[DAO:d95d572] Virtual Street Team

by 0xce828b10570351a8d56d934cc2481950ddfa12df (WisherVodka#12df)

Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Community category be approved?


Bringing the hype back to Decentraland. Doing things that don’t scale has been a bit of a tagline for Wisher in DCL. However, during our launch phase we discovered just how impactful our Street Team was to the global DCL community and forging connections that have turned into some of the biggest communities within DCL. Around this time last year we began hanging around the fountain welcoming people into DCL and discovered the world’s first web 3 click funnel. This click funnel basically outlined our launch strategy of driving traffic from outside DCL into DCL and then picking up contact with them and diving them to a call to action of some kind.

Grant size

30,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



See more info here:

Problem this solves:

We need to bring more users into DCL and get them up to speed and create some stickiness with friendship and community. By operationalizing the Street Team, we can enable an always on funnel of new people joining our community and finding ways to tap into it in their own unique ways.

We will follow the traditional Inspire, Engage, Commit marking model that many organizations use to drive conversion. (more details outlined in our website link here:

We will use this proposal to stand up the POC for this pipeline by employing individuals to work within DCL as community engagers as well as other web 2 platofrms to create a closed loop funnel towards filling up events again.

The Street team will promote Wisher Vodka’s events, but since we were born in the community, and ultimately call DCL home. We will take new users around to other community pillars to introduce them to all DCL has to offer. On nights we host events we will drive traffic to our events, but since this street team is working 40 hour weeks, they will drive to other events throughout the week as well so we all benefit.

Wisher Vodka will use the funds to pay for these new street team members time as well as some small amount reserved for resource planning and workers comp insurance etc.

This 30k proposal is set to demonstrate the value of the POC to the community and bring new people into the ecosystem. This should give us 2-3 months burn rate to identify new conversion strategies and track necessary KPI’s.


Once this proposal has passed we will immediately open job applications for the following roles:

Street team leader
Stream Team member(s)
Social media street team wrangler(s)

Once these roles have ben filled we will negotiate hourly rates and set up cadences of people manning the fountain and other social media outlets. Previous team members are welcome to apply.

Outside this proposal Wisher plans to continue our weekly artist in residence concert with DJ TRAX as well as add additional events back into the schedule as we had down previously to add free value to the community and test new strategies towards paths to purchase.

Our core KPI metric is user dwell time at events and conversions through our online store, if these metrics improve during this POC we will consider it a success. We will be testing and learning the most ideal call to actions for purchase behavior within DCL to make way for more brands to come in by improving the path to purchase for digital goods as well as IRL goods.


Bokkeh will be the hiring manager for the open roles and will be supported by Klow, Emstastic, and Kbw.

Bokkeh has previous experience running teams at fortune 500 brands and is the CTO of Wisher.

Roadmap and milestones

After the proposal passes we will enact the following steps in order:

  1. Set up job applications via wishervodka.com
  2. Hold interviews of qualified candidates
  3. Execute hiring paperwork
  4. Establish regular working hours for street team to operate based on time availability. We will attempt to align with big events nights in DCL to drive traffic to events.
  5. Host a “Meet the street team” twitter spaces & stream where everyone can meet them and share what they are working on so they can be knowledgeable about what’s going on in DCL and they can help support the overall community outside of Wisher’s agenda.
  6. They will attend the bigger townhall discussions to stay up to speed on the community discussions.
  7. Execute the work.

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So I love the idea, but the question is what is committing them to continuously come to Decentraland? TBH I am not sure if this is the time to do this yet. This will definitely be needed at some point, but without reasons for people to come into Decentraland on a daily basis, what does this provide at this current time? To be honest, we need some solid infrastructure before we start onboarding. Otherwise this becomes and endless drain when people dont come back. There’s not enough to do at the moment and we need to leave a great first impression. I am going to abstain from voting on this one.

Heya Tudamoon!

Thanks for your perspective and great thoughts. I just wanted to add some color to some of our thinking on this too. Over the past year there have been several improvements to create stickiness and several DAO proposals to enhance our community as well as many new P2E games developed for the space, the Street Team will be highlighting some of these new improvements to new members that may not even know they exist yet.

However, we believe that stickiness comes from a strong community, nothing pulls stronger towards wanting to log in than seeing your friends having a blast without you in DCL. Community is built through face to face interactions and conversations of like minded individuals. The Street Team acts as a catalyst to find new communities to come in as well as connecting solo players into well established community groups so they can gain a sense of belonging within our DCL community.

With this humble proposal, it may not appear to be on the same value tier of a brand new P2E game or something like that at face value, however these interactions that we will create will have ripple effects throughout our community via long lasting friendships and connections that will have lasting effects towards our DCL foundation. This full-time team focused on these sorts of connectors is something we believe is a big missing link towards the betterment of DCL as currently if you happen to find your way into DCL its very difficult to get “plugged in” without a sherpa to guide you into the world and introduce you to key players to fold you into the ecosystem.

I love the idea, but I have to agree with Tudamoon its probably a bit early for this…

These are great points. I do think your proposal amount is extremely reasonable.

A question I have for you and the Wisher team- Will you have a means to follow-up with whom you engaged with? And if not, Will you make this a research study for Decentraland? I think this would be a good study to see how “sticky” we are at this current time.

