[DAO:2975f4e] Would our Decentraland DAO like to add Shielded Voting to help solve voter apathy?

by 0x0749d1abb5ca9128432b612644c0ea1e9c6cc9af (Unbreakable)

Reaching out to the community to get some feedback on if we believe this would help our DAO. I believe in the past months, people have been ridiculed for simply voting one way or the other, whether these voters have 1VP-10M VP. These are contributors & community members of Decentraland yet we let our biases get in the way of what’s best for our community and tear others down for not helping push ideas that they may not fully have conviction in. I believe if we had Shielded Voting added on to our Basic Voting used with Snapshot, we would be able to vote in peace and view results when the proposal is over with. As of now, people are blocking each other, gossiping about each other and ridiculing each other for not being in alignment with their voting outcome.

Please feel free to share your feedback on why this would or wouldn’t work, I’ll be reading every comment in hopes for a better solution than this to help our community members participating in our decentralized autonomous organization.

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I like this idea. Voted yes

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With Shielded Voting do you mean this ?

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Love this, mainly because it’s quite common that voters get harassed/shamed on whether it’s because of their vote or just voting without providing feedback on forum.


Yes! Exactly… Thank you for sharing this link above.

Originally came across this article last year and mentioned it to a few community members but they didn’t see a need for it back then. The idea resurfaced after recent events in public forums.

Thank you for your support by the way :pray:t2:

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Thank you for your support! :100:

We all deserve to be respected in the community even amongst conflict of interests.

Completely agree with you, I don’t mind if people have conversations and maybe change their mind after receiving more information but if people are only going to change their decisions because of peer pressure or threats… we need to find a way to protect the community from these patterns…

Thank you for your support! :100:

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Doesn’t this just make the corruption problem worse?

This solution is protection for the community participating in our DAO. The corruption is very much alive, I agree with you there… I disagree with this solution making matters worse, there will be more participation & these proposals will still be vetted as they should and the community will rally every time we see scammers trying to take money from our community without ever contributing to this community. (We know who you are and we are going to keep bringing light to your failed grants yet to be revoked.) We need to find more solutions to battle the corruption and I’m down to brainstorm. This is only a way to help more people participate and not feel alienated once they hit Yes for a grant they thought would work.

We can’t keep attacking and abandoning others for simply voting the way they feel.

Hey alpha. Im not sure about this idea. I do see the pros of this but a major con as @jar0d stated is that corruption could be even worse. I can only imagine the backroom deals would get worse if no one can see who is voting for what. I dont believe the vast majority are afraid to vote but maybe im wrong. Thoughts?

Backroom deals happen anyway. There is no transparency on this with or without shielding.

I read this as, “corruption is rampant, we should make it easier and harder to identify and combat.”

I would have to disagree.

I think people should have to answer questions about why the voted for certain issues. Im not sure what the problem with votes being shown is. tbh if someone is harrasing you for not voting for them it is likely they do not deserve the vote anyway. I think showing votes is literally the only accountability we have atm .

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The irony is that @esteban delegated multiple people who were harassing voters during and after my grant.

You are the only one creating irony. It’s normal for you to feel this way. Best word to describe your current mental status is “Karma” :grinning:

There are ways to deal with harassment in the community but this is not it. Voting should be as open and transparent as possible.

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Thanks for sharing you feedback dogman :clinking_glasses:

The backroom deals have been going on for a while. We can see who they are all when you look into the history of the grants proposals. This shielded voting will still show vote results at the end displaying transparency. Being able to see who is currently voting doesn’t keep anyone accountable by the way, just allows people to know who to target and DM to hope they change their vote in time. Have people who voted yes to pass grants that rugged dcl community been held accountable? Shielded voting removes the urgency to rally votes because a “whale war” is going on & less attacks on those participating in the proposals. I would also like to ask you and j a question, would snapshot have added this feature by ShutterNetwork if it was only going to corrupt DAOs?

I say we should experiment what our DAO would be like with this shielded voting and we can turn it off if nothing changes.

Thank you for sharing your feedback CheddarQueso :slight_smile:

Voting will still be open and transparent…

Shielded voting doesn’t hide anything, there is only a LIVE protection over all proposals until the voting period is over ensuring we get the most participators and the least influenced votes. We need more authentic voters and less sheep following sheep to get ideas through.

What are some solutions you can think of since this is not a way to deal with voter apathy… Looking forward to your ideas :clinking_glasses:

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Once the voting period is over, it is too late. Ways to deal with harassment are being formulated and used right now, such as the code of ethics, hiring mods, modinator bot, the governance process to ban users who insult and harass others, etc.

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I disagree. There’s the Revocations Committee that was formed for that purpose.