverse-gated content
❖ Begin build out payment functionality for Pixxxel entrance fee, tipping dancers,
purchasing drinks, purchasing 1on1 time with creators etc.

Month 2:
❖ Onboard live humans to control the avatars working at Pixxxel for Pixxxel events
❖ Seek partnerships and/or branded events within DCL community
❖ Build out customized branding and experiences for first events
❖ Build out Pixxxel’s rank system
❖ Build out custom real-life Only Fans model avatars of the entertainers to represent them
in Decentraland
❖ Build out the functionality of dancers to enable user interaction (lap dances, offering
tokens, sexual acts)

Month 3:
❖ Begin development for rank-building interactive games (treasure hunts and more)
❖ Secure partnerships with other DCL communities for parts of the rank-building games
❖ Begin development of exclusive status-gated experiences and scenes
❖ Train AI chat-bots to emulate these entertainers for AI flirt-bot feature
❖ Build out chat features and funnels to communicate with LIVE CAM Only Fans representatives from within the DCL Worlds scene
❖ Partner with different adult entertainers as hosts for events
❖ Schedule next 3-4 months of bi-weekly DCL community events

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I would like to see some POC before requesting a grant, it is a No for me!

I would happily support innovative adult content that brings something different to the concept.

This still ain’t it however, moving towards worlds for higher fidelity shaders and a potential custom WebXR implementation would be great first steps to an innovative and interesting adult experience, but I don’t see anything of the sort. These aren’t suggestions, they are just requirements for adult experiences to have the fidelity and phantom touch required for the user experience to not be awful.

As is, this is just the standard 2d website in a 3d environment (bad user experience) with low poly models and pre-mocapped movement and some gimmicky addons to fluff, none of this will turn people on, and even the most addicted of porn-viewers would rather get their fix via onlyfans videos/chat or traditional porn - the 3D addition would only be a blocker to users experience.

I’m sorry to keep saying this but there is nothing innovative here other than wanting to be paid 5-figures to build a basic content viewing experience, and given the nature of the content, there is no real reason for DCL to be the one to pay for such a lucrative companies expenses when we receive no real technological advancement from it.

I’m curious what the implementation for the AI would be? Is this a custom LLM? And if so what would the process be for this? I know many LLM frameworks block explicit content.

$70k is a lot more reasonable than the previous grant, but I still think overall this implementation would just receive DCL more bad press and criticisms when compared with other 18+ experiences in the metaverse (VRChat strippers/clubs/hosts).

18+ Adult World (Pixxxel) For Decentraland Worlds

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 7% 1,086,089 VP (33 votes)
  • No 76% 11,516,611 VP (61 votes)
  • Abstain 17% 2,725,417 VP (15 votes)