[DAO:2d717ca] Tower Defence Module: Budget and Approach Polling

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The purpose of this poll is to gather information and feedback on the community sentiment towards larger/more polished community module projects. In this case, I’m looking for feedback on the idea of creating a tower defence module for the community.

The current plan is to create a tower defence creation kit that would handle all the complicated tasks of running the game (enemy spawning/movement, tower placement/upgrade, economy, etc), as well as provide visual assets for use. This would allow users to create their own game fields with ease and provide a foundational starting-point for a new genre of community generated content in Decentraland. The module would be entirely community-owned, meaning anyone could use it to create their own content (monetized or not). I also want to launch 4 tower defence game fields, developed through the tower defence kit. These would act as examples on how to use the kit and provide the community with more entertainment content.

The end goal of the module would be to pull in a gaming-oriented audience to create a community that not only consumes content, but also produces it. One of the reasons a tower defence module was chosen for development is the highly innate modularity of the game genre. The game’s mechanics remain static across different fields of play, but the game can still feel fresh and engaging through different environments and the addition of new enemies/towers could be easily accomplished by community creators. The game type also caters to a wide variety of monetization options (pay-per-play, pay-for-access, etc) that landowners could use to provide premium experiences through.

So, here’s the part where you come in! I’m looking for some community input on how high the quality of the included assets should be (and how much should be spent on them). There are many different ways of sourcing assets available to us, which will result in highly variable outcomes. I’ve put together some of our options for asset generation, as well as the estimated cost of the project.

Brief visual asset list: 8 towers, 6 enemy types, 4 environments.
These assets would require models, textures, animations, as well as being optimized to run well in Decentraland’s environment.

(15k - 25k) If we focus purely on a functional aesthetic/bare-bones graphics we can save a large portion of funding. These assets would likely be created in-house/by community members, so keeping a doctrine of how to create new assets would also be easy. While the art might not be fantastic, the module would still serve its purpose and the included assets could always be updated at a later time.

(25k - 40k) Hiring quality freelancers would give us a median point on quality. Freelancers are quite competitive in the visual design space and finding able professionals would not be an issue. This could also provide us with assets of varying theme/art style if we start with one freelancer then move to another due to availability issues.

(40k - 55k) One of the best options for the highest quality assets would be to partner with an art outsourcing studio. This would be the most expensive, but would result in the highest quality assets for the project. Many game development companies outsource their art through these studios and all that really has to be done on our part is provide our chosen partner with a detailed list of specifications/theming/concept.

So, with those options out in the open, I want to start a conversation about what our target and approach should be before diving too deep into design documentation for this module. Do you think we should start with the tower defence genre or a different one like social games (among us)? Should we stick to creating primarily functional creation kits or spend additional funding to populate them with high quality assets?

  • Create with a low visual design budget, focusing mainly on functionality
  • Create with a medium visual design budget, through freelancers
  • Create with a high visual design budget, through a studio
  • We do not need a module like this right now
  • Invalid question/options

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You offering tiers for budget and quality of work gives me a lot of confidence in your understanding of the project, its cost, and team. I’m happy to vote for the highest tier especially after seeing your work from the last modules grant.


Polls are the first stage for a proposal in the governance process and not exactly for general polling. We can have discussions like this in the discord or a separate forum topic.

However, I will give my feedback to your question. I prefer more of the funding first going toward module development with an easy way to interchange models, with later focus on higher quality modules.

Thanks for the feedback!

I didn’t realize these polls were specifically aimed at governance proposals, sorry about that! It also looks like the topic duplicated through posting (don’t know how that happened, but I just deleted the second one). Is there a polling tool on the platform for general proposals or is that something I’ll need to set up through an external tool?

Once again, sorry for the misuse of the system.

I voted for lower quality with emphasis on functionality because you said the assets could be created by community members. I would LOVE to see another project come in and provide jobs for people here in Decentraland. I also think putting priority on the functionality over aesthetics is crucial, because we have enough functionality problems in Decentraland as it is right now. Good luck to you!

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Hey all!

First off I want to thank you all for your feedback! I now know these polls are meant as governmental pre-proposals (oops), but the data that you generated is invaluable and I don’t know how I would have gotten it otherwise. Hopefully, in the future, standard grant proposals will have these powerful tools available to them.

I’ve put together a rough draft of the proposal for the tower defence creation kit using the data from this poll (the focus will be placed on functionality first and hiring through the community, with the possibility of generating industry-quality assets at a later date). I’ll be trying a different approach than I usually do to creating proposals and I will be leaning in on community involvement. I’m opening the document up to the community for feedback and suggestions; if you have any input simply highlight and comment on your portion of interest. I know it’s a bit of a text-wall, but if you make it through you have my gratitude!

You can access the document here:

Tower Defence Module: Budget and Approach Polling

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

Voting Results:

  • Create with a low visual design budget, focusing mainly on functionality 58% 846,586 VP (39 votes)
  • Create with a medium visual design budget, through freelancers 1% 18 VP (4 votes)
  • Create with a high visual design budget, through a studio 20% 289,558 VP (24 votes)
  • We do not need a module like this right now 1% 6 VP (2 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 20% 298,121 VP (2 votes)

Tower Defence Module: Budget and Approach Polling

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