[DAO:56376a1] Should DAO limit ability to self-vote on certain proposals?

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In the Decentraland DAO, it’s not uncommon to see users vote for their own proposals. However, this raises ethical questions about the use of voting power for self-interested reasons, such as granting oneself approval on grants or POIs. The utilization of voting power for personal gain only exacerbates these concerns. It has also been reported that voting power is sometimes “rented” or traded for other valuable items.

This proposal aims to tackle this issue and serves as a starting point for the community to come together and further refine the idea. The proposal suggests prohibiting self-voting on personal Grant and POI proposals.

Should the community vote:

Yes: To prohibit self-voting on personal Grant and POI proposals.

No: To leave the current system as it is.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Invalid question/options

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Hey Folks, would be very appreciative for your thoughts on this issue.

@pablo Hi, can you please share your opinion why this is invalid question ?

low key no way to stop this currently

As TCT already mentioned there’s no way to enforce this. Without a DID (decentralized identification) or a zero knowledge proof of humanity requirement for voting or obtaining VP, people can simply transfer $MANA to another wallet and vote with that.

While I prefer those with large amounts of VP to not vote on their own proposals, we have discussed this before and yeah anyone can transfer it out to another wallet, so it will only lead to another problem that needs a solution. I think we should have some ethics in the DAO to try and discourage this behavior. Voting invalid option.


Yeah but it is a starting point, at least we will see that users who transfer vp)

Why this voting cant be a one of pieces for ethics code as a starting point ? Maybe we can start with something small and step by step create a solution.

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I personally don’t think people should vote on their own proposals that will be self-serving. If a person creates a proposal that would help the greater good of Decentraland, then yes, I’d want them to have the power to vote on it. But these are just my own personal beliefs, and it should be up to each of us how we choose to vote.

Ethics aside, I don’t think controlling self-voting will solve anything, and the less over-arching reach the DAO has, the better.


Thanks for your opinion.

Not sure if this is currently a thing, but would be cool to allow people to vote with less than their total VP.

It kind of sucks for whales to vote on most things because there is always criticism of abusing VP, taking sides, etc.

But if accounts with Millions of VP could choose to vote for something with 100k VP - showing their support but not completely swaying public opinion - that would be cool. And it would be entirely up to the voter.

I think this is premature. We’ve brought this up in the forums and DAO discord before. And the issue always pointed back to VP inequity. And ethics. Ethics are hard, esp to enforce. So I think there should be more conversations around this, and what are some viable solutions. Starting with putting together an updated ethics for the terms of the DAO is a start, but that would be before any votes begin IMO.


Even presidents vote for themselves. However if one person’s vote is worth many regular person’s vote then it is not fair.

I agree with the guys that there is a problem and we have been working thru it but this has been presented as a solution and we have concluded that it will not help the problem and may create even more issues. Perhaps the increased scrutiny behind whale votes (sometimes with good reason) has discouraged other whales from participating in the DAO voting process? It really is difficult for a busy person who has other projects to carve out time to read and vote on proposals, let alone deal with being pinged, singled out or straight up acossed for their vote. Is it possible to reach out to the VP holder community and investigate their pain points/incentives/interest in DAO participation? Has this been done in the past?

Should DAO limit ability to self-vote on certain proposals?

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 60,529 VP (48 votes)
  • No 94% 5,969,852 VP (161 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 5% 346,442 VP (12 votes)

Should DAO limit ability to self-vote on certain proposals?

This proposal has been REJECTED by a DAO Committee Member (0xbef99f5f55cf7cdb3a70998c57061b7e1386a9b0)

because it’s practically not possible