[DAO:bb94e32] Proof of Education + Education program + Require certifications for voting in categories

by 0x598f8af1565003ae7456dac280a18ee826df7a2c (pablo)

Wallets will need to pass a certificartion exam in order to vote in certain categories.

For example, to vote in grants for “Social media”, the address should complete a course and pass an exam about the topic, which certificate will be bound to the address.

Privacy will always be ensured.

This way we solve different problems:

  • We avoid people with lack of knowledge voting on certain topics that can lead to wrong decisions.
  • We avoid corruption
  • In the lack of Proof-Of-Identity, proof-of-education can be a good measure
  • More efficient use of funds, as the decisions will be better from people with knowledge that people with lack of info.
  • Educating people, the community will be more intelligent
  • … I’m sure it can bring more benefits, we can write in the forum thread …
  • YES
  • NO
  • Invalid question/options

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We can also add a “basic certification exam” so that, in general, if you don’t pass this exam, you cannot vote.

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Very interesting proposal, will get back to mac and vote. :+1:

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I like this idea, but who is going to make the tests, and how can we be sure this won’t result in some categories not having enough qualified VP holders to vote?

Voted Yes. Nice idea, I’ve seen this implemented in other projects and is great to ensure one has the bare minimal information to make an educated vote.

Voting no as I believe this proposal comes from a place of saying People didnt understand my grant so they voted no. Many times when people vote no the grantee says oh well you just dont understand the proposal. This has proven to be untrue and in most cases and is condescending and egocentric. If voters do not understand the prop is up to the proposer to explain it simply. There are already tests to be a dcl verified partner to show coding/ design/ consultation knowledge which very few people have taken. A main point of decentralization is everyone has a voice. If a prop requires tech knowledge the proposer should be able to explain in simple enough terms how it benefits the platform.


No - This would exclude many voters from voicing their opinion. Not everyone has the same access to education or the same learning style, and it is proven that some just are not good at test taking even if they are well-informed about the issue. Others may be challenged with a language barrier or translation issues. Voter participation is already low, and this would only discourage more people from voting. In addition, how will this prevent corruption? It isn’t like someone can’t phone a friend for the answer.

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No, this is elitist and against the spirit of the DAO.

If anything, we would require it more from grant requestors than grant voters, and I see no reason why people would actually learn something over just clicking the clearly correct/googleable answers to continue doing what they prefer regardless.

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Why there is exclusion when there can be an education program that anyone can access?

It shouldn’t be up to the voter to become educated to the point of passing a test. The burden should be on the requestor to make it easy enough to understand in the first place.

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Can you please explain in detail how your proposal avoids corruption? Have you ever paid, applied, and have to take education courses in order to obtain a professional license? What research have you done that lead you to these conclusions? What languages will you be offering? Web 3 is supposed to be inclusive, yet we seem to be doing to opposite here with what you are proposing, by keeping people out. If we feel that “education” is important, maybe we can look to the other DCL grants that have already taken 6 figures in funds to educate the DCL community. Can we help educate people about how important it may be to get more builders in DCL with a better builder? I see this as more reasons for people to leave DCL or less reasons to enter. (There are already tons of barriers to entry for DCL since it isn’t on mobile yet) I think educating the DCL community on what is important for the platform as a whole vs individual creators is important in the long run. I dont see almost a single thing this poll does to accomplish anything positive for DCL. What will your latest Sandwich game grant offer DCL that DCL didnt have before? Since you are wanting to start some trends here and education, we should probably talk about them… Should DCL pay for scenes and former grants to upgrade to SDK7? How many Millions of dollars should DCL spend on this? Should we open up a new category just for SDK 7 upgrades? I love golfcraft, but the sammich game seems like a waste of DAO funds and to be focused on a couple users vs the whole of the “platform”… the DAO voting category that it was posted in. (since we are bringing up education) Sorry Pablo, I was a huge fan until your recent grant and now this… Idk how your real life is going, but please dont let it hurt the future of DCL and everyone else here. Thank you!

There is a typo in the first sentence… certificartion is misspelled… This is who will be educating DCL and gatekeeping people from voting?

I would prefer that the proposals be catered to the community as a whole in their explanation, instead of large factions of the community not being able to vote on certain aspects because they lack education. As illustrated in the process of the GNU grant, Pablo was able to gain the support of those who initially did not understand his proposal, by explaining it more in depth. Also, those who lack extensive knowledge can rely on the knowledge and experience of their peer voters, ask them questions and have them explain their reasoning for voting a certain way… everyone should have a right to cast their vote.

However I do believe there is an issue of a largely inexperienced body of voters, especially on topics of finance, in charge of disbursing millions of dollars without even consulting with subject matter experts (SMEs).

I have led working groups where together we crafted proposals for base commanders and generals to review and make changes to military policy, we were talking about things like remodeling barracks for single soldiers and improving relocation processes for overseas moves. These were simple things… and we still consulted with lawyers, and other SMEs for hours before putting anything down on paper or voting. It is weird to me that we do not have a panel of experts here to advise us and I think foundation could have done better in that respect when forming a DAO.

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Proof of Education + Education program + Require certifications for voting in categories

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 21% 1,737,211 VP (36 votes)
  • No 78% 6,302,409 VP (44 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 1% 503 VP (1 votes)

Proof of Education + Education program + Require certifications for voting in categories

This proposal has been REJECTED by a DAO Committee Member (0xbef99f5f55cf7cdb3a70998c57061b7e1386a9b0)