[DAO: bafkrei] Exodus: Goodbye World Development

by 0x9381caa558f19a821a2360c59fdf3db60c09ff52 (JTV)

Should the following Tier 6: up to $240,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Gaming category be approved?


Exodus: Goodbye World is an ambitious Metaverse Role-Playing Game, intent on becoming an immersive Play-and-Earn experience. It is currently on a 7x7 estate located at coordinates 126, 44. Our goal is to create a fun and vibrant gaming community with a player-driven economy; by which, individuals can own items in the form of blockchain assets that they can buy/sell/trade as they please. Our experienced team of programmers, designers, and support personnel bring years of talent to enable us to meet this goal.

Grant size

240,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



Decentraland (DCL) allows for an immense amount of personal creativity and freedom. DCL creates the opportunity to engage with others in novel ways in an expansive virtual space; be that by attending concerts and galleries, or playing games. We seek to expand on the gaming options within DCL by building Exodus: Goodbye World!

We feel that having a large-scale, frequently updated game within the DCL platform will provide years of entertainment and financial value to the community. It will help drive increased user traffic into DCL and to the overall DCL gaming scene.
Exodus aims to be massive, immersive, and create an engaging player experience. Initially set in a medieval era, players will be able to train their skills, gather a variety of resources, craft tools & equipment, and even earn NFTs through gameplay. As we approach and overcome the challenges of hosting a huge variety of items on-chain, we will eventually bridge in-game resources to public blockchain(s). This will help create a player driven Play-and-Earn economy where players can truly own the results of their hard in-game work.
In developing Exodus, we have a heavy focus on educational outreach. We are providing opportunities for interns and community members who want to be part of our journey. Whether the focus is design or software development, our team environment is supportive of those who want to learn and contribute to the project.


Exodus has already started its Closed Beta. Throughout the beta we will be creating and adding portions of the game on a regular schedule. Before launching the beta we worked passionately on the front-end and back-end infrastructure to ensure the basic gaming mechanics were enabled. This included the Inventory interface, Banking functionality, Daily challenges, Leveling system, Beta Currency, and first gaming objective - Woodchopping. We also created the scenery and over 100 assets for use in the game.

The Closed Beta of Exodus went live on June 20th, 2022 at coordinates 126,44. In the three weeks since, we have created and enabled an in-game Merchandise interface, rolled out Scavenger Hunting, and nearly completed preparations for the next gaming objective - Fishing. Future releases will involve other skills and activities, including Workshopping, Mining, Forging, Cooking, and Hunting. During beta, we will be writing an in-depth storyline so that Questing activities can be included post-beta.

We plan to continue to release major updates on a monthly basis, as permitted, until the full game completion by the end of the closed Beta. We aim to deliver minor bug fixes, quality of life updates, and patches on a weekly to biweekly basis.
Please view our video that walks you through the beginning stages of our game: Full Woodchopping Guide in Exodus Goodbye World - YouTube
After the closed Beta period, Exodus will have an OPEN Beta to further stress test the game’s infrastructure and prepare for public release.

We use a variety of technologies for software development, design, server maintenance, and project organization. This includes, but is not limited to: AWS, Discord, Github, Blender, the Adobe Suite, and Visual Studio.


Our team consists of 16 team members and continues to grow. We are a group of video game enthusiasts who have a complimentary variety of skill and experience. This includes experience in blockchain applications, back-end infrastructure, the DCL SDK, graphic design, and 3D design & animation. We have regular team meetings and constantly collaborate in order to bring the project to life.

Our team includes:

  • Myself: Owner, Influencer, Streamer
  • 1 Lead Architect ( 8 years full-stack development experience )
    – 1 Senior Back-End Engineer
  • 2 College Interns split between Front-End and Back-End
    Art & Design
  • 1 Lead Scene Designer ( 10 years in 3D game design, secondary focus on front-end development )
  • 1 Animator & UI Designer
  • 4 Asset Artists ( Both 2D and 3D assets )
  • 1 Web Designer
  • 1 Head of Marketing
  • 1 Story Writer
  • 1 Video Editor
  • 1 Product Advisor

We continue to provide opportunities for interns and other community members who want to be part of our journey, and would like to be able to utilize this grant to expand these efforts. Whether the focus is design or software development, our team environment is supportive of those who want to learn and contribute to the project.

