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Should the following $20,000 grant in the Accelerator category be approved?


We are a social impact platform in the Blockchain ecosystem that is
anchored on the United Nations sustainable development goals. (SDG 1,4,5
and 8) that creates scholarships and events to educate people about
blockchain in Africa. NO POVERTY - Our goal for entire the Blockchain
space is focused on creating Jobs for the youths in blockchain QUALITY
EDUCATION - Turning Newbies to Blockchain Experts and startup founders
through our scholarship education program. GENDER EQUALITY - bringing
more female inclusiveness in Blockchain , more female founders &
Blockchain experts through our scholarship education program. STEADY
ECONOMIC GROWTH - Bringing in more FDI into African blockchain ecosystem
through VCs and incubator programs.

Grant size

20,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



Nigeria holds the largest number of cryptocurrency users in Africa so If
the project succeeds, Our goal is to get the government of Nigeria to support blockchain/ cryptocurrency which
will automatically increase the adoption of DAI among cryptocurrency
users in Nigeria and create an enabling environment for Partnerships
with DAI ecosystem and the government , private and public sector projects who
would like to be a part of the DAI ecosystem

Budget Specification

Our funding request is $20,000. 20% for Tuition and fees: This grant
funding will be used to cover the cost of tuition and fees for students
pursuing a diploma or certification in blockchain technology through our
scholarship program. We will create an incubator for startup founders
within our community to get pre-seed funding to start building their
MVPs. 20% for Student laptops and internet : The poor students who do
not have a laptop or access to internet will be able have. This grant
funding will help us make provision for that. 20% of total funding on
Research support: This Grant funding will be used to support research
projects that focus on blockchain technology and improve our current
curriculum. This could include funding for data collection, analysis,
and publication of research findings. 20% of total funding on Outreach
and education: This grant funding will be used to support our annual
events and education programs that help to increase awareness and
understanding of blockchain technology. This could include funding for
conferences, workshops and other educational events. 10% of total
funding on Infrastructure support: This Grant funding will be used to
support the development of blockchain infrastructure, such as funding
for the development of new tools and platforms that make it easier for
our scholarship graduates to build and use blockchain technology. 10% on
operational costs and workforce


We Successfully organized the biggest blockchain summit in Nigeria for
blockchain awareness and advocacy on July 9, 2022. As Co-founder of
blockchain Vibes with almost a decade of experience in business
development and 3 years in web 3.0, we have an ongoing scholarship
program that is geared towards bringing in 1 million Africans into the
space within the next 5 years.

Roadmap and milestones

Research and analysis: Conducting research on the current state of
blockchain technology, its potential applications, and its limitations.
Education and awareness: Developing educational materials to raise
awareness about blockchain technology, its benefits, and its challenges.
Collaboration and partnership: Building partnerships with relevant
organizations and stakeholders to promote blockchain technology and
develop use cases that can drive adoption. Pilot projects: Developing
and launching small-scale pilot projects to test the viability of
blockchain solutions and assess their impact. Scaling and mainstream
adoption: Scaling successful blockchain solutions to a broader audience
and promoting mainstream adoption of blockchain technology in Nigeria

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Hi, thanks for proposal.

Have several questions:

  1. What already you did for Decentraland ?
  2. Did you hold any events ?
  3. Created wearables, content ?
  4. How much times you voted in DAO ?
  5. Registered on Forum ?
  6. Minted DCL name ?

This might be a great idea, but I have a serious concern.

You didn’t mention the word “Decentraland” once.

DAO grants should bring value directly back to the Decentraland ecosystem.


voting no as I do not see how this relates to dcl

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Agree with the none Decentraland reference sentiments. I’m all for education of ppl in web3 and crypto, but it would be required for me to vote yes, in showing how Decentraland itself fits within that crypto/blockchain education you speak of. This is too broad and nonspecific to this platform.

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Since you are unknown to this community, but describe what likely could be a company, could you please provide your company website and/or names of the team members associated with this project, and since you intend to teach students, an outline of each of your team members qualifications and previous blockchain experience?

While I like the ideas of blockchain education, my initial assumption, considering you are asking for money from the Decentraland DAO, was that your “Blockchain Project” would be based in/on Decentraland. However, as others have mentioned, you have not mentioned Decentraland once.

Could you explain how Decentraland fits into the scope of this project?

Since $20k is nearly 5x the annual salary of the average Nigerian Software Developer ($4210.00yr), and since Nigerian labor and cost of living rates are relatively low in comparison to many parts of the world, I feel you need to provide a more detailed budget breakdown, and provide a means whereas these budgetary costs could be validated.

Top 10 Highest Paying In-Demand Jobs In Nigeria 2023 | Nexford University.

Also, you need to provide a monthly milestone roadmap so that your progress can be properly assessed during the duration of this grant disbursement period.

The other concern I have is that you have not responded to anyone’s comments.

Unfortunately, do to the lack of critical information, I have decided to change my vote from ‘yes’ to ‘no’ until such time that the information I requested above is provided, and I can see some discussions occurring with other community members.

I agree with the guys above… this does not relate to Decentraland.


This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 62 VP (29 votes)
  • No 99% 6,533,503 VP (89 votes)