[DAO:b4f417c] What do you think about the "Metaverse Creators Fund," where top marketers from Fortune500 companies as a jury, decide which profitable virtual experiences to support?

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In response to the challenges faced by brands’ hesitancy to explore the metaverse with low costs and resources spent, followed by the financial limitations that creators experience, a groundbreaking solution has emerged.

Recognizing the need to bridge this gap, the concept of the Metaverse Creators Fund was born. This independent initiative aims to empower and financially support creators within Decentraland to create reusable, white-label experiences for brands.

While the Metaverse Creators Fund operates independently, it benefits from the invaluable expertise of MetaViu, a key player renowned for its work with brands and builders, hosting virtual event extensions in Decentraland, onboarding brands and helping landowners to monetize their lands through advertising opportunities and etc. This collaboration ensures a comprehensive approach, right from onboarding brands to guiding the incubation process.

It’s important to emphasize that the Metaverse Creators Fund is not limited to MetaViu alone. Other forward-thinking agencies are also invited to join forces, amplifying the impact and reach of the initiative, onboard brands and contribute to Decentraland. By uniting various industry players, the fund aims to create a robust ecosystem where creators flourish, brands find innovative avenues of white-label experiences and the metaverse evolves into a thriving realm of possibilities.

To cultivate a thriving ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders, the fund engages an impartial panel composed of distinguished experts representing prominent companies across diverse consumer product sectors. This strategic step ensures that decision-making authority rests in the hands of unbiased parties, leveraging their expertise to fund the most exceptional experiences within Decentraland. This esteemed panel infuses the fund with an unmatched level of curation and trust, providing participants with the assurance of its credibility.

The inclusion of such a distinguished jury not only enhances the selection process but also reinforces the fund’s commitment to excellence. With their involvement, there’s an elevated level of due diligence applied to assess the commercial viability of projects in advance. This brings a heightened level of rigor to the evaluation process, ultimately resulting in the sponsorship of experiences that exhibit both creative brilliance and the potential for sustainable success.

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If it’s funded by private entities, all good. If the DAO has to fund it, no.

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More and more virtual worlds are offering creator funds to incentivize experience creators to develop fun and exciting experiences, such as Roblox which has a $35 million fund. Our goal in a small way is to help make Decentraland more competitive to these other platforms by redistributing DAO funds to create more fun, profitable, and engaging experiences. Ultimately the fund’s goal is to pay back the investment via a % of what brands spend for the experiences.

So like a grant program?

Yes, like a grant program and accelerator tied to it.
Right now, many funds are allocated, but nobody helps or guides builders how to profitably make and manage them.
We will do the grant part and then provide support and make sure that the DAO gets the payback.
As many of us involved in this fund proposal have a lot of experience in DCL, (as well as other virtual worlds) we see this specific need and are setting the fund up with proper guidelines, an outside jury, etc.

You know there is already a grant program, right?

Of course, but thanks for asking, a good question! The existing grant program does not have an accelerator tied to it. A primary goal of the Metaverse Creators Fund is to optimize the DAO’s contributions to make sure the grants are going to sustainable and profitable projects.

There is an accelerator category in the existing grant system.

What do you think about the “Metaverse Creators Fund,” where top marketers from Fortune500 companies as a jury, decide which profitable virtual experiences to support?

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

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What do you think about the “Metaverse Creators Fund,” where top marketers from Fortune500 companies as a jury, decide which profitable virtual experiences to support?

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