Roadmap and milestones

Funding will be divided into Engineering (paying developers and interns, and recruiting more interns), Design (paying artists), Marketing (designing promotional videos & running ads), and miscellaneous expenses like music (we plan to create custom themed music), story writing, and server upkeep. These values are approximate and subject to change depending on need. The funding will be divided approximately into the following amounts:
Engineering - $125,000
Design – $75,000
Marketing - $25,000
Miscellaneous - $15,000

Roadmap and milestones
Current milestones & achievements:
Woodchopping (released June 20th)
Merch Store (released June 27th)
Scavenger Hunting (July 9th)

Current roadmap:
Fishing (end of July)

Workshopping (end of August)

Mining (end of September)

Forging (end of October)

Cooking (end of November)

Hunting (end of December)

Please note, this is subject to delay, advancement, and change.

The Exodus team will have a monthly report posted on “Project Updates” upon grant approval.

As well, we have consistent updates, progress, bug fixes, etc… across these socials.



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Hello, wondering who the rest of the team is on the list other than yourself? Other than that this seems like a yes.

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I think details around the team is super important to share some insight. Currently influencer/streamer doesn’t equal quarter of a million dollar project management skills or game development skills. Like opening a restaurant with no experience (except influencer/streamer) and asking for 240k from investors to support launch lol

I’m not against your project, I just wonder if there’s a way you can provide a bit more information to boost confidence in the project execution. :v:
Will be awesome to see it go live in DCL!


on my search for the team members, I see you are selling a Beta membership in https://www.jtv.io/

Since this can be looked as funding, im wondering if the $240,000 USD being asked on proposal is intended for the development of the “Pay 2 Play” which after beta it will require a membership to play or is the amount being asked to help develop the “Free to Play” described in same website.

My concern is, will these funds go to the development of a game that users will have to pay to play/use? I believe, the funds should go towards the development of the game for the community to use (for free since funds are coming from community) then your membership should be that you use to monetize to keep the project going after the grant is up.

Just my opinion. More interested in who the team is.


It would be really good to know the breakdowns of your “budgets” for each of these categories. As someone who had to disclose this for their grant to be accepted, I think it’s only fair. Especially with a quart of a million dollars on the table. Just curious how the “engineering” is 50% of the budget? What exactly are you engineering that doesn’t already exist in the repository? Design as $75k? Do you have proofing of what these designs would look like with $75k? Do you have any concepts other than the ones in-game currently? From my experience testing the game, it was relatively unplayable with the woodchopping. My wood would never deposit into the bank and therefore my inventory would not clear and I couldn’t continue to collect wood.

I think others bring up a great point about the premiums you’re offering. Combining your reach/followers with those tier structures could easily fund part of the development no?

I’m not against the project either, but I feel as if this proposal was a little bit worse than the first one. There isn’t enough of a “why” here. Why should the DAO fund this? What issue is it solving? What need is it fulfilling?


hi J_T_V!
I noticed your twitch.tv channel has a decent amount of followers and you seem to be regularly streaming Decentraland content. That’s a great start.

However, before voting yes, I’d love to know more about you and your team:

  • Do you have any experience managing or producing a software/tech project?
  • Who are the rest of your team members?

I’m especially concerned with what you said here:

While this sounds well-intended, it’s also, in my opinion, a tell that you have little experience managing large software projects like the one you are asking funding for. You should be laser focused and hire experienced professionals, not use the DAO’s money to have people learn how to code.

In any case. Looking forward to hearing more about the team and your experience building a software project. Alternatively, I’d be happy to vote yes for a less ambitious grant (less money, less time), so you can show solid progress before you request for more funding.


Just like last time and any other time I see this team proposal it is an easy YES vote from me. Aside from JTV and his team leading the way in Decentraland streaming, engagement and community they have built several DCL wearable and in game buildings and challenges such as easter egg hunts and even now Exodus P2E functionality beta. Having engaged and worked with there team they are underselling themselves in this proposal and very humble about their qualifications. Even on the more technical side there Web3 and Python development skills such Dr. Mr.Hamm who I also belive is on this team has even created some of the trading air drop tools they have used to give out tens of thousands of Decentraland NFTs and even us hundreds of thousands of Waifumon NFTs which no one else is doing. They also all have spent over a decade playing games like ruinscape and utilizing their passion in hopes to bring some of that same magic to DCL. We all know Decentraland needs more in game content for it to build its user base and value so it a no brainer to me.


