[DAO:d0c58b7] Devcon Lagos - A 2-day global blockchain summit in Lagos

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Devcon Lagos is a 2-day global blockchain conference for developers and creative builders in Africa consisting of technical workshops on how to create on Decentraland, panel sessions, hackathon and web3 start-up exhibitions.

We aim to onboard and educate creative builders & developers on the potentials of building with Decentraland through our workshops focused on World & land acquisition, creation of avatars, taking part in Decentraland governance and more.

We have hosted several workshops and conferences. Some of which will be highlighted below:

  1. Dapps over Apps conference with 500+ attendees. Kindly check video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5m8PW4V9g0

  2. Workshop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-Rz9MSYS9M

Grant size

10,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

3 months

Beneficiary address


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We are solving the problem of lack of visibility. 9 out of 10 creators in Nigeria have never heard of Decentraland. We will introduce Decentraland to over 2,000+ attendees present at this conference, not just the conference but a keep up with attendees with community calls, twitter spaces, personal mentorships on how to navugate their journey within Decentraland ecosystem.

Our community has a growing number of over 1,000+ creative builders and developers; after this event, our numbers will multiply. We will guide and train enthusiasts from this event about Decentraland and its attributes by creating a segment in our community dedicated to just decentraland enthusiasts. Check us out on twitter.com/dappsoverapps

We are bridging the gap between creative builders, developer, web 3 enthusiast and blockchain technology. 99 out of 100 web 3 enthusiast in Africa are not opportune to experience web 3 potentials due to education, right resource, stereotypes on web3, bad user experience, complicated user interface, etc.

We are excited to partner with decentraland because it will restore people’s interest in web 3 and the metaverse with its user-friendly platform.

Some of our latest achievement:

  1. Organized Dapps over Apps conference 1.0 one of the biggest web 3
    conferences in Africa with over 500+ attendees consisting of blockchain & web
    3 enthusiasts, traditional developers and creative builders. Kindly check highlights here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5m8PW4V9g0

  2. Organized the most participated web 3 art and cultural event in Nigeria;
    Paint & Chill with Near with over 500+ people in attendance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6-46gcjIoo

  3. Built a running database of over 700+ developers and non developers in

  4. Organized a start-up pitch competition to encourage builders to
    integrate Near blockchain technology to their businesses and projects. https://twitter.com/dappsoverapps/status/1692185380718538917?s=20

Roadmap and milestones

Report will be submitted monthly before the event and after the event.

  1. Call for speakers: October - November
  2. Secure venue: October - November
  3. Welfare for educators: November - December
  4. Biweekly twitter: November - December
  5. Registration for event: October - December

Program structure:
Tentative date: December 2023
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Speakers & Educators: 25

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Devcon Lagos - A 2-day global blockchain summit in Lagos

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