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Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Gaming category be approved?


At DAPPCRAFT we are recreating one of the first Quiz in DCL. The first version, launched in October 2020, was very popular and we decided to extend the functionality and update interior and exterior parts and to attract new, non Decentraland users through marketing campaign. The QuizZone allows visitors to check your knowledge in the subject area, play with other participants and win prizes. Quiz as a game is very exciting, you want to play it again and again.

Our vision is to empower Decentraland’s community with smart and interactive game experiences which develop in people the desire for knowledge, the study of something new and test their knowledge in a gamifying way (audio quizzes aka “guess the song”, art/pictures quizzes, etc)

Grant size

58,800 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



We will be holding Quizzes seasons with prizes to engage Decentraland users and community to participate in something that can improve their knowledge and empower their will to learn something new.

Each season contains 8 Quizzes on different temathics. We are going to host 3 seasons. Three best players from every season will get valuable prizes (rarible wearables and grant for education up to 1000 MANA)

QuizZone Current Ecosystem:

  • Admin Panel that allows to create, edit, manage text Quizzes;
  • Beautiful Environment and really dope atmosphere interior for Quizzes;
  • We hosted 24 Quizzes already and Decentraland community loved them;
  • Hosted very popular Quiz event inside the Decentraland and gamified experience for - 500+ players on our platform;

Additional features we are going to implement upon grant approval:

  • Design and functionality for Admin Panel that allows to create, edit, manage pictures and audio Quizzes;
  • Environment and functionality adjustments and development for music quizzes;
  • Environment and functionality adjustments and development for picture based quizzes;
  • Wearables design (more than 25 unique wearables), deployment and delivery;
  • Lead-up for 25 Quizzes temathics and questions preparation;
  • Conducting, management and maintenance of 25 quizzes;
  • Lead generation and marketing activities to promote QuizZone and attract new users to Decentraland;
  • Animations and special effects design to increase the appeal of QuizZone;
  • Dev & QA iterations to make quiz engine more stable on a server side;
  • POAPS will be created and minted for the last quiz season.

How it benefits the DCL Creator Community:

  • DAPPCRAFT provides a place for DCL visitors to participate in Quizzes, motivate them become more fully developed persons (art, movies, music, science, economic, geography, games, virtual reality, etc);
  • Grant money will go partially back to Decentraland community as prizes for winning - Quizzes and will be returned partially to DAO wearables publication fees;
  • As DAPPCRAFT continues building experiences for Decentraland, we will be adding additional functionality based on community feedbacks and ideas;
  • Attracting new users to Decentraland by advertising quizzes in social networks

The $ 58,800 will spend as follows over a 6 month period:

  • $6 000 backend development = 1k/month;
  • $6 000 Graphics + Improving visual experience (3D/graphics/animation) = 1k/month ;
  • $8 000 Quizzes setup and maintenance = 1.33k/month;
  • $1 200 web development and maintenance = 200$/month;
  • $12 000 marketing (external flow) = 2k/month;
  • $3 000 Community maintenance (Decentraland, Discord), Discord maintenance
    = 500$/month;
  • $4 000 Miscellaneous development expenses = 667/month;
  • $2 500 Decentraland platform fee for wearables publication (will return to the DAO);
  • $16 100 - Prize fund ($670 per event);


Link to the QuizZone:

Interior Pictures: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/4/folders/1Z653P05WYFqkYiXiOc0\_Vx1PW-BOlA7f


Demian G - Co-founder and CEO
Serge L - Co-founder and Chief of creative
Dmitry G - COO
Kristian N - Lead 3D
Sergey - Dev lead
Vlad - Dev
Anna - Project manager
Elena - Quiz master

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dappcraft/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dapp_craft
Discord: Discord
Linkedin: DAPPCRAFT | LinkedIn

Roadmap and milestones

All grant money will be used to pay out team members and winners of Quizzes, to attract, incentive, and reward the very best virtual participants.