I support this. I support pretty much anything JTV wants to do. I would love to see this in DCL. Might attract more people to play if there is a challenge like this introduced. Having a leveling, crafting, and battling experience within DCL done professionally that operates correctly and fluently like minecraft or runescape or a combination of the two will certainly keep me involved. Im not on DCL like i used to be because i feel like there really isn’t somthing that challenges me and is fun at the same time. The only grindable thing is to mine meteors that takes like months to be able to craft nfts. I have more fun talking to people than doing that because it doesnt feel like theres much of a reward. But just talking and hanging out in DCL gets boring to me after a while too. Having a daily insentive to continue playing through challenging yourself to level up, battle, mine, craft, etcetera, would bring more people in and have people stick around. Maybe having small daily rewards, bigger weekly rewards for playing everyday, and larger monthly rewards would be a good idea. I think JTV is on the ball in DCL. He has already provided so much for the community that he surely is becoming famous within the space. Pick you up a JTV santa hat or a sweater or wings from his famous wing collection. I highly support this idea and can’t wait to see it in DCL. JTV will make it happen.


I haven’t played your game too much (chopped one or two trees), but I can see that other community members are playing it.
I haven’t felt motivated to play it, because:

  1. Scene is not aesthetically pleasing (I know Decentraland has restrictions with poly count, materials, etc. but still others have made it work)
  2. The same with wearables (but I really liked the first ones you published - santa hats, wings)

These are things I think you could improve on, maybe do collaborations with Doki or Yannakis or other DCL wearable creators and focus more on quality rather than quantity.

It is concerning that you are planning to recruit more interns. More people on the team doesn’t always equal faster development. Seniors will have to spend time helping interns. Also it would be good to get more info on the team - Twitter handles, Linkedin profiles or personal websites. Currently you have just number and role, but who is behind that number?


@JTV please reply to posts here, not going on to say my comment is bullshit on your stream.
Very cowardly~


Voting NO because replying to DAO comments on your stream (and not here) with a smirk, calling people uninformed is really unprofessional.


Can’t believe @JTV is gonna make me agree with Vapo.

You’ll have to address the community’s concerns or hope your viewers buy WAY more mana.


I am voting no for this for now , my reason is i play Dice master and its a small team of two persons ( Yannakis and DCLDating ) and so far i enjoy much more their game versus EXODUS. I am also a bit concerned by how fast the grand is been asked without a final product been available its hard for me to imagine this game in the future. I also think your NFT pricing is a bit high compared to the market and your membership. I overall appreciate what you do for the community but ATM. You don’t have my support for the grand. I tried the game multiple time and didn’t find any enjoyment but it dosent mean other people don’t like it.


I am sad. Very sad reading these comments.

I bring to the discussion table two similar proposals. Both asking for $240,000 USD.
Wonderzone Proposal vs. Exodus Proposal Side By Side

Both asking for $240,000 USD. One was passed in early 2022. One is seeking the same amount in July 2022. Both offer similar value as far as gamification and wearables go. I am comparing “apples to apples” as best as I can for illustration purposes.

Wonderzone, which passed upon resubmission
Exodus, which is now also resubmitting, with a lot of commentary/inquiry

I am attaching FACTS. Not emotion, not feeling, not opinions…. Please look at my FACTS. If the community is being asked for the same amount of money from two different projects, these two proposals are fair comparisons. I read through both proposals and took MANY notes.

(if you would like to see my notes on the printed proposals and/or the tables, twitter DM me @SLHandmade, and I will gladly send you them via email , or you can look them up the wonder zone proposal to compare at the following link: Expanding and improving WonderZone (resubmission))

I compared both proposals using 15 different points of merit. And organized the information into one table. On the left of the table is the Wonderzone information - I sourced all information directly from their passing $240,000 USD proposal. On the right of the column, is the Exodus Proposal currently asking for the equivalent amount. If debating whether or not a project should be handed a quarter million dollars just based on proposal value alone…. This is a no brainer. (please review my attached tables). I beg you, read the tables as best you can. Really think on this & compare the comments being discussed. Ask questions of my table if necessary, I pulled all information from both proposals.

These comments on this proposal are intense. Why? Why so intense? Why so much emotion? Why so much scrutiny? I do not see the same emotions when Wonderzone asked for the same amount of money? As a “regular user” with no ties, no land, no real place in this community… this seems awfully “interesting” to me.

I am just a regular user, who came in with a business mindset and found enough fun and community engagement to stick around for a while. I own my name. That’s it. I don’t develop, I don’t own land, I don’t run a twitter spaces. But, I listen. I participate. I pay attention. I delegated my votes to try and help gather the community and fix a broken DAO. I have watched the culture forming around DCL. And if you check my twitter, I have done nothing but support Decentraland and its coolness from the very first day I signed up for Twitter. Check me on it, @SLHandmade.

I am the “regular user”, the representative of the community that needs to grow in order for all of you to stick around trhough the Metaverse “gold rush” or DCL will fizzle fast away in technological history.

