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Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Gaming category be approved?


Through this grant, I am seeking funding to develop a tower defence creation kit and several deploy-ready tower defence game fields for Decentraland. The creation kit, game fields, and all assets used to generate them will be made available to the community as open-source repositories (free to use, with no strings attached). I’ll be working with several creators from the community to create sets of assets (enemies, towers, and environments) to be included in this module; providing our community with paid jobs, work experience, and providing them with an opportunity to display their talents!

Grant size

34,200 USD

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Tower defence games are a staple genre of gaming culture. The genre is so popular that fans have made variants of tower defence in nearly every RTS game that offers modding capabilities; some of these fan projects have even pivoted to become full standalone games (now that is dedication!). Decentraland has seen several different types of games break into the scene over the course of the platform’s development, but the foundations for tower defence games have never been cemented. I see this as a major missed opportunity not only for players, but also for creators and land owners within Decentraland.

The value provided by this project would benefit 3 major audiences: users, creators, and land owners. The created tower defence game fields would provide general users of Decentraland with a fun activity to partake in, while the developed creation kit could be used by creators to generate additional tower defence content. Land owners would be able to leverage the kit by hosting tower defence games on their land, likely monetizing access to premium content or wearables themed around their fields. On top of that, if we can achieve a baseline ecosystem for developing a self-propelling system of user developed content we would be able to apply that blueprint to other game genres.

This project will also provide important jobs and invaluable experience to Decentraland community creators. It is absolutely imperative that our community’s skill-level and proficiency in creating for the Decentraland platform is fostered and continues to grow. If developers cannot source resource creation from our community: they will either go elsewhere or choose to conduct their projects in a more developed metaverse. The deliverable tower and enemy assets outlined in this project will be developed and optimised specifically for the platform, giving an in-depth example of how to make assets for Decentraland.

The tower defence creation kit will provide everything a user needs to create their own tower defence field (from tower placement to enemy wave generation). The interfaces will be as simplified as possible and heavily documented to ensure users with no coding experience can still create their dream TD fields. The kit will also come pre-packed with the required assets to create a tower defence game (enemies, towers, etc), all for unlimited free use.

After development of the kit has completed, four tower defence fields will be made using the creation kit. These game fields will be made available as open-source repositories, as well as being hosted for play by any user in Decentraland. This will allow any user looking to host a tower defence field on their land to do so with minimal effort. It also provides a great starting point for anyone looking to create their own tower defence field, as users will be free to customise/monitise these scenes or any derived scenes in any way they wish.

If we can capture the attention of even a small portion of the gaming audience by providing entertaining experiences and empowering tools then that would be a huge win for our community. By nurturing a thriving community of players and creators, we would see the constant generation of new content to attract more users to Decentraland. As we break into new genres of gaming the community (and amount of accessible content in Decentraland) would only grow. While this will likely take significant time and effort, we can begin to lay the foundations for community-based games now.


Tower Defence Kit Assets:

The kit will include a set of standard assets for creators to use in the generation of their own tower defence game fields. These will be designed to be as light-weight while still maintaining a quality appearance, ensuring in-scene resources are not misspent and acceptable performance can be maintained. Everything included in the creation kit will also be open source and made completely available to the community for use in other projects or games (including monetized scenes).

These assets will include vital components (models, animations, etc) following a single systemic doctrine that, when followed, would allow additional assets to easily be added to the module by users. Their raw pieces (such as UVs, textures, and .blend) will also be made available along-side the project in an additional compressed file. These resources will be extremely useful to anyone looking to modify existing assets or developing their own assets for the creation kit.

Tower Defence Kit Functionality:

The kit will provide all required functionality for creators to use in the generation of their own tower defence game fields. The interfaces for the kit should be easy to interact with and as hands-off as possible, enabling creators who do not have programming experience.

