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Should the following Tier 6: up to $240,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Content Creator category be approved?


Fan Activation Network is a white label blockchain loyalty platform helping clubs regain the new generation of fans
We reconcile the digital life of the fans with their passion of the clubs thru move to earn minigames, connecting their practice to social and engage the fan communities thru Collective Intelligence AI based solution
We are developing the only (with MGH ) 3D animated, mintable into NFT, avatar which not only can augment thru the won assets but being Metaverse compatible, starting with Decentraland!
The more you play the quicker you level up and the more prizes money can’t buy you’ll have access to, such as Signed jerseys, NFTs,dream events such as training by a pro team coach and a range of immersive moments in the metaverse

Grant size

240,000 USD

Beneficiary address



A year ago in the same week Football attempted to create the super league while famous Girondins de Bordeaux went almost bankrupt signalling the end of a model giving ways to either going dystopian or utopian. Time to act!
And so we did and are working on bringing the sport communities and the Web3 communities together.
Football (Every Sport in fact) and Web3 are communities - Our Fan Activation Network (FAN) platform brings the value back to the Clubs by granting Fans with governance, healthy games, a voice, unique NFTs and experiences money can’t buy, IRL and in the metaverse.
Fan Activation Network is the first and only Web3 enabled platform that is valued around loyalty and not investment gambling such as the current so called Fan Engagement Coins companies. Over time, Sport Clubs will be owned by Private equity funds on the one hand and could, should and will be DAO by their constituencies on the other hand.

With our first Customer, French Federation of Rugby (best team in the world) we are building the Stade de France which hosts next year the World Cup , whereby the token holders will win access to crazy immersive moments with the players, parties, live interviews by the winner, joining them and singing in the cloak room altogether…
On top of the events we are working with the sensor developed by Decathlon (200G, no latency) to bring and enrich our earn to move games in the metaverse game studios.
That is part of our value proposition to the Olympics committee, where we are entering into the final stage of the selection process.
We’ll bring back the flame into the metaverse and you shall run with it too. Total madness !

With a pipeline that includes but not only the whole French professional football, the whole world rugby, the Olympics, ManU, our development on the Metaverse comes the cornerstone of bridging the Digital life and the good health.

The project also dares also to leverage the Metaverse to bring cultural events into the sport fan communities. That part of the project is in stealth mode for now and will require a separate conversation.

We are the first entering in that loyalty Web3 format as we believe that working with and for the clubs and federations under a profit sharing model is just and fair. And again, only Blockchain enabled us to put engagement, Gaming, NFTs, Metaverse together in a very compelling value proposition for the younger generations of fans , as the average age keeps increasing. We believe sport is a good thing , that clubs and federations have a role to play so then only bringing up the environment that generates the emotions along today’s vector will reactivate the enthusiasm IRL .
We shall declare success when the Fans / Followers communities will win empowerment from being viewers, singers, clappers, to being partial owner, member of the governance, and drive the movement of a better health, better shape, better life that only the merge of physical and socially Metaversed (today digital) practice do bring to mankind.


We are tracking both the technical management thru planning and testing as well as the business with the number of opportunities we can support.


  • Registration: 90%
  • Avatar Editor from Readyplayer.me
  • Avatar Module from MGH: 50%
  • Shop: 70%
  • Play Pro mini games: 60%
  • Smart Contracts: 40%

To be developed :

  • My Profile
  • Connect to Engage Pro
  • Upgrade Level
  • Marketplace
  • Gaming Rules

Tools and methods :

  • Registration / Onboarding
    -- Integration with Beacon SDK
  • Avatar Editor animated 3D
    -- Unify and polygon compatible
    -- Integration with provided SDK
  • Avatar Module from MGH:
    -- Developed in ThreeD.js
    -- Compatible in Unity Engine
  • Buy ATF Token:
    -- Integration with on-ramp solution Wert SDK
  • Shop pro :
    -- Web view embedded in the native app
  • Play pro
    -- Integration with provided SDK
    -- Developed in Unity
  • Engage pro
    -- Developed in Python
    -- Web view embedded in the native app
  • Train pro
    -- Developed in Python
    -- Data access through Kinesis