I have been in the space for 9 months. I am a creative, a small business owner, a bada** intelligent woman. Who literally had no idea what I was doing in DCL when I first signed up. I saw a lot of tight knight groups, heard a lot of technological BS I didn’t understand and saw a lot of accidental arrogance. DCL ran like shit on my computer, it looked like my Nintendo games did back in the 80s and had no idea what a d*mn wearable was.

One day I was in wonder zone trying to figure out what in the hell this “piece of shit” Metaverse was…. The program that was melting my macbook…. Almost making me think I was going to break my entire system just to check the space out. And I saw a comment in the chat from JTV. It was January 2021. I was so excited. A HUMAN. Who could show me what to do and where to start. I had just set up a metamask. I had no idea how to transfer Polygon, didn’t understand parallel blockchains, was still wearing default clothes. And JTV HELPED me, he taught me, he was patient with all my “stupid” “girl” questions & I started tuning in five days a week. And I got my VERY FIRST pair of wings. For free, using this AMAZING twitter distribution bot. The bot blew my mind. I remember getting hooked on the possibilities just based on this bot (that for some reason, no one seems to talk about much…??? or see how cool as h*ll this thing is…?? Dr. Hamm should be rich???).

I am a busy adult. A mother. I run a business, I run my household, and I rock the h*ll out of life. And I stuck around DCL because of JTV. And grew from there. I saw his vision. I saw his passion. I saw his sleepless nights because he was so excited he couldn’t WAIT to come on stream and discuss what he was doing. I CONNECTED with him, because my brain spins like his. It gets so excited I can’t sleep. I stayed because he mattered. His work for the community, mattered. To me, at least. He learned along side of us. Wasn’t afraid to admit his faults. Even opened up about his difficulty with reading. He let us in on his family, his life. All while he grinded. And still grinds. He found a team. A community of people that were willing to help him, for free. While working full time jobs or going to college. Because this team believed in the vision. I don’t care what their names are, I listen as JTV describes the team. Wanna know about them? Join the twitch! He is an open book. I believe him when he speaks. He is honest, has always followed through on his promises and has been kind and educational to all new users. He lets them in, as part of something great. Those that stay in his stream, believed in what JTV saw a Metaverse could be. A place of connectivity, a place for creatives, a place for future business, a place for passion and fun. A place liked minded people could go when they had no one IRL to understand the “crazy” vision we have for NFTs, blockchains & metaverse. I found joy in listening to the JTV community. I am from a rural town, a mom who spends most days on the sports fields and running errands… I have found NO ONE in my town that thinks as I do. I found a place in Decentraland… for the crazy notions and ideas that whirl constantly in my mind. I found a new place of comfort for my female intelligence that is so often misunderstood.

I don’t have a lot of time. Standing around listening to DJs as an avatar fake dancing isn’t exactly my “cup of tea.” I do this because I believe that a community can drive change, if and only if they work together and support each other EVEN WHEN WE DO NOT AGREE. We do not deface each other, we do not bring each other down. We do not squabble or fight or argue. We support. So, I go and I dance. And I pretend I am at a nightclub. Things I didn’t even like when I was 18… but, I recognize everyone is different. And for some, this is their art, their passion, their drive. And it is that I find joy in… when I go to the Dollhouse or listen to Stoney Eye…. We have different values and goals. But, all will build community if they are gathered around with proper intent.

With my free time, I like to engage with puzzles, with art, with history, & game’s like JTV’s. His game is very first thing I have done in this space that actually fits my lifestyle as an adult, female, mother, wife and small business owner. I have had a d*mn blast chopping trees, treasuring hunting, earning “money” for wearables… And I can work, while I play. So my real life doesn’t suffer as I help build a Metaverse (hopefully this one… but lately I do question my choice…).

Leave or take my advice. Hate me if you want. Consider me your “elder mother” whatever. Curse at me, twitter argue with me, say something in the comments… cause I do know there’s a lot of that going around lately…. But, if you really love this community and want it to grow PLEASE see what is happening here…. And allow this grant to pass, vote yes. JTV & his team deserve this d*mn thing. The work is there, the grind is there, the passion is there, the talent is there - who cares if they are “professionals” or not - isn’t that the very reason we are here? Love it, create it and support each other. I hope this comes to pass, or I shall bring my rocking positivity elsewhere. Lots of metaverse options people, let’s fight TOGETHER to be the best one.


@JTV ty for answering/clarifying this on your stream. (only watched up to @NikkiFuego’s response). Like I said, i was more interested to know who the team is.

$240,000 USD is not that much money I agree, but it is the highest tier in grant proposals to get from community/DAO therefore concerns on how you come up with that budget by the rest of community can be understood.

