[DAO:4adb84c] Development of Exodus: Goodbye World

by 0x5117571b0bec00372ce00870ad8e523c704a78b7 (ExodusGBW)

Should the following Tier 5: up to $120,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Gaming category be approved?


The goal of this grant proposal is to fund the development of “Exodus: Goodbye World” (Exodus), a free to play Metaverse role-playing game (MRPG) based in Decentraland (DCL). Exodus allows players to immerse themselves in a blockchain integrated, medieval world where they can choose to train skills, collect items, fight monsters, complete quests, participate in community events, interact with other players, and even trade items.

ExodusGBW has a consistent and engaged player base as well as a track record of providing new and fun content to its players. With the help of this grant, we aim to create a truly innovative and engaging gaming experience that will attract a wide audience of players in Decentraland.

Grant size

120,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



Exodus is located at coordinate (126,44), and is available for anyone to play for free. Players can choose to train a variety of skills, create tools, forge armors, and combat creatures. The game will feature a range of different environments, including a city, forest, farm, dungeons and more, each area coming with its own unique challenges and opportunities.

Logs, ore, and food, as well as crafted items like swords and armors, will be tradable in a player driven economy. Players will also be able to interact with one another in other meaningful ways like questing, game-wide events, and seasonal activities. This will create a sense of community and social connection within the game and encourage players to form long-lasting friendships and alliances.

ExodusGBW has proven itself to have a growing and active player base, consistently appearing as one of the most trafficked scenes in DCL. Exodus’s seasonal events, like its 2022 Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas events, provide consistent content as well as an opportunity for players to gather with each other while gaming during the holidays. This, in addition to consistent updates to gameplay and the Exodus scene make the game engaging as well as playable for hundreds of hours!

Being an MRPG, Exodus places a focus on allowing players to own items they earn in-game. As such, NFTs and blockchain technology are often integrated into gameplay. As an example, Exodus has minted thousands of Decentraland wearable Santa hats as rewards for its currently ongoing Christmas event! ExodusGBW will continue to take providing players the opportunity to own NFTs earned through gameplay as one of the most important aspects of being an MRPG.

While providing consistent content for players, Exodus also provides opportunities for interns. Its senior engineers and designers are happy to mentor and train students to be part of the team. ExodusGBW is proud that its most recent interns have become productive members of its engineering team who are also capable of producing playable content. Exodus intends to continue providing such opportunities to expand the educational outreach of the metaverse and DCL.

To conclude, ExodusGBW is a MRPG with a proven track record of shipping engaging content, promoting community involvement, and providing educational outreach and opportunity in DCL. ExodusGBW focuses on allowing players to own NFTs through fun and re-playable content. This grant is focused on supporting the continued development of Exodus in DCL.

Thank you for your time and consideration in reading this proposal. For a few samples from our recent events and content releases, check out our socials and the videos below:



The game is developed with the DCL SDK as well as a variety of back-end technologies (TypeScript, Python) hosted on private servers. Content is integrated with Ethereum and Polygon blockchains via customized Solidity contracts. Gameplay features high-quality 3D graphics & animations and 2D artwork created by a team of skilled designers.

We produce trailers and other promotional materials to help attract players to the game. We also regularly stream gameplay on twitch to engage with both new players and the current DCL player base.

The game will be released and updated in stages, with new features and content being added and improved upon on a regular basis.

Funding will be used for (estimated):

  • Providing regular stipends for our engineers, designers, and interns
  • Publishing wearables for seasonal community events
  • Server maintenance costs
  • Team subscription to GitHub
  • Cover subscriptions to needed design software (like Adobe)
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Limited Computer Equipment


Our team consists of 17 members, filling the following roles:

Lead Architect
Back-end developers (Python, Typescript, Solidity)
Front-end developers (DCL SDK)
DevOps Engineer
3D designers
2D designers
Video/trailer production specialists
Quest/Story Writer
Product & content manager

Not all of our members wished to list their social handles. Those who wished to appear on the proposal are listed here (Twitter):
• JTV : Owner, Influencer, Streamer

@MonsterDew24: Senior Back-End Engineer

@Maserphaz: Lead Scene Designer

@Dragar_eth: Visual Effects & Scene Designer

@Balorant420: Character Designer, Animator, and UI Artist

o @BasthetRa: 2D and 3D Designer

o @x1over: 2D and 3D Designer

o @AnmtrKirk: Video & Trailer Producer

Roadmap and milestones

Successfully released each of these skills and activities over the course of 2022.

  • Woodchopping
  • Fishing
  • Mining
  • Cooking
  • Forging
  • Scavenger Hunting
  • Merch Shop (32 NFT wearables)
  • Halloween Event
  • Thanksgiving Event
  • Christmas Event
  • Banking
  • 24 NPCs
  • Leaderboard for Each Skill
  • 4 Video Trailers

Roadmap (estimated)


  • Player to player trading
  • UI upgrade
    -10x15 scene upgrade


  • Workshop skill where players can create tools/weapons/armor.
  • Valentine’s Day event


  • Player vs. monster combat


  • Easter event
  • player owned pets


  • F2P Full game release tutorial


  • Marketing and game growth

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My opinion is that Exodus needs a grant to continue their amazing work, their Christmas event, Halloween event & all other game update release were a great succes.