Proposed Functionality:

  • Tower Management: de/construction and upgrade towers that interact with enemies via classic tower defence mechanics (ie: direct damage, damage over time, movement slow).
  • Enemy Management: enemy wave generation and spawn handling, as well as handling enemy entity specifics such as health, movement, and death.
  • Economy Management: earn points by defeating enemies and clearing waves; spend points on building new towers and fortifying existing ones.
  • Difficulty Management: modify the game’s ecosystem with variances to provide more/less challenge through different difficulties. (An additional feature I’d like to add, if I everything goes smoothly, is the inclusion of challenge modes where the player must complete game fields under certain constraints; something like 1-life mode).

Throughout development modularity will remain a key requirement of the kit. While most users will likely be satisfied with the provided features, others might want to add their own functions/assets to the project. This process must be made as easy as possible: adding new assets to the project (such as towers and enemies) should require very little effort and only minimal knowledge of programming. Assets will be loaded at run-time through definition files targeting external assets, meaning users will only need to interact with a json file in order to add more turrets or enemies to the mix.

Tower Defence Fields:

Four playable tower defence fields will also be produced with the tower defence creation kit during the project’s course. These will not only showcase the kit’s functionality, but also provide an example of how to put a tower defence game together. Like the creation kit, these playable fields will be provided through open-source GitHub repositories. Instances of these scenes will also be hosted and maintained so users can play some Decentraland Tower Defence anytime they wish!

As with previous projects, all produced content will be monitored and maintained to keep them relevant and functional within the Decentraland platform. Further features may be targeted and developed by request as the project progresses.


Hi, I’m Alex; I’ll be managing the development process, as well as tackling the module’s programming implementation.

I’ve been programming and developing projects for over a decade, with a primary focus on gaming, and I’m currently employed as a software engineer (working mainly with C and Java). Over the past year I’ve been developing open-source projects through the DCL SDK with the primary goal of creating baseline content and examples for the community. I have already created several projects on the platform and I have a firm understanding of the development pipe-line.

One of the goals of this project is to provide an opportunity for Decentraland’s creators to showcase their talents. With that in mind, I’ve on-boarded some talented community members who will be working on generating the project’s graphical assets!

Artist Core:
CG-KING - (Instagram)[https://www.instagram.com/mabanoking/]

I feel this is the best direction to take in regards to the creation and composition of the project’s team. This orientation will not only provide the most utility-to-cost, but also enables Decentraland’s community creators and directly aligns with the results of previous community polling. After the module has been successfully developed and tested (at the close of this proposal’s term), we’ll be able to consider populating the creation kit with additional industry-grade assets.

Roadmap and milestones

During development bi-weekly reports (every 2 weeks) on current progress and targeted goals will be published to the community. As this project is very much for the community, feedback and suggestions on current/additional features will also be taken under serious consideration for inclusion in the project.

STAGE 0 - Viability

This phase has already been conducted. Design documents have been prepared, these outline the systems and assets required for the module. Artists have also been screened and on-boarded.

STAGE 1 - TD Creation Kit Development

Estimated Length - 2 months

Allocated Budget - 23.8k

- Project/Community Management: 1.2k
- Programming: 11.2k
- Visual Design: 11.4k

During the initial stage, development of the creation kit’s primary utilities and the production of the required standard assets will be conducted.

STAGE 2 - Playable Field Creation

Estimated Length - 4 months

Allocated Budget - 10.4k

- Project/Community Management: 2.4k
- Programming: 3.2k
- Visual Design: 4.8k

After the TD Creation Kit has been developed to a satisfactory point, work will begin on the planned tower defence fields.

STAGE 3 - Deployment

The final stage will see the release of the tower defence creation kit and all playable tower defence fields as open-source repositories for everyone in the community. These repositories will be monitored for any missed features/bugs and amended with their addition/removal.

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Due to proposal character limit constraints, the linkage to previous community projects was cut from the Personnel section. You can find some of my previous projects below.

