[DAO: QmW9Eyy] Creating a market place like amazon, tourism and all in one market place

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Should the following Tier 5: up to $120,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Platform Contributor category be approved?


Developing a Metaverse Theatres are popular places for community members and friends to watch movies together. Most individuals are unable to travel owing to a lack of funds and time, but with the assistance of the metaverse, consumers may experience travel, nature, and nearly anything that we would encounter in real life. Office meeting places, similar to Zoom and Google Meet, but in a virtual world using holograms. I work with a team of full stack developers that have over 5 years of expertise creating NFT markets and AR. We are non-profit researchers who wish to contribute to Metaverse by making our technology open source so that anybody may learn, create, and contribute.

Grant size

120,000 USD

Beneficiary address



As a blockchain startup and metaverse enthusiasts we seek to help younger and upcoming generation to learn and build there skills with blockchain developer. Most of the people are not able to travel due to lack of wealth and time but with the help of metaverse customers can experience travel, Nature and almost everything that we would experience in real time can be experienced and the beauty is that even differently able people could experience the travel. NFT’s and other metaverse wearable goods can be bought inside the market place and we can implement amazon like shops like super market where every product can be seen, viewed and reviewed. We can directly order inside the metaverse and can get products in door steps in reality.Virtual weddings are currently going on trend as guest and everything from food to rent place is reduced and is cost effective yet wonderful experience. As education and competitions gets harder and harder student lack in the skills and practical knowledge with help of VR education students can learn parts of machinery and also helps for doctors to learn about human anatomy. Movie theatrical experience in the comfort of home within a VR space and can spend time with loved once and get experience of Real-time theatre experience. We also create an metaverse casino space as a P2E gaming. Companies in the entertainment industry are capitalising on the notion of metaverse hospitality by producing realistic experiences that clients can enjoy from the comfort of their own homes, largely via the use of virtual reality technology and VR headsets. In reality, this is an exceptionally cost-effective approach. Roller-coasters, are expensive to build in real life, and there are severe safety regulations. However, with a virtual reality experience, genuine roller coasters may be enjoyed in a virtual environment without the prices or risks. Of course, virtual reality experiences can violate natural rules, and some of the other possibilities include virtual experiences such as walking on the moon or Mars, or visiting virtual tourist spots.


With the help of Unity 3D, Java.AR and 3D modellings with blender and publish directly with decentraland as sublayers and transactions will be processed with decentraland.
With solidity and blockchain as back end we run all the process and run them under smart-contracts.
Our plan is to have a space where other projects and brands can relate and join, which will bring more users. Creating more customers for decentraland with game features will bring more value to Decentraland. There are many people interested in travelling and we believe this project can expand quickly.

Once we have the HQ running we can generate income by:

Renting space for offices and other merch,
Custom events for clients(marriages etc)
Creating learning courses inside decentraland
Selling courses as NFTs
The funds from DAO would allow us to create improved and sustainble experiences that we can later present to users, clients and collaborators. We plan to work with iconic creators, invest on promoting and bringing more people in, by building a platform with a fun game-play and dynamic supportive enviroment.


Clar was an aspiration to group of experienced professionals seeking a breakthrough, in providing innovative & disruptive Blockchain based solutions to their customers. We have a mission to help enterprises reincarnate their systems to adopt latest innovations in their industry. The lineament in providing top-notch Blockchain support services, to meet rapid demands today is the focus and way forward.
website: https://clarbloc.com/
we are currently a startup company with less than 1 yr of operation but with skilled developers. We have skills and knowledge but we lack in financial capital investment.

Roadmap and milestones

1st phase: Building the Platform, the assets, the characters, metaverse avatars for everyone to hop on and experience metaverse.

2nd phase: Animating characters and assets. Developing in world emotes .

3rd phase: SDK development.

4th phase: Platform tests.

5th phase: Promotion. HQ/P2E Launch event. Utilities upgrade.

6th phase: Tourism.Promotion.Contests.Maintenance.Travel.Learn.Earn.

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  1. Everyone would like to see a breakdown of where the requested funds are being allocated and how you reached your total of $120k

  2. Transparency over ambiguity

  3. I feel like there are a lot of buzz words and a shotgun blast of ideas, but I don’t get the sense that this is aimed to benefit the DCL community


I noticed you are asking for $120k USD from the DAO but you do not have a claimed name :thinking:

Please refer to this link if you would like to claim your Decentraland Name: Builder | Decentraland

cant guarantee you a yes vote but its a start!!


Creating a market place like amazon, tourism and all in one market place

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 313 VP (13 votes)
  • No 99% 1,451,265 VP (20 votes)
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