[DAO: QmXDVZr] Can we just make it 1 account 1 vote?

by 0x7616e594f1832d0dc7aad3923967d76fd98416e2 (BBStudios)

I have a POI vote running right now. I went out of my way to engage the larger community and find people that liked my idea enough to engage with the voting system and vote. I got 8 yes votes to 4 no votes right now, and I’m losing the proposal by 86%.

If this poll gets voted down, you should change the name to “Centraland”.

  • 1 account = 1 vote
  • Land Oligarchy rules

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I hear you, and agree that there are times when 1 account = 1 vote would seem more fair.

However, given the anonymity afforded by Ethereum, a 1 account = 1 vote system would be less secure than the weighted votes we use right now.

For example, if each account got one vote, what would prevent an individual from creating as many accounts as they want (by means of a bot, even) and then voting with all of those separate accounts, thus skewing the results in their favor?

My understanding is that weighting votes based on assets held by users is more fair because it:

  1. prevents cheating, and
  2. grants users with a greater stake in the platform a more impactful vote.

All that being said, I think that this is absolutely an important topic that shouldn’t be ignored, but it’s complex and will take some repeated iteration before we’re able to fine tune our community governance in a way that’s both safe and democratic.

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I want to say a few quick things about this proposal. First off, to the OP, I can understand your frustration with having more votes but less voting power, particularly when it comes to an issue of such personal importance to you. That said, I do still think it is important to present proposals in a way that is neutral, and allows there to be a productive gauge of opinion in the community, because the question of voting power and majoritarianism in terms of votes vs. voting power is an important topic and question that I think merits discussion. However, in its current form, this poll is biased, such that it is not going to necessarily produce an accurate gauge of opinion, so, I would have been more likely to engage with it if the vote against was presented in a more neutral way. And the specifics of your situation separated slightly from the question, although it is definitely important to be able to include why this issue is important to you and the community.

That said, this, and the other conversation that is ongoing about voter delegation power, do overlap, and this type of issue will continue to be EXTREMELY relevant as we evolve in our metaverse world and its DAO. So rather, at this point, than start another poll, I would like to raise the question here about weather there is a middle ground to be found, that awards a certain amount of voting power to the majority vote… We could determine what that amount would be… But if there is a way to ensure that the 1 vote is from a legitimate wallet with an active account (which I presume based on what Eric is saying above might be difficult), than winning the majority vote on topic, poll, ect. would have merit and sway.

Just something to conisder as I agree with Eric above that this is absolutely an important issue. It is complex. And it will continue to be relevant over time and in these early moments of our genesis as a DAO.


  • Land Oligarchy does not rule…
    MANA holders have more power than LAND owners…