Minesweeper: Play
Card Game Kit: Play - Repo
Parkour Kit: Play - Repo

Another thing I’d like to add: I’m planning on employing a more in-depth strategy for outlining a module’s features and usage. Rather than just a lovely wall of text, the plan is to display information through a video format that covers setting up and creating scenes with the module. This is something I’m currently trail-running with the Community Parkour Kit as a final flourish after testing, when all the module’s interfaces have been cemented. My hope is that a more digestible/user-friendly approach to on-boarding creators will result in more people using/building with the community modules.

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I think the dev named “tensai” made something with the “tower defense” style. Idk if the info maybe can help.


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Yeah! I think I saw the project you are talking about (this one?). It appeared to be heavily inspired by Clash Of Clans and looked very cool!

Hi! Love the idea of modularity.

I’ve a question about the artists, What is the role of each one?
Usually only 1 dev and 1 artists is needed. Six is a large number of artists to manage.

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Voted yes. What Decentraland community directories exist where builders can find work like this? So it’s easier for new users to find. Besides GitHub - decentraland-scenes/Awesome-Repository: A collection of links to examples and tutorials to help you get started building Decentraland scenes and other content.

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I’m taking a slightly different approach than a standard development cycle with the purpose of providing more job opportunities and experience to creators. During stage one each artist will be creating a set of assets for their given segment (whether that be towers or enemies), providing more assets to the community through the project. I feel it is important for us to allow our creators to develop their skills, while also providing them with incentives/paid work to develop for the community.

While the organizational complexity does increase as more members are added to a project, each of the artists have already completed a screening project to prove their competency with the required tools and I’ve prepared in-depth documentation of the specification per asset type. I feel that everyone knows what is expected from them during the project and I have full confidence in their capabilities.

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So far I’ve tried your solitaire games and they are very smooth and fun! I am excited to see the card games eventually become multiplayer. Good idea to create this while waiting for sdk7 to release.

You’ve used the smaller tier with one-time payments for the previous projects, so be aware the vesting structure is monthly over 6 months for this size, ~5000 a month. The budget you have allocated won’t exactly line up with the vesting payouts. This is not an issue, but be careful if you are promising payments at specific times for the various creators.

The budget seems fair and proper, especially considering the extra time required to animate the various models properly.

I appreciate you allocating some funds for community management. Do you have any specific ideas for that? We need to find good ways to promote the work that’s being done by grantees like yourself.

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Yeah, the funding was a bit of a trick to figure out. Currently the creation cycle for assets is staggered across the entirety of stage one and we have some creators who are entering the project at later dates to ensure everyone can get paid immediately after completing their work. Due to the funding cliff, I’ve also put some personal money aside to bankroll the artists who are starting work during the first month of development. Since I’m the only one sticking around for the full duration of the project (we’ve got different people on tower/enemy vs environment development), it was a pretty easy decision to make sure the artists get paid for their work first and then pay myself later when funding catches up with expenses.

For the community management portions I was planning something along the way of play-testing events during stage two. I’m hoping if we frame early access to the game as a form of event (maybe with some form of reward for participation/winning) so we can drive a little more attention to the platform. I don’t have any fixed plans for this, but I’m leaning towards end-of-the month play-test events where people get to play the most recently developed game field and players can enter a draw by winning the game then posting a screenshot to social media. It will also be a great opportunity to get some feedback from the community regarding the project’s direction and any additional features people want to see!

Love this idea! Super cool.

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played little bit this if its same one im thinking of. Would love to see some more updates and implementations to it.

Not exactly, I have an old screenshot:

It is next to the “clash royal” scene, the name is “MANA defense”: Decentraland


Tried it out and it’s pretty fun! I’m glad to see something like this has already been achieved!