Overall, MVP ready at 75% with some components being tested by up to 700 test users -


https://www.linkedin.com/in/elie-simon-1995a713/ - Elie Simon
30+ years of leadership positions across computer systems, software, storage and RFID.
Winner of the E&Y France Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2007, won after the turn around of Tagsys from quasi bankruptcy to being in the top 3 companies in the RFID Industry worldwide .
Leader in disruptive Fintech, with GK8 amongst others that we sold in November last year.
Last but not least with Sun being the dot in dot com, we led the introduction of Internet to the extent my web3 friends call me Web1 !

https://www.linkedin.com/in/bilal-el-alamy/ - Bilal El Alamy
Strong history as researcher in statistical physics and as data scientist
Experienced leader and trusted advisor in blockchain, crypto-finance, NFTs and petaverse/metaverse

https://www.linkedin.com/in/walid-benothman-81abb41/ - Walid Benothman
Experienced leader in the digital finance industry. His “out-of-the-box” and innovative approach led him to be a key member in some of the most exciting and successful companies and start-ups in the blockchain industry

Our web3 expertise combined with our proven entrepreneur background together with our team knowledge and network of the sport industry, as acknowledged by our first customers/ partners, are the key success drivers to our project.

Our developpers github profiles : amirOcn, loladmebrah, zippy1978

Roadmap and milestones

Customers and prospects:

  • Fédération Française de Rugby - under signature with the 1st launch in October 2022: 5-50 M viewers)
  • Ligue de Football Professionnel - expecting Closing in Q4 with a launch in Q1/Q2 2023: 20M viewers Weekly
  • International Olympics Committee - advanced conversation: 2 Billion viewers
  • Ligue Nationale de Handball: 500, 000 licences , 5-20 M viewers
  • Manchester United - brought in by Tezos: 1.2 Billion followers

Currently through our network of advisors (ex club president, FIFA agent, club owners) we have covered a 30+ club demand


  • Sport marketing : Orsen , Sportfive and CSM
  • Sport equipment : Decathlon , le Coq Sportif - done
  • Tech : Metaverse gaming and Avatar editor with MGH
  • OTT : Sportall

After the first launch we will accelerate the conversations with Adidas and Nike.
Interestingly enough the clubs and federations are very keen to introduce us to their own partners network. We will follow up after the fundraising so we can boost that partnering network.

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this sounds like you’re fishing for free money, not that you need a grant to bootstrap your project


Welcome to Decentraland! My name is Sinful, I am a community Twitch streamer, Show Host, and Community Builder. I notice the wallet you summited this proposal on is empty and Nameless. So I am assuming you are new to the space. I would personally like to welcome you and the team to speak at the Decentraland Community Building Twitter Space @Canessa and I host every Wednesday @ 12pm EST/ 9am PST , would be a good opportunity to introduce yourself to the Decentraland community(voters) as well as receive some feedback on your proposal. if you would like to confirm your attendance with me please send me a DM on Twitter : https://twitter.com/SinfulMeatStick

Link to Event Page: Decentraland Community Building with Sinful & Canessa | Decentraland Events

We host the space on Twitter and broadcast to both Twitch and Decentraland. Looking forward to hearing from you.

@dax I would like to extend the invitation to you as well, would be a good opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Furthermore I know our DCL Community would really appreciate having someone that so active on the DAO join us. Feel free to contact me on twitter!!

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voted NO until we get a budget on how you’re planning to use the funds.


I agree with @maraoz, it would be great to incorporate into the roadmap specifics on how the money and objectives will be distributed over time to achieve milestones.

Until this happens my vote is NO.

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I agree with the feedback above and voted “No”

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Thank you all, for your comments.
We have also gathered insightful input during the DCL Community Building with @SinfulMeatStick and @Canessa . We’ll work hard on it and get back to the community.
Any other concern, let us know

AllTokenFootball-The FAN Activation Network-shaping Fan Sports 3.0

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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  • Yes 1% 226 VP (18 votes)
  • No 99% 1,384,901 VP (23 votes)