[DAO:ccud76y] Exodus: Goodbye World Development

by 0x9381caa558f19a821a2360c59fdf3db60c09ff52 (JTV)

Should the following Tier 6: up to $240,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Gaming category be approved?


Exodus: Goodbye World is an ambitious Metaverse Role-Playing Game, intent on becoming an immersive Play-and-Earn experience. It is currently on a 7x7 estate located at coordinates 126, 44. Our goal is to create a fun and vibrant gaming community with a player-driven economy; by which, individuals can own items in the form of blockchain assets that they can buy/sell/trade as they please. Our experienced team of programmers, designers, and support personnel bring years of talent to enable us to meet this goal.

Grant size

240,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



Decentraland (DCL) allows for an immense amount of personal creativity and freedom. DCL creates the opportunity to engage with others in novel ways in an expansive virtual space; be that by attending concerts and galleries, or playing games. We seek to expand on the gaming options within DCL by building Exodus: Goodbye World!

We feel that having a large-scale, frequently updated game within the DCL platform will provide years of entertainment and financial value to the community. It will help drive increased user traffic into DCL and to the overall DCL gaming scene. Exodus aims to be massive, immersive, and create an engaging player experience. Initially set in a medieval era, players will be able to train their skills, gather a variety of resources, craft tools & equipment, and even earn NFTs through gameplay. As we approach and overcome the challenges of hosting a huge variety of items on-chain, we will eventually bridge in-game resources to public blockchain(s). This will help create a player driven Play-and-Earn economy where players can truly own the results of their hard in-game work. In developing Exodus, we have a heavy focus on educational outreach. We are providing opportunities for interns and community members who want to be part of our journey. Whether the focus is design or software development, our team environment is supportive of those who want to learn and contribute to the project.


Exodus has already started its Beta. Throughout the beta we will be creating and adding portions of the game on a regular schedule. Before launching the beta we worked passionately on the front-end and back-end infrastructure to ensure the basic gaming mechanics were enabled. This included the Inventory interface, Banking functionality, Daily challenges, Leveling system, Beta Currency, and two gaming objectives - Woodchopping and Fishing. We also created the scenery and over 100 assets for use in the game.

The Beta of Exodus went live on June 20th, 2022 at coordinates 126,44. In the 5 weeks since, we have created and enabled an in-game Merchandise interface, rolled out Scavenger Hunting, and nearly completed preparations for the next gaming objective - Mining. Future releases will involve other skills and activities, including Workshopping, Forging, Cooking, and Hunting. During beta, we will be writing an in-depth storyline so that Questing activities can be included post-beta.

We plan to continue to release major updates on a monthly basis, as permitted, until the full game completion. We aim to deliver minor bug fixes, quality of life updates, and patches on a weekly to biweekly basis. Please view our video that walks you through the beginning stages of our game: Exodus is in an open beta and will continue to further stress test the game’s infrastructure and prepare for public release.

We use a variety of technologies for software development, design, server maintenance, and project organization. This includes, but is not limited to: AWS, Discord, Github, Blender, the Adobe Suite, and Visual Studio.


Our team consists of 16 team members and continues to grow. We are a group of video game enthusiasts who have a complimentary variety of skill and experience. This includes experience in blockchain applications, back-end infrastructure, the DCL SDK, graphic design, and 3D design & animation. We have regular team meetings and constantly collaborate in order to bring the project to life.

Our team includes: Leadership

  • Myself: Owner, Influencer, Streamer Engineering
  • 1 Lead Architect ( 8 years full-stack development experience ) – 1 Senior Back-End Engineer
  • 2 College Interns split between Front-End and Back-End Art & Design
  • 1 Lead Scene Designer ( 10 years in 3D game design, secondary focus on front-end development )
  • 1 Animator & UI Designer
  • 4 Asset Artists ( Both 2D and 3D assets ) Support
  • 1 Web Designer
  • 1 Head of Marketing
  • 1 Story Writer
  • 1 Video Editor
  • 1 Product Advisor

We continue to provide opportunities for interns and other community members who want to be part of our journey, and would like to be able to utilize this grant to expand these efforts. Whether the focus is design or software development, our team environment is supportive of those who want to learn and contribute to the project.

