[DAO:32d107c] Should we make voting anonymous?

by 0x332dfa1016f5229b44e237ea61a08937e6666666 (KOCHOLDING)


This proposal seeks Community Feedback on whether voters want to keep their votes anonymous when participating in the DAO voting.


The Decentraland DAO has been witnessing many voters feeling attacked or questioned on how they vote. This issue needs to be addressed to keep vote participation up. Feedback from the community on this matter is needed to provide a better solution to this issue.

This is a non-binding Pre-Proposal Poll created to gauge community sentiment.

If you have any other ideas please leave your opinion in the comments.


YES: Make Voting Anonymous.

NO: Leave it as it is.

  • YES
  • NO
  • Invalid question/options

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already had a similar prop. again voting no… Transparency


I voted no. I believe transparency is more important than the fear of being attacked. It should be our collective responsibility to create a space where everyone can express their opinions without the need for anonymity.


No, there are grants that I have voted YES for and wish I didn’t, but I take accountability for that. Hiding behind anonymity might create distrust.

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Voted yes, too much focus on who votes how they vote.

Voting no here. Transparency and taking ownership of your vote are key to making responsible voting choices, in my opinion.

Should we make voting anonymous?

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 4% 507,206 VP (33 votes)
  • No 89% 9,116,015 VP (90 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 7% 799,672 VP (11 votes)

Should we make voting anonymous?

This proposal has been REJECTED by a DAO Committee Member (0xfb1afa4dc069ffb47b19dbee196045d508fcd5a2)