It’s a little different from the module is oriented to do: the plan is to have static in-scene assignment for mounting points for turrets and pathways for enemies. This will let us get an exact idea of our in-scene resource limits, build environmental stages around game fields, and allow us to better balance the game to provide an appropriate challenge. Our target fidelity is also a little higher: I’ve linked a really early screenshot from one of our creators!

haha lil skele dudes awesome

Tower Defence Creation Kit

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

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  • Yes 76% 2,368,281 VP (74 votes)
  • No 24% 783,725 VP (2 votes)

Tower Defence Creation Kit

This proposal has been ENACTED by a DAO Committee Member (0xfe91c0c482e09600f2d1dbca10fd705bc6de60bc)

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Hi all!

Thank you for all the support: our team is very excited to begin work on the Tower Defence Creation Kit! As stated in the proposal, we’ll be releasing reports once every two weeks outlining the project’s progression and goals for each cycle. The first target for development is the enemy management system. This includes wave generation, enemy spawning, enemy pathing, as well as the data files for defining enemy characteristics (health, speed, etc.). Many of our creators will also be starting work on creating their tower/enemy assets during this first cycle too!

Once again, thank you for believing in the project!

REPORT ONE (Nov 21 2022 to Dec 05 2022)

Development of the Decentraland Tower Defence Creation Kit has begun! You can check out the full report for this cycle in the discord channel!

REPORT TWO (Dec 05 2022 to Dec 19 2022)

Towers are now operational: players can build/deconstruct towers around their maps that will actively attack and kill enemies! Targets for the next cycle are difficulty, tower upgrades, and system/menu polish (plus a short holiday break for everyone involved).

You can check out the full report for this cycle in the discord channel and the monthly report attached to this grant (above)!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

REPORT THREE (Dec 19 2022 to Jan 2 2023)

During this development cycle the tower upgrade, difficulty, and economy systems were implemented. There was also some polish done on the interaction menu for towers, as well as some internal optimizations. Work is also being done on making the module more viable for use with DCL Worlds!

You can find the full report for this cycle in the discord channel!

Happy New Year!

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REPORT FOUR (Jan 2 2023 to Jan 17 2023)

During this development cycle major adjustments were made to core gameplay mechanics (economy and enemy survival characteristics) balance and further reworks to improve the menus/HUD. Further optimizations have also been made to bring the systems more in-line with DCL Worlds, but there are still a few more optimizations to be done before the module can be released on a World. The current limits only allow for ~6 towers and ~20 enemies present at the same time, but I’m hoping to double these before release.

Work has slowed down a little because I’ve been battling a flu over the last couple of weeks, so I didn’t get the advanced tower targeting/hit effect implementation finished in this cycle. A fair portion of the work has been completed and the system should be completed by the end of the next cycle. I’m also hoping to have a rough draft of the tutorial stage released onto as a world by then as well.

REPORT FIVE (Jan 17 2023 to Jan 31 2023)

During this cycle of development we’ve mainly been preparing our first playable scene for a demo release! There’s been a lot of behind the scenes trimming and optimization to get to the point where a viable Worlds release has become possible. The code is all ready to go, but work is still required on the asset production side of things. Assets are being developed in segments (projectile towers/elemental towers), with each creator generating assets of a given segment (~3 to 4 assets). This results in assets of the same segment having a uniform style and makes management significantly easier, but also results in a longer lead time for asset sets.

I also want to use this report to showcase some of the assets that have been generated by the team. There are currently 3 sets of assets that are being developed to be used alongside the creation kit: Sci-Fi (robots/lasers), Fantasy (skeletons/magic), and Low Poly Sci-Fi. The first two sets are being developed using the non-worlds specifications (mainly higher poly count, allocated textures, and particle systems), while the Low Poly Sci-Fi set is being developed specifically for releases to DCL Worlds in mind.

Over the next month the focus of the project is going to start shifting towards creating game fields using the Tower Defence Creation Kit. Not only will this provide us with an opportunity to identify and fix flaws in the module, but it will also result in several playable game fields for new and existing users to experience. Our first target for development is the tutorial map that will be hosted through DCL Worlds, which should be completed by the end of February.

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look so sick, can’t wait to try this out!

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