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Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Community category be approved?


Our key components are education and adoption, future and real first users of web3. We are creating a community focused on education around web3 - we want to drive more adoption and bring web3 closer to them.

At the beginning we will hose lectures in high schools to directly reach young people. And after that, we will start education about DAO cuz our primary goal is to make it a DAO community.

In the first phase, we will announce partnerships with web3 projects that we have already arranged. After that, we will start attending and partnering with the event and host our own events.

Grant size

15,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



The main goal is to build a community around web3 education in Poland. Poland community in Web3 is one of the biggest in Europe, so we will minimalize entry barriers for them.
Another main point is content production. We will produce content daily on various social media channels to be easy to consume for people of every age, but we are mainly focused on young people - future web3 users. We will present health and sports apps for members who are into sports. We will introduce the games sector for gamers etc. And on top of that will be a DAO organization, so every member, no matter what interests him/her they, will be using blockchain technology.


So w actually do not have a lot of it, especially at the beginning cuz we are a community project. But in the second phase, we will create DAO and NFT collections as an asset for members.


MichaƂ Wojtas - Team Lead
EXP: Fanadise/MAMNFT/Fancy Bears Metaverse/Star Heroes

MikoƂaj SmereczyƄski - Marketing
EXP: Fanadise/MAMNFT/Fancy Bears Metaverse/Star Heroes

Filip Mokrodulski - Video And Production
EXP: Pareidolia / Fanadise / Fancy Bears Metaverse

Ɓukasz Olender - Acquisition
EXP: Web3 Devs Poland/Wennect

Aleksander Wasielewski - Event / Project Manager
EXP: Fanadise/MAMNFT/Fancy Bears Metaverse/BIG idea

Magdalena ƻuchowska - Community Lead
EXP: Fancy Bears Metaverse

Zuzanna Jelska - Social Media
EXP: Fanadise/Fancy Bears Metaverse

Roadmap and milestones

Q1 2023

  • 1000 users on discord
  • First partnerships in web3
  • First IRL community event
  • Lectures in 15 high schools in Warsaw

Q2 2023

  • first partnerships in web2
  • Lectures in 15 high schools in Warsaw
  • First AMA with web3 founder
  • Preperation for moving to DAO (education)

Q3 2023

  • first partnership with blockchain event
  • partnership with IT companies and hackathons
  • first community investment in the web3 project

Q4 2023

  • web3 talent acquisition server
  • community launchpad (supporting community ideas)
  • first web3 event organized by the community
  • DAO setup


Lectures in 30 high schools in Warsaw - this will be the beginning of the project 100 lectures will be given in Q1-Q2 2023 and it will be the main boost at the start for community building.

Full DAO organization set up - our project will be DAO organization. After educating people what DAO is the how it will work, we will set up two layer DAO organization in NaaS

First community investment in the web3 project - we want to make it easier for the community to start investing in web3 so we create a social investing hub.

Web3 talent acquisition server - after educating people about web3 we will release services for employers and employees.

Community launchpad - everyone in DAO will be allowed to use our launchpad, where the community can help in brand new community projects.

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voting no cause this doesn’t directly benefit DCL. not to say it’s a bad idea or project, but maybe the funds should come from somewhere else

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Always happy to see projects that educate and empower others to enter the web3 space
 but this is not the type of project that the DCL DAO funds. I suggest reading thru some of the grants that we have previously passed so you can get a better idea of the projects that we support, and the level of engagement that grantees have within our metaverse. Thank you and good luck.

Hype Squad | The First Polish DAO Community

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 111 VP (13 votes)
  • No 99% 3,437,797 VP (61 votes)