Starting from 07/29/2022 we will host quizzes weekly (quiz design, launch and hosting, wearables design and publication, users maintenance, technical support)

Quiz team can reschedule up to 5 quizzes due to technical issues and other circumstances such as national holidays, etc. The total number of quizzes will still be the same, 24 in total.

Server part reconfiguration, visual adjustments and design improvements our team will handle in between 07/29/2022 and 08/16/2022

The QuizZone will start advertising on August 16, 2022, with even distribution of the budget for all three seasons.

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Will this grant be used to make Quiz Zone sustainable long term, or will quiz zone be stopping at the completion of grant funds?

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Hi @MorrisMustang. Thanks for your question.

We plan to continue to host a quizzes and attract sponsors in 6 months, sure.

Our plans are:

  • to increase the community and quantity of active players\ Decentraland users;
  • make the product more stable and attractive;
  • get great result and impressive numbers to involve sponsors and get a sustainable product that can attract brands in the future;
  • promote Quiz Zone 2.0 to our clients as potential future games sponsors

We decided to go for this as the initial Quiz was unstable from the technical perspective and not attractive, but we saw potential of the gamification and people loved it!

During grant period we will collect all use cases and design a deck with great numbers and beautiful pictures for future sponsors and clients. We are going to promote Quiz zone and support games even after the grant period. So we need this period to finalise the QuizZone 2.0 transformation, collect good track records, and turn it on as a great product that can be self sustainable.

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Hey @DappCraft I love what y’all do, and hope to see y’all here in DCL more with your quizes and beyond. I think the current plans seems sound to me. One one concern below…

To clarify, the long term plan right now, is to use these funds to put on another 6 mos of events, and then hope that the data from those events will be enough to attract more sponsors that will then give you a more sustainable model?

I would caution to come up with more of a detailed goal plan, for what happens beyond the 6 months. I’ve seen some concern from the community lately about projects that come back every 6 months and ask for more money, and that is not a sustainable model for the DAO and its funds.

Do you happen to have more of this plan laid out to I can better make a decision on this proposal? Thanks in advance!

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I’m torn between voting YES because it seems this is wanted by the majority of the community, and voting NO due to the budget for these two items:

  • $8 000 Quizzes setup and maintenance = 1.33k/month;
    This seems like a lot of money to dedicate to something which, in my opinion could be done by volunteers

  • $12 000 marketing (external flow) = 2k/month;

  1. It’s unclear what your plans for marketing will include. (Where you will be launching ads, the content of the ads which can draw new users in to DCL)

  2. Many ad services on various web2 platforms have proven to be highly ineffective.

I love DappCraft and I believe you are here for the community and longterm. Is there any additional bits of information you can share about the breakdown of these specific budgets to ease my concern so I can give you my YES?

Hi @ckbubbles

Thanks for your question.

DAPPCRAFT works with brands globally and our plan is to present a deck with Quiz Zone 2.0 track records to our existing and future clients and partners. We will collect metrics and players feedbacks. Our main goal is to show real attractive gamified experience to the public. This is exactly what people want - to play something interesting in Decentraland.

There are our main steps:

  1. Improve visual part of the Quiz, take pictures and videos from Quizzes and create a show-real;
  2. Increase players activities and number of players improving gamified experience, attract new visitors to Decentraland and Quiz Zone.
  3. Prepare the deck for potential clients/ partners with metrics, attractive pictures and videos;
  4. Start running Quizzes in collaboration with local brands in Decentraland to demonstrate potential opportunities of such integrations. We’ve discussed such options with Pablo from GolfCraft (Mana Fever) to run a Quiz on golf culture thematics. It could be one of the first integration;
  5. To make the technical part of the Quiz more stable and scalable (server side improvements and adjustments);

We fil ourselves confident about sustainable future of Quiz Zone, we believe we will attract sponsors and we run Quiz Zone as a long term project.
We can give you a promise to publish on the forum the list of soft commitments for potential integrations and collaborations for this year in three months.