Roadmap and milestones

Funding will be divided into Engineering (paying developers and interns, and recruiting more interns), Design (paying artists), Marketing (designing promotional videos & running ads), and miscellaneous expenses like music (we plan to create custom themed music), story writing, and server upkeep. These values are approximate and subject to change depending on need. The funding will be divided approximately into the following amounts: Engineering - $125,000 Design – $75,000 Marketing - $25,000 Miscellaneous - $15,000

Roadmap and milestones Current milestones & achievements:

  • List item Woodchopping (released June 20th)
  • List item Merch Store (released June 27th)
  • List item Scavenger Hunting (July 9th)
  • List item Fishing (July 30th)

Current roadmap:

  • Workshopping (end of August)
  • Mining (end of September)
  • Forging (end of October)
  • Cooking (end of November)
    *Hunting (end of December)

Please note, this is subject to delay, advancement, and change.

The Exodus team will have a monthly report posted on “Project Updates” upon grant approval.

As well, we have consistent updates, progress, bug fixes, etc… across these socials.



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Exodus Goodbye World


Good proposal and above all the content that has been provided to the entire community. vote yes


I previously voted no on Exodus proposals. However, I’m now voting YES on this proposal. Even though I’m still worried about Joshua’s apparent lack of experience leading large software projects:

  • he continued development of Exodus even after failing to secure funding from the DAO. (eg: they released a new fishing feature yesterday - Exodus Game Beta Walk Through With Fishing Added - YouTube)
  • I went to the Exodus coordinates just now and it was full of people playing. Can’t argue with real players and engagement.
  • The money requested does correspond to the team size. (ie: it’s a lot of money, but it’s also a lot of work)

I urge our community to reconsider supporting Joshua and his project. I know it’s a high risk bet, but I think the DAO should do these kinds of investments from time to time. I believe that if JTV manages to ship this game, it will be awesome for Decentraland, and a door for other devs to dream big.

ps: I haven’t spoken with JTV privately, I just changed my mind based on the publicly available facts.


I agree with other comments here. Seeing JTV continue to push through and build the game without funding shows they have the drive and ambition to see this game created. At this point a lack of grant is slowing that progress.

As someone who has personally gone in many times and chopped wood, and will be fishing now, I want to see more access to gameplay, and see where the storylines and interactions can evolve and become more complex.

PLUS you can daily see large numbers of ppl in Exodus, it’s always up at the top on the places tab, so it’s a no brainer at this point. The community wants this game, so lets get it!


I still believe it’s important to have some form of information on the team of a project asking for DAO funds. So, originally i had voted no.

However this is your 3rd proposal for this, and we have clearly seen you keep going which shows your dedication and the team’s, i changed it to yes.


Have always voted yes for this grant for Exodus and will vote yes again. I don’t understand how much greater grants for Wondermine have passed when, in my opinion, they don’t seem to be doing much to develop and keep the game interesting.
JTV and his team are consistently building and developing Exodus, regardless of grants, more than anything I see happening at Wondermine. Exodus deserves our support and I believe would utilise grant funds better than Wondermine.
If you are one of those people who helped pass a Wondermine grant, yet voted no on this, I think you should take a long hard look at what you are doing and rethink about it.


Hey, man. I originally abstained from voting but now I’m giving you a yes because you are really passionate and working hard on this.


Thanks everyone for their support can’t be more excited <3

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Voted YES! There will be a long term benefit for the community to have this ‘frequently updated game’ project.


Flipped mine to yes the people seem to like it. Id like what @Crypt_Sannin said but i see you stepping up to bat every day to keep it going so im vote yes. @SinfulMeatStick you havent voted use that delegated vp.


