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Should the following $60,000 grant in the Accelerator category be approved?


The Metaverse Creators Fund (MCF) has been created by long-time active DCL contributors. The primary goal is to help DCL to grow and be competitive with other virtual worlds.

Current Challenges
Poor oversight of projects
Oversized grant allocations
Inadequate project evaluations
Poor reputation

Solutions offered by MCF:
To evaluate, fund, and guide creators in building fun & immersive gamified experiences
Average experience funded: $20K
Engage a jury that includes seasoned DCL experts
Set strict application guidelines.
Prioritize projects that have the best opportunity to be sponsored by brands
Guiding builders along their creative journey

Grant size

60,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

6 months

Beneficiary address


Email address




Brands today, more and more are looking to explore the metaverse via a variety of virtual worlds.

Brands with huge budgets are often opting to go on to centralized virtual worlds such as Roblox and Fortnite mostly due to higher traffic.

There are though brands with smaller budgets who are more inclined to deploy experiences on decentralised virtual worlds such as DCL
Often though the cost to develop experiences on DCL is a limiting factor for brands to deploy on DCL

This then is a reason that Nodo Ivanidze, founder of Metaviu decided along with others, to create the Metaverse Creators Fund.

Projects implemented by MetaViu:

External Image
Coca-Cola Christmas Campaign in DCL

Meama in Decentraland

External Image

European coffee capsule-producing company in DCL

Canada’s Largest Web3 Event hosted in Decentraland

External Image

Virtual extension of the physical event in DCL.

MCF operates independently, yet it draws strength and resources from Nodo Ivanidze & MetaViu’s industry wisdom.

The fact is, there is a lot of negativity in the overall marketing community towards DCL, so the more attractive that experience can be as well as the overall cost, are key determining factors for brands to decide to deploy on DCL

MCF is taking a unique approach in that the experiences that it is looking to fund, will be white-labeled in such a way that they can be customized for a variety of brands.

There are specific types of immersive gamified experiences that have proven to be successful, and so MCF’s plan is to provide guidance for these types of experiences in the application process. And then also, for the winning builders, to guide them in their builds to make sure their builds have a high probability of being successful for both users and for brands.

MCF will also coordinate to offer free land for the builders that MCF funds.

The process for creators to get funded will require them to fill out a detailed application.

Applications meeting the requirements will then be reviewed by a jury comprised of DCL experts (Maryana, JamesA, Lastraum, and MetaDoge) in tandem with metaverse marketing experts outside of DCL

The jury will then select what it feels are the best of the applications to get funded.

The average abound funded will be around $20,000

The visionaries on the jury will then be hands-on in helping to guide the builds through each tranche

Once an experience has been completed it will then be promoted to the marketing community at large, so that any agency, etc. will have the opportunity to deploy it for their brands.

All activations for every experience funded will end up providing funds back to the DAO.

Roadmap and milestones

Launching the Metaverse Creators Fund website: This milestone is crucial as it sets the foundation for the project and allows potential creators to learn about the opportunity. (45 days) 15/10 - 30/11

Marketing Activities: To attract talented creators, we will initiate comprehensive marketing efforts across various platforms and channels. By effectively promoting the fund, we aim to reach a wide audience of potential applicants and encourage them to participate. 1/11 - 30/11

Opening Application Call: After the marketing efforts, we will open the application process for creators to submit their innovative ideas. 1/12 - 15/12

Jury Evaluation: Once the application period is closed, we will assemble a diverse and knowledgeable jury to evaluate the submitted ideas. The jury will have 2 weeks to carefully review and score each proposal based on pre-defined criteria. 16/12- 30/12

Financing the First Batch: Upon completion of the jury evaluation, we aim to support 2 ideas in this initial phase. 1/01 - 7/01

Building the Funded Experience: Each selected creator will be given a timeframe of 60 days to develop and build their funded experience in the DCL. We will provide guidance and support throughout this process to ensure the successful realization of their projects. 7/01 - 7/03

We will actively host community calls to engage with stakeholders and discuss our progress openly. Additionally, regular reporting will be a fundamental aspect of our project.

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we have collaborated with MetaViu many times to onboard big outside big-brands to Decentraland, Coke, Meama Coffee, and SXbet, and I have been impressed by their professionalism and brand resources. The team behind also invested a lot in Decentraland a lot without any grant funds before that they put many many billboards in various hot-spot scenes in Decentraland, and helped creators to get some potential revenue. Plus, the team personnel includes some DCL OGs that further prove the legitimacy of this proposal and the rational of the idea.

Regards to the proposal itself, I also think it’s an innovative approach to not only utilize the grant more efficiently but also it will help to fund some project that fits the needs of the outside brands. This will be very important for brand onboarding in DCL, as we should not only think about what we want but also consider what Brands want if we want to invite them.

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This just looks like another cash grab. Specially when i see who voted YES on this.

Im voting NO

May you guys have to find a REAL job

MetaViu has onboarded so many individuals and has done great things in this space. They have brought in big brands like Coke a cola and many more. I hope they can get support like how they supported creators to monetize their business in DCL.

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The reason I’m supporting and advising this project is precisely because of the issues that people have had with some of the projects getting very large grants and then there not being good results for the community.

This project aims exactly to help solve that problem:

  1. Smaller grants, more in the 15K-20K range instead of the 100-200K range, where 15k-20k should be enough to get something off the ground>
  2. Bringing in experts, both from Decentraland and from outside marketing expertise, to jury and select the winners
  3. to bring the collective experience of the team and the jury to curating and honing the projects to be better.

Also, although Nodo from MetaViu is helping to shepherd this project and bringing his considerable expertiese to bear, it isn’t a MetaViu proposal or project. It is a separate organization and fund.

This fund will also be raising money from other sources over time, to make grants like these to projects in various virtual worlds, but with the team’s roots in and love for the Decentraland community, there was a desire to do a first round in and specifically for projects in Decentraland.

I would encourage a yes vote on this project. I will help and advise it, i commit to that.


Metaverse Creators Fund

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 7% 1,112,079 VP (30 votes)
  • No 92% 14,455,947 VP (79 votes)
  • Abstain 1% 1,108 VP (3 votes)