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Joab Niwagaba is a blockchain enthusiast who has earned an experience of 3 years on the blockchain space. He is a blockchain educator, represented different Blockchain ecosystems in East Africa particularly Uganda and Rwanda.
I’m proposing to organize an in-person Developer Student Symposium that will draw students from all over Uganda. This event will expose our community to a new and more interesting experience in the metaverse, minting and market place of NFTs on the metaverse, the DeFi and transaction process on the DCL.
The key objective of this engagement is to generate buzz around the DCL ecosystem and get students familiar with the ecosystem so that they feel confident and excited about pursuing more advanced projects.

Grant size

8,500 USD

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Africa and Blockchain are compatible, if there is a radical change that should happen to Africa then it has to be with Blockchain a borderless, secure, transparent, fast, system that would help everyone. Aspects ranging from economy, health, data, politics among others are top notch aspects that need to be addressed by many African countries if not all, the question has always been how? With what?. Blockchain offers the answer to these questions which is so evident with a few problems that have been addressed with a few years of integration of blockchain in Africa, the best example is DeFi, the money sector has greatly been influenced with blockchain offering, fast, secure, low fees transactions across Africa and the entire Globe, thus greatly impacting the economy despite the fact that some states are reluctant to incorporate blockchain for fear of losing control, which is why Blockchain is the best option to address many of problems faced with Africa.
The underlying factor is, how can the Blockchain help address these problems, it is known to everyone that the blockchain tech is so diverse and so specific places with specific problems at hand would chose a specific blockchain use case that would address the problem which calls for identifying the problem that needs to be solved.

However, knowing the problems the world is facing and having the urge to solve them isn’t enough. To solve these problems takes more than just blockchain, it takes using the best blockchain ecosystem that provides a set of services that can be leveraged on by a diverse community, not limited to anything Decentralland does not only offer storage clouds but also exposes one to the metaverse world, marketplace of digital assets, number of user applications, the best software framework, low fees and fast transactions, transparency and inclusivity leaving out no one. Uganda in this case, the young generation I have interacted with before has so much enthusiasm and passion to exploit the opportunity that has come with blockchain, many of them are involved in NFT projects, gaming, developing and coding, content creation among others however having a place where they can actualize, profit and get value from their creation is the question, which is why with pride I would love to bring DCL to my community weighing that it is the best ecosystem I would love the community to interact with. So, this grant aims at aiding the process of introduction of DCL to the Student Community in Uganda. More to the introduction is to help these newly introduced students on how to use the different use cases on the DCL ecosystem.

Student communities have been largely untapped by web3 communities, but they hold the key to spreading the word about DCL amongst their friends and longer term becoming potential recruits as DCL developers and advocates, consumers of the already made services. Establishing a strong community in this demographic will give DCL a clear first-mover advantage that will pay forward huge rewards in a short period of time. More to this is to onboard about 300 students in the DCL community, with a skill set of how to use different use cases on DCL.


This is to a be a series of events leading to one big event, reason being that every other student should be given chance to be indoctrinated to the DCL ecosystem, so, I aim at having a series of 5 five events, I intend hosting the first 4 events in different off city Universities, by this I mean I will have an event at Mbarara University of Science and Technology, with approximately 100 students, Kabale University with approximately 50-100 students, Gulu University with approximately 100 students, Uganda Christian University with approximately 80 students, and finally host the big event that I intend to have all students from the city, with Makerere University, Kyambogo University, Kampala International University, East African International University, Bugema University, and some other different stakeholders in the city like the Motiv Innovation Hub with an approximate number of 200-250 students. I aim at having different speakers at this particular event both in person and virtually who have a more understanding and experience so that they contribute in education of the students, speakers from different Blockchain Backgrounds

I intend to use the funds being requested as listed below
1250 usd will be used for each of the first 4 events in different off city universities and these funds will be allocated to hiring the venue, acquiring equipment to use on the venue( projector and sound system) swag printing for purposes of more advertisement, and refreshments. (venue-500 usd, equipment-250 usd, swag printing- 300 usd, refreshments- 200)
3500 usd will be used for the very last event that will comprise the city universities. And the funds will be allocated to venue hiring, high bandwidth internet, equipment, swag printing, refreshments (Venue-1000 usd, internet-800, equipment- 600(projector, PA), swag printing- 600, refreshments-500)


Yanick Musafiri
Yanick is a full stack developer with experience in solidity, a co-founder of the octan.group (https://octan.group/ ), he is the lead developer at decade ( https://dacade.org/ ), Yanick has worked on different projects both web3 and web2 check his github (musayann (Yannick Musafiri) · GitHub). With partnership with the apeunit Yanick helps in the educating about different software classes (Ape Unit)
Ahimbisibwe Brian
Brian is a blockchain educator who has an experience of about 4 years. check his twitter https://twitter.com/ahimbis07260494?t=3NkaIsd9HjfrUMa4wU9O5Q\&s=09

Roadmap and milestones

Upon the launching of the project I estimate to will have completed the first 4 off city events in the first month. Every event successfully completed will be submitted with a report to the DCL team to show progress. the last event will be arranged two weeks later and upon completion it also will be submitted with a report to DCL team

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This seems to be more about Blockchain technology than Decentraland. Would you mind providing your presentation that is planned to be presented at these events?

I would not disregard the fact that Blockchain will be talked about, however the focus point is Decentralland.

DCL Developer Symposium (Uganda)

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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