Thank you for your response @DappCraft! I really appreciate it. I do believe in what you all hope to achieve, but to be honest, I didn’t see a details long term goal plan laid out just yet. I do appreciate y’all offering to share soft commitments for potential integrations/collabs for the year within 3 months. I think it’s important to update the community regularly, and not just the required updates the DAO requests.

All this to say, I will take the risk and bet on y’all for this round. I really hope this grant can help y’all succeed.

But I will say, if in 6 months there is another proposal asking for the same amount or more funds, without a more longterm goal plan and budgets for me to review, I will choose to not take that risk. TY and good luck!

Decentraland’s most popular QuizZone 2.0 :partying_face:

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 80% 2,563,706 VP (73 votes)
  • No 20% 661,337 VP (2 votes)

Decentraland’s most popular QuizZone 2.0 :partying_face:

This proposal has been ENACTED by a DAO Committee Member (0xfe91c0c482e09600f2d1dbca10fd705bc6de60bc)

Vesting Contract Address: 0x170EC4B0E8054d26dC7f0AE6d754c3DffC550383
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Hi folks!

I have sent you two emails (hello@dapp-craft.com) and I have radio silence from your team.

Do you need some help? Is everything good?

Plase, book a meeting with us to talk about your project :slight_smile:

Friendly reminder:

  • It’s very important to share your progress with the community. Inside your grant proposal -in the Decentraland governance platform- you will find a Project Update Section to publish updates once a month for transparency purposes.
  • We will also create a dedicated Discord channel (inside the DAO Discord server on the Grants Database section) for your grant, to easily stay in touch with the community.

See you!

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@Zino hi! replied to email. thanks


The first season planned was opened and visited by approximately five hundred of Decentraland users. We designed, published and distributed 10 unique wearables for winners of special Quizzes and we ran the first collaboration with Burton Morris, famous pop art artist.

Our team is working on new updates of the scene, next season that will be starting by the end of September\first week of October. We started working on server side and optimization and new features development.


Quiz Zone 2.0: We successfully opened the Quiz Zone on July 30 and hosted 8 special Quizzes already, including collaboration with Burton Morris and Banquet Lab:


Between special Quizzes many of Decentraland users and new users come to QuizZone location to play random quizzes any time day and night. We got very positive feedback from players and happily continue working on improvements. We are planning to start Season 2 with additional updates and changes (date TBD, end of September\first week of October).


The first trance of the grant was used for the production costs of the scene, wearables deployment, development, marketing purposes, managing the special Quizes (landing page, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram accounts).

3D artists worked on additional scenes and exterior of the Quiz Zone 2.0 during August and September. We are going to deploy updates by the end of September. By designing this additional space we aim to create an environment to extend user experience, to allow users to enter from the Decentraland streets.

Started working on specification for audio and video special Quizzes.


In terms of special Quizzes programming, managing, hosting, etc. everything is going as planned in our proposal. Our team is working with 3D artists, developers, marketers to launch Season 2 from October onwards.


We are going to work on the planning of the Season 2 quizzes, collaborations, marketing, we will organize all the materials for next games, we will design new wearables and prizes, deploy updates for the scene. The lists of activities you can find below:

  • Themes and questions preparation for Season 2;
  • Designing prizes and wearables for Season 2;
  • Start of Season 2;
  • Backend updates\ fixes deployment (fixed bugs and stability issues priority#1);
  • Beautiful exterior deployment in American Dining Style;
  • Finilazing SOW for audio and graphic quizzes;
  • Working with social media accounts;
  • Working on promo video, deck, landing page;
  • Working on marketing campaigns for end users and brands;

The team is working on the changes mentioned above and is getting ready for the tight calendar of quizzes, openings and talks taking place from the end of September.


Learn more and get in touch with our team if you have any questions.

Quiz Zone 2.0: Decentraland
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dapp_craft
Discord: Discord


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Now we managed to publish the update as expected.