When I said,

I don’t mean they need to be doxxed or I need their “social security number”. But i do think its important to know who is working the project, even in web3 people look at who’s in the team even if that means looking a at DCL avatar. If you need to understand why its important to know who you are paying to build what you expect us to play then its nice to see a twitter/linked in or even a DCL name so we know who and what qualifications they got since essentially its the community who is paying for their work not you.

I voted Yes on your first proposal, and was just looking to get more info. I have to agree with some of the comments, your response on video and your attitude does not help you out.

You got to have in mind, at the end of the day the ones asking questions cared enough to ask them and if you notice i havent even voted on this one yet while i was waiting on some more info from you.
why should the community vote on a proposal from someone who handles questions like you did on video? It shouldnt matter if someone doesnt understand your proposal or if they did research enough to ask not “bullshit questions”, it is your job to answer these in the best way possible for these to go and give you a yes.

Just my thoughts.


I was actually in the middle of a message I’m glad I didn’t send out. Thanks @LynnieB I Really appreciate that and your message reminded me of why I am here and why I’ve worked relentlessly everyday.

Here are some stats. I’ve streamed for approximately ~600 hours on stream in 9 months or ~2.2 hours on average per day. We’ve onboarded and introduced thousands of people to Decentraland. With over 40k twitch views. I have been paid $0 for that. It has been a very difficult struggle to deal with the finances I do currently live off of. And if possible I plan to take $0 from this proposal. several of our members work at different places part time. One in particular is a programmer that waits tables. He does an amazing job and it feels terrible to not have the funds to pay him. His drive and passion is more than everyone in this comment section.

A consistent half a million impressions per month through giveaways and tweets. Built an incredible team from all over the world to help with this project. Stood outside the Computer Science building at LSU and streamed live while talking to people about Decentraland and looking for interns interested in game development. Spoke at a local College (LSU) about Decentraland and interned multiple interns from there. They were intrigued by what we are calling the Metaverse.

Team development, communication, passion, and vision in one accord is what builds a great team and project. These skills are used everyday as we discuss our project on a daily basis. (Honesty basically on an hourly basis.) There is no one more passionate about this space than us.

Also, most everyone that’s commented has been in my stream and were very happy to receive free NFTs and information I was sharing. They went on their own and started their own projects afterward. Just about everyone building a project has been in my streams in DCL and was very happy with what I was doing until I started asking something in return and not just freebeing everything. What a disgrace.

@michi Your comment is 100% BS. “Will be awesome to see it go live in DCL!” it is live numbskull. Rather than just commenting just to run your mouth. You should have read the proposal and if you were still lost maybe even gone to the land. :upside_down_face:

Anyways… We will continue to thrive and are in the process of securing 3 times the land for our game. We will be the largest game in Decentraland. Our team will continue to grow. Our goals will be executed and met. We offered to pay back the DAO on the last proposal but everyone got butt hurt about it. This process is worse than politics and we call it “A Decentralized DAO”

Lastly, our game is free. We gave away thousands of santa hats and specifically mentioned they would be used for a game we were creating. Some people took profit on them. (Like some $900 in profit. not bad) Some quit. We have no control over what users do with their santa hats for access. When it is out of beta there will be a free to play without an NFT needed for access and a members option for more content.

This is our plan to maintain and grow our game rather than relying on the DAO. Most DAO projects lack that plan. The tiers are only to access the merch store. Which can claim unlimited NFTs. Not so bad for $249 when you can end up with a thousand+ NFTs from it. I have always had cheap prices on NFTs. THE TIERS SYSTEM IS NOT FOR GAMEPLAY. We will have over 50 designs in the shop before beta is over.

Maybe stop by the land and check it out sometime.

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Live is the best way to respond to anyone. Rather than hiding behind a keyboard their identity is tied to everything they say and who they are. Can never be erased or gone back on. We will not be sharing that information. Our work speaks for itself. When you purchase a house do you think dang I really need to meet the architect. I’m not buying it till I know his name and who he is. Or hey I’ll buy that computer when I know the guys name that soldered that board together. What you are requesting is irrelevant. Several team members have specifically asked to be anonyms and I respect that. You should too. This industry is built on privacy and security. All team members are of free will to disclose their identities.

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I think you misinterpreted what I said lol
Good luck with this~

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There’s a huge difference in using your own funds for buying a house and draining 25% of current DAO DAI funds for a project that from my experience building in DCL doesn’t need that amount based on what is presented. Responding to feedback with such negativity and getting defensive about basic info is a big no…
P.s. this industry is built on transparency and respect.