So the requests I have is to see the statistics: Here’s an example of the data I want to see shared with the DCL DAO:
Engaged with 1000 people.
Followed up with 1000 people. Of those 1000 people: 250 continue to use Decentraland. 100 use in on occasion. 200 Didnt respond. 450 have not used DCL since.

I think this type of information is extremely important. Because your claim is we are stickier than before, but I would like to see that information. I would vote in favor of this, even for a slightly higher grant value, because introducing people to DCL through a street team is important, but I also think it is extremely important to see where we currently stand. This could be used as a control for future grants.

@KalebK Check out this response. I think it could have some potential still.


Thanks for your request. I think that a follow up report is a reasonable request and we can attempt to manually track that for this POC and release our findings, however due to the decentralized nature of DCL and web 3 there will be anomalies in the data set as we port of users from Web 2 to Web 3. We will add this to the job description of the Street Team Leader to collect and corroborate data from the rest of the team members and provide a roll-up at the end of each month to the best of their ability.

Additionally, if you’ll see at the end of our website link – in a future proposal at the end of this POC we would like to create a dwell time analytics dashboard to enable a better tracking system for this to understand whom is attending our events and how often, so we can follow up with more traditional CRM tactics and reward structures. So, after we release our manually tracked POC data we can put in another proposal for a venue owner analytics dashboard that we can utilize to triangulate data for a fuller picture of stickiness.

Just wanted to follow up here and say that I know privacy is a major concern for a lot of web 3 folks and want to re-iterate that the nature of this proposal is to build community and not track data or invade privacy, but in an effort to meet transparency criteria mentioned above we are willing to provide monthly reports to the community on non-avatar specific data via roll-up reports.

Yeah I saw the KPIs you were planning on getting through your online store. What about a CRM program that could help automate this? Like having them reach back to the users a month later and then 3 months later. I feel like survey programs are out there. Actually I really dont give a crap what these people’s names are, they could give us fake names for all I care, all I ask is we reach out to their email that they provide and see if we can gather information. This is all consensual.

Person 1 gives email blah@email dot com, You dont need to know their name, you just need to reach out to them and ask them the question “How often do they use Decentraland?”. None of their private information is needed. You dont need to know any personal information to gather the data on stickiness. We just need to see how effective this campaign is and then also use it as a standard for future campaigns.

Certainly, that is simple enough – as we gain sales from the conversion pipeline testing we can follow up with users that collect our POAPs, and wearables & merch via our website via email automation for a survey response and share those findings.

Privacy is a concern for web3 users, but I dont think giving the statistics is releasing privacy. No companies are going to come to web3 if they can’t collect user information. I think we must promote the idea that web3 does not allow for the sharing of private information without direct explicit consent and web3 needs to promote this information being stored encrypted on a blockchain that is extremely secure. Currently major corporation’s data is vulnerable. Which for all we know they could purposely allow data to be leaked for a price. Web3 changes this. It shouldn’t happen nearly as often. Data can be secured now. And as web3 we must ensure all companies who are using private information for “bad” purposes need to be dissolved or ostracized.

Perfect! That would be awesome! Yeah I think if you all can do this, it will be extremely helpful for Decentraland. I appreciate this discussion. I love the idea. In this case. I am going to vote in favor for this. Appreciate your responses.

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Thanks for the discussion @Tudamoon we look forward to supporting the community further.

My question is what events will be prioritized on nights that Wisher does not have one? There are a lot of events going on so what would be the deciscion process as to which of those events the “Drivers” will direct people towards? Will the be divided up, will all events be included or just “select” events?

I really like the idea of formalizing a team that greets people into DCL.
I would like to see this decoupled of Wisher’s agenda.
30k for 2-3 months of work seams like a lot for a POC.

I’m voting NO.

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Thanks for reaching out, this will usually be decided by the newcomer’s interests in what they are leaning towards, the Street Team will be hopefully touching base with them while showing them around DCL and get a feel of what they are into, whether its a concert, P2E, or educational event the team will be prepped on whats listed on the events board and will share the night’s line up with the new people coming in and help them understand what each event entails. Additionally, if they are interested in learning more about creating wearables they will point them towards some of DCL’s finest and show them all about the marketplace etc.

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Hi @yemel

Thanks for chiming in, we would love to learn a it more about your decision and understand how we may be able to turn your no into a yes. Here are a few things we considered for timeframe and some other thoughts.

In order to get an accurate picture of the KPIs mentioned we felt a 3 month trial gives us enough time to hire& train the street team, find a groove and roll up a clean data report. This also gives us an opportunity to test different conversion techniques from month to month to ensure there wasn’t a fluke one day.

The main reason this is tied to Wisher’s agenda is that we can see the data from our own events and sales on the backend and tweak messaging accordingly for optimal success, also with Wisher running this there is more incentive to operationalize this and support the team via things like workers comp insurance, 1099 paperwork, customer service etiquette, and clear performance reviews etc.

Please let us know your thinking to see how we might be able to adjust accordingly to gain your support.

Virtual Street Team

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 13% 223,813 VP (66 votes)
  • No 87% 1,392,973 VP (23 votes)