[DAO:b7b5c36] Service for expeditious brands transfer to Decentraland

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Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Content Creator category be approved?


We are launching the first service for moving brand collections to DCL for digital fashion enthusiasts and contributors. Our service will simplify creating digital collections from physical ones and immediately transfer them to DCL. The entire procedure for one collection will take a maximum of one week (our goal is a few days) and will replenish the DCL market with a large quantity of fashionable and high-quality wearables at affordable prices.
Seamm is a mobile app that stores and transfers digital collections to metaverses and video games. The current stage of development includes the feature transfer to DCL. Our team requires resources to optimize the speed of digitizing brand collections and publishing them on the DCL marketplace.

Grant size

60,000 USD

Beneficiary address


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Brands desire to sell and market their garments and accessories in DCL, but frequently lack the knowledge and resources to do it quickly and effectively. Players in Decentraland desire to be able to purchase and wear trendy and cool wearables in DCL, however the marketplace’s existing selection of wearables is characterized by sporadic, restricted releases from brands and generally prohibitive pricing. Our service will assist in bridging the gap between businesses and their audiences in order to enrich the material for the DCL marketplace and promote digital collections of brands with minimal effort.
Brands will obtain a new channel for the quick and professional distribution of their fashion collections, while the DCL community will have access to a diverse selection of high-quality content (wearables and accessories) at a reasonable price.


We will construct more integration with the DCL API using the subsequent processes and combine it with the existing mobile application. To start we’ll work with three brands for

  • Create a collection
  • Collection moderation
  • Transfer
    The project will involve the development of a server application and database to hold digital collections of brand names. We have already signed contracts with seven brands willing to digitize one item from their collections for inclusion in our initiative.
    The finished solution will contain all required production-ready features, such as data security and encryption, as well as, if necessary, at least two server applications operating for failover/redundancy.
    The first phase of the project will concentrate on server construction, 3D modeling (7 items), and UI/UX design, while the second phase will involve integration with DCL API (or a possible way to connect directly).
    The objective is to expand the number of brands with wearable collections and content and to generate greater market activity by offering a vast selection of outfits and accessories.


With a team from the fashion, technology, and gaming industries, Seamm cultivates a space to create, experiment, and release inhibitions.
The software engineers that have already published two versions of our core application will be a part of the new service development team. The UI/UX designer has a portfolio of successful fashion brand projects. Our 3D artists have launched wearables collections on the DCL marketplace for brands and have experience creating 3D models that adhere to constraints and optimize all needs. Business Development - 20+ years in the fashion industry (e.g., Bottega Veneta, Moschino, TSUM).
Our crew is intimately familiar with the challenges that every brand has while designing collections for DCL. As players in DCL, our team members are familiar with the frustrations of consumers when the market for wearables is limited. Therefore, we are prepared to resolve this issue and propose a universal answer for both parties.

Roadmap and milestones

Phase 1 features:

  • Collecting technical requirements for DCL API integration
  • UI/UX design and features
  • Creation of 3D-models (7 items)
    Total estimated time: 80 hours
    Phase 1 extra features:
  • Approve collection
  • Implementation of comments and fixing in the interface

Total estimated time: 20 hours

Phase 2 Features:

  • Transfer process and approve
  • Integration with DCL API
  • Publishing in the DCL marketplace

Total estimated time: 40 hours

Total Project Estimated 140 hours

Dev budget 40k
Design and 3D-artists budget 20k

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$60,000 with 140 hours estimated time is over $400/hr average rate. That is very high for a DAO funded project.

Are these “brands” not paying for your service?? Why would the DAO pay for 80 hours of 3d models creations for them?

I’m curious how you plan to make the procedure go in under a week when a Linked Wearables proposal take a week by itself, or do you plan to submit every model as a normal wearable? In this case it means your partners will need to pay 150 USD per wearables.

Do you already have any client/brand you are working with?

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Yes, we calculated all of the resources that will be required to create digital versions of brands items. Brands are not yet willing to pay since they do not see a potential income. So our main goal is to demonstrate to brands how brand wearables operate in DCL. DAO investment in our project will assist in raising successful brand cases in DCL and proving the creation of new distribution channels (DCL) for brands. As a result, in the future, brands will pay DCL wearables creators who are part of DAO.

We’re working to improve the procedure and shorten the approval process. Yes, we have brands that collaborate with us. However, there is no expense for them.

Service for expeditious brands transfer to Decentraland

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 277 VP (19 votes)
  • No 99% 3,035,092 VP (43 votes)