I hope this helps the JTV project and his team. I came to the JTV twich a short time ago without knowing how to read or speak English, I was researching about your project, that is to translate all the texts and watch your videos to try to understand something about your project; However, the commitment and dedication he has to what he does caught my attention much more, to the point that I came to trust his project in a short time and bought the membership of his game. Most of my time is spent on Exodus, others bidding and selling on the DCL secondary market. I only had about 3 red santa hats, however my collection was increasing, now I have 4 sets of hats and about 46 hats in total; Without realizing it, my confidence in JTV grew and I began to market more of its articles.
All this why? clearly and simply because I trust your project and I have faith that all your articles will have a great value in the future when Exodus is known in all countries (I’m from Ecuador)

Thank you all for the feedback and response. I am part of the backend team. This project means a lot to me and its amazing to see the reactions.


I’ve vote YES for this proposal for two fundamental reasons.

  • JTV and the team have proven they are going to fulfill their promises, and have met all deadlines to date. They have created one of the most consistently active games in DCL. I believe engaging activities will help onboard new users and help them transition into daily active users.

  • It’s VERY clear that the community wants this proposal to pass. There have been many, many passionate displays of support on twitter, discord, the forums, twitch, and other platforms.

Please consider giving this team the funds they need to continue to build what they have proven they are fully capable of.

I’m surprised so many people changed to a ‘yes’ @Crypt_Sannin @Frank @ckbubbles @TheCryptoTengu when this is such a large amount to request.
I agree JTV has done really well onboarding through giveaways, recent Exodus updates and a quality twitch stream but I think for a simple p2e game it shouldn’t cost 240k when we have funded things like Vroomway, Aarons amazing race and other games at the 60k threshold.
Dice Masters had previously a NFT project to get some funding to publish wearables and get game support, Butterfly Prawn is starting small and scaling up.

The threshold is quite high for 240k request and this shouldnt be a barrier to entry but just a speed-bump and I hope it doesn’t discourage you re-submit at a 10k-60k tier till you start to get a ROI + would be good to see a % of earnings returned to the DAO.

I hope this doesn’t get read as ‘bullshit’ as per my last feedback and I hope to see Exodus continue to grow as a valued part of DCL!

This is still a ‘no’ from me~


To the exodus dev team, keep up the good work you have done, you have delivered 2 skills in an impressive amount of time that other games that have achieved the grant have not been able to complete, you will always have detractors on your way to success, My best wishes, im voting yes cause i enjoy your game.


Im go out on limb and despite suit ties imagine @JTV has been putting out his own funds and front running this. You cant fake the screen time hes put in.I know seems like a lot money but i dont think he has small development goals. Im sure these funds would be to pay people who who have been working and will continue to develop. Also to recoup some funds from his publications. Maybe even to help pay mods and those for support when things go live if he launches a discord for this endeavor. Good devs arent cheap and we can look to another team who is struggling to see that. Even DCL is struggling hence no smart wearables. Sure there is a lot of people who will do things out kindness but its nice to have a war chest to pay people. Question is do we feel the dao should pay for it. I think what he and his team plan to do and are doing is definitely a contribution to the greater good. It is contributing to the community via entertainment and onboarding. Id also expect his team and people if he doesnt compensate or do what he says to voice things and let people know. The community should then act in kind. Ive probably been one the most love hate people with JTV because I dont like suits or former suits. However hes here, hes given out tons of things to engage the community. He gives his vp power of vote to the people on stream. Hes put in the time, work and network outreach. Hes Educated on boarded and remained active. Seems to me he is a man the people. Thats why I changed my vote, even tho my vp isnt massive id urge people give him a shot.


Thank you for the insight. We will continue to develop for the community!!

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Exodus: Goodbye World Development

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 78% 2,695,729 VP (73 votes)
  • No 22% 788,468 VP (19 votes)