[DAO:4adb84c] Development of Exodus: Goodbye World

its hard to estimate future programming tasks until they move from the backlog to an iteration and are planned out and sized.But I can provide an estimate

I assume you have all the user stories created in the backlog then, I was asking for more of a technical breakdown of what happening when you say, “This feature will allow players to trade in game items with each other” and for the rest. I understand that you will wait to size and estimate until youve have a backlog grooming meeting and pulled your stories into the current sprint.

EDIT: If these are broken down into features then Im sure you have a list of user stories that would make up the features and a high level estimate of the work needed to be done to complete the feature.

I dont want to include our technical information as this is a public proposal with other games viewing it. We have designed and created everything on our roadmap in the past. Is this common on proposal sorry I dont view many?

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Im not asking you to share your code… Im asking you to explain what you plan on doing for the month. I feel like this is fair to ask seeing you are requesting grant funds and the GSS needs a clear defined road map to assure the obligations are being fulfilled. Yes, this is a common ask from proposals

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okay let me log into git give me a second

I got you fam
Player to player trading
This feature will allow players to trade in game items with each other (Artist) design ux (Artist) create user ui (Front end) implement scene code (Front end) implement front end code (Backend) expand flask api to include trade routes

ui upgrade
This is part of our ongoing effort to improve or ui and ux experience
(Artist) Investigate ui and ux of game (Artist) Recommend Improvements
(Artist) Design and create new ui
(Front End) Implement new ui

This feature will include creating the workshop skill which will allow users to use consumable part such a tool heads to create full tool create gobs for full weapons and other full tool animate creation of item
(Scene) add workshop scene objects (front end ) implement workshop feature (backend) implement create api

valenties event
event to tbd but a general valenties day update

Player monster combat
(middleware) implement middleware combat route
(frontend) implement combat ux

This will be the first form of combat introduced to our game. It will be pvm based and not pvp. It 			will be expanded in future updates.

Easter event
A general easter event tbd

player owned pets
(Artist) create needed pet models
(Artist) create pet ui
(Frontend) implement pet uis
(Backend) implement pet routes
This will be the first iteration or pets in our game. Pets will be a full sub area but i dont want to go into details until release.

thanks, one more thing. Do you have a budget breakdown for each one of these features?

hey fam sorry for the delay! We have provided an estimated 6 month timeline with an ask of 120k for this proposal. This means that we intend to expense approximately 20k monthly for the development of the game. You can take this combined with the timeline to estimate the cost of these features. Also, this grant is going to other things besides development like servers upkeep, general improvement, and other features that the community asks for. The roadmap is only meant to be a general direction, hence being labeled as a estimate. Decentraland also regularly follows up and receives progress reports from grant recipients - rest assured that we will keep the community up to date on our roadmap and progress as we believe our work will always speak for us more than educated guesses

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If anyone has anymore questions. Just shoot. Im here to help and love making this game and seeing the game grow. Trying to be more active with the community got busy with programming.

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Do you plan to repay the grant or just pay in “exposure”?

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I would not say expose I would say we provide a fun and interactive game that the community love to play.

Has this been a thing that the other games have done?

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also one last thing because im just curious, Is this a public process, Is it automated, how would it work? Are there any games that have repayed that i can see how it worked?

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Who says you need a big budget to make something great? Not Exodus! This rag-tag group of outcasts has taken an idea, used their own resources and ingenuity, and built it into a fully functioning game - no help from grants or handouts required to start out. It’s inspiring that people are already starting to get behind this awesome team; go left-field thinkers!


It needs to be said the the only reason Exodus devs could be considered “outcasts” is because the big names of DCL made them that way. Months and months of abuse and ridicule, we are all lucky Exodus is still around.

Glad public sentiment is finally changing.

All the best to Exodus and team, this is your year <3


There’s clearly an obstacle in the way of getting this game the resources it needs—and we all know who they are!


I dont think that was the reason… but ok

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Why do you insist on reenforcing the exodus communities victim narrative?


Victim narrative?.. Nah, bro…This is a classic story of an underdog - Exodus has experienced its fair share of hardships and was rejected by some community lords picking favorites, but its resilience is inspiring. Rather than give in to victimhood mentality and staying down for the count, they’ve taken on a determined ‘can-do’ attitude that refuses to be defeated… something I admire when I look at projects and people who just don’t give up.


Call it whatever you want Jarod. Your shit talking in public and in private about this game and its devs made life harder for everybody involved. You personally made at least 1 person quit DCL because of your personal attacks on his work.
Victim narrative? LMFAO
How about calling it how it is? A concept you once championed but seem to have forgotten…

Can’t wait to see your zippy reply… /S

Awesome contribution to the conversation the DCLdating… thankyou :confused: