[DAO:9aef6a4] Implement Shielded Voting in DAO [DRAFT]

by 0x247e0896706bb09245549e476257a0a1129db418 (LordLike)

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Would our Decentraland DAO like to add Shielded Voting to help solve voter apathy?


This proposal introduces shielded voting within DAO to enhance voter privacy, ensure fairness, and boost participation in governance. By encrypting vote choices during the voting period, it aims to eliminate undue influence and manipulation.


The current voting system in Decentraland DAO publicly displays voters’ choices, which can sway decisions and reduce participation due to external pressures, biases, and potential manipulations. This proposal advocates for implementing shielded voting, which maintains confidentiality of votes until the voting period concludes.


Decentraland DAO currently operates a transparent voting system where all votes are visible throughout the voting period. This transparency can lead to unwanted voting behaviors and biases, where voters might be swayed by the visible choices of others, particularly influential community members.


  • All voter choices for Decentraland DAO proposals will remain encrypted throughout the voting period. The preliminary results of voting options will not be visible or accessible until the voting period concludes. This encryption safeguards the confidentiality of individual preferences and the overall voting outcomes until the proposal ends.

  • Shielded voting will be activated within the Decentraland DAO’s main Snapshot space. This will ensure that all future proposals utilize this voting method.

  • Necessary updates will be made to the Decentraland DAO governance Dapp to support shielded voting functionality. This includes UI adjustments to reflect the encrypted voting process and to provide a user-friendly experience for voters.

  • Governance documentation will be revised to include details on the new shielded voting.


Implementing shielded voting will potentially increase voter turnout and ensure that decisions are made based on unbiased, individual judgments. By encrypting both the voter choices and the current voting results, this system stops any unfair influence during voting, making the process more honest and truly reflecting what voters want.

This is a non-binding Draft proposal. If approved, feedback and insights will be solicited to refine and finalize the points, including the need for a test period and other considerations, for the final governance stage.

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Everyone will be able to see who voted and their voting power, but they can’t see which choice they voted for and current results, it will be decrypted only once proposal is closed!

In the screenshot below I created a test proposal in Snapshot to show how it will look like.

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No thanks. We need transparency :wink:

So the CartL can do even more backroom deals :kissing_heart:
They know how much VP they have, and we won’t be able to know how much people against it need to gather to prevent them from ruling the DAO.

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You only criticize, but when it comes to taking action to solve problems, you disappear and propose no solutions or remain ignorant.

This proposal doesn’t completely resolve every DAO problem, but it can be a good start.

There has been a deliberate effort by some within the community to cast last-minute votes on bogus grants. This was not accident and is likely to continue despite attempts to protect the voting process. I prefer transparency and choose to block anyone attempting to harass me about my vote.

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Back room deals will continue to happen no matter how the votes are displayed, so that is irrelevant to this potential voting update.

Shielding votes before it ends is only a small improvement to our voting system. Nevertheless, small improvements over time will benefit our dao as a whole. This will hopefully prevent peer pressure in voting. This will also hopefully reduce some last minute voting since no one knows the total. This will also hopefully improve voter fatigue while at the same time hopefully “strengthen” the power of your votes. - if you can’t see who has voted which way, then you will hopefully cast your votes with more intention and purpose.


This proposal sounds good, but in pair with delegation system, it kills DAO and transparency.
Until delegation system will be reworked, nothing will help.

Yea true. But we have to start fixing things. People with delegated vp don’t sometimes don’t vote because they’re friends haven’t, or they wait until their friends do and vote the same. IMO this current way of voting reduces the integrity of a delegate as they don’t have the conviction to read the proposal and vote on their own.

With shielded voting, each person will have to rely on their own decision making to cast their vote.

Basically this will go in favour of CartL and their allies, at this time they hold more than 12m VP combined. It is funny how @theankou is going against the delegees, probably he can’t even understand they are the gatekeepers of DCL right now. Votes must be transparent, only this way the community will know their true enemies. Trust me - shielded solves nothing, only helps the bad actors!

People with delegated vp don’t sometimes don’t vote because they’re friends haven’t, or they wait until their friends do and vote the same.

In case they are friends, they can always communicate :wink:

Unfortunately our DAO is not ready for this… if there were more ethical voters, yes. Maybe one day


We have transparent voting and whales vote at the last minute, changing many outcomes. Would they still vote last minute on things and change outcomes if they couldn’t see the vote totals prior to voting?

It seems like an intelligent strategy to me, I also don’t think that anonymous voting directly threatens transparency.

I also believe that this does not 100% prevent bad actors from agreeing on votes privately, but it does help make the votes more impartial and independent.

If we want to avoid these private agreements that interfere with voting, the identity of the voter including her VP should be protected even after the voting is over.

Back door deals will always happen - whether between friends or “bad actors”; this is not trying to fix that.

If someone sees a vote totally in favor of something, will they be more or less inclined to cast their votes? Will they feel like their vote even matters?

If someone cannot see the votes, will they be more or less inclined to cast their votes? Will they feel like their votes matter?

Hi @maryana! Can you explain what a “more ethical voter” is and how that applies here?

This shielding system will prevent ALL VOTERs from seeing the outcomes prior to the voting ending…so I’m a little unclear how this will only effect “unethical voters” ?

Bad grants will be anonymously coordinated and passed by bad actors, and won’t be revealed until after the vote ends.

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That is very true; however, can’t they currently coordinate at the last minute and then change the vote?

So, if they can do it with and without shielded voting, then this point is moot and invalid as an argument against shielded voting.

In case you can see the possible outcome you can always raise attention. It doesn’t matter how much VP you have. As you know back in the days I used to reward voters with soul-bound nfts, and trust me it was very effective. Shielded voting sucks. If anyone here cares about the DAO and the VP abusers, better option is the “Quadratic Voting”, which gives power to the regular users while they have less VP than the whales, they still have the power.

Shield voting isn’t supposed to replace quadratic voting or any other type of vp revamp. It’s a small part of the revamp.

And you can always raise awareness for any proposal without seeing the votes. That’s part of the point with shield voting: enhance participation because you can’t see the outcome before you dismiss the proposal.