If this game doesn’t deserve this grant to develop for us I dont know what is.


Easy YES from me. Been loving what they been building over the years and even today had a great time at there Xmas event. After looking over these additions think will be massively fun and addicting additions and def know they are the team to execute it.


Many man hours have been spent both making this and by users in world. Multiple wearables and not seen before features have appeared in world through Exodus. I was one the biggest skeptic of JTV at first. Ive watched his team continue to show up day after day. Ive seen him bump heads with the community but also learn to listen in his own way. Ive seen him onboard to decentraland and educate on wallet uses and dao. Ive seen his so called friends trash talk him and fud him behind his back. His team and himself have created a interesting player experience through Exodus. This grant is a easy yes. For his team, for the players and for the community at large. Hes one of the current largest DCL streamers and on boarders through twitch. This game helps that greatly. Full support from me and the Tengu Clan. Its about time we help this creator and team so they can continue to innovate and deliver.


I am voting YES on this proposal. The Exodus team has met all of their milestones to date and have not given up. They have been building their game the last few months without a grant. Recently, they had the Thanksgiving and Christmas Event, which had outstanding coded Loot drops. Also, the Exodus amazed me with their latest in-game Santa Hat burning Mechanic, I’ve never seen a better in game smart contract mechanic than this!!!

Out of all the games in Decentraland, the Exodus team REALL REALLY REALLY deserves this grant. JTV has onboarded tens of thousands of users via his Twitch streams. He has proven to be a CRUCIAL part of our ecosystem.

So please, lets support this proposal. Out of all the recent grant proposals, this ONE IS NOT A SCAM!!!

I will be disappointed if this one does not get passed, when other games like Soul Magic, BP Prawn, Dice Masters and Vroomway have passed.


Through determination and perseverance, the Exodus team proved that they are a force to be reckoned with! Despite facing rejection along their journey, they persevered and ultimately earned well-deserved respect.


Good Luck JTV. Thanks for your great contribution to DCL. :handshake:


Just an all round great team… has provided a great game to the DCL environment. Time to show some support for him and his team.


I vote YES. I haven’t played the game in DCL, but I have seen them time and time again post quality content, and also be one of the more active parcels on the webpage. I trust that they will continue to provide value for the community just by the consistency and grit the founder has. It’s so important to keep creators like this on the DCL Platform. They are more vital than we think. Let’s us acknowledge and appreciate the creators and give credit where it is due. I hope this gets passed and I’m sure greatness will continue to be created.


My vote is yes, I think it is a very promising p2e that has shown progress, royalties and events within decentraland, a serious important improvement and this is surely achieved with this proposal.

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Thank you for reconsidering your budget, but also hanging in there and continuing to develop.

Your holiday events are captivating, the on-parcel Santa hat burn feature was ground-breaking, and it’s impressive to a see a game with a slightly bigger team that’s remained highly-functioning.

I look forward to seeing more rewards, maybe from a wider array of community artists. I’m interested in a re-work of the reward structure, or maybe a chance to earn max-tier membership organically thru years of grinding. But at the same time, I trust the team’s judgement and I am confident this game will excel.

BIG YES and I urge anyone who’s considering a no vote, to go spend one hour skilling. This game offers a grindable, semi-AFK play style that is new for DCL.


Voted no for the $240K proposal - it was to big. Voted no for the 5 x 1500 - it was to small :smiley:

You finally put together a decent proposal. Was that so difficult?

Voted YES

Good luck!


Vote: YES

JTV and crew bring these things to the table:

  • 3.2k viewers on twitch
  • consistent special events
  • persistent development and innovation in the game like the santa hat burning mechanic
  • liquidity pool for easy onboarding
  • accepts fiat payments for beta packages
  • referral program

The Exodus team is a great example of amazing hard work through beta testing thus far and have proved to me long ago they deserve some help to push forward the devolvement, I cant wait to see what they come up with next! I have enjoyed the holiday events very much, and was able to grind a few items to send to new players and help them get a good start! Voted yes for sure!


Voted yes even though I still think people asking for/involved in a grant should be included in the team list.

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Hard to find a compelling reason to say the Exodus team doesn’t deserve a grant, given the work they’ve done in comparison to other projects who have also gotten grants.

While I think there are many valid criticisms of JTV, he has certainly built as passionate a group of people in DCL as any I’ve come across. While I still question his capabilities as a spokesman, I don’t think the team’s capabilities to create an experience meaningful to many are in doubt.

I’m gonna vote yes, but I want the record to show I still think JTV’s an ass :smiley:

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Could you expand on the road map please?

what do you want to know?

This is the only road map you have published, correct? Maybe expound on the few words for each month? Example: March - player vs monster combat, what is that and how much does each piece cost to make it happen?

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Player to player trading
This feature will allow players to trade in game items with each other
ui upgrade
This is part of our ongoing effort to improve or ui and ux experience
This feature will include creating the workshop skill which will allow users to use consumable part such a tool heads to create full tool
valenties event
event to tbd but a general valenties day update
Player monster combat
This will be the first form of combat introduced to our game. It will be pvm based and not pvp. It will be expanded in future updates.
Easter event
A general easter event tbd
player owned pets
This will be the first iteration or pets in our game. Pets will be a full sub area but i dont want to go into details until release.