[DAO:a2652a4] Pre-Proposal Poll for a Decentraland Slogan

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There currently is not a slogan for Decentraland that would be good for advertising. The closest thing to one that anyone found is “The first-ever virtual world owned by its users”.
A memorable and unique slogan could help to elevate Decentraland’s brand recognition, underline our core values, and create a strong emotional connection with our diverse user base. The reasons for having a slogan are:

  • Brand Recognition: A memorable slogan can help people recognize and remember the Decentraland brand. It can become a shorthand for what Decentraland stands for, making it easier for people to understand what the platform is about.

  • Communicates Core Values: A good slogan can encapsulate the core values and mission of Decentraland, helping to communicate to users and potential users what the platform stands for and what they can expect from using it.

  • Differentiates from Competitors: In the crowded space of digital and virtual platforms, a unique slogan can help set Decentraland apart from its competitors. It can highlight what makes Decentraland unique and why users should choose it over other platforms.

  • Creates an Emotional Connection: A powerful slogan can also create an emotional connection between the brand and its users. This connection can foster loyalty and encourage users to become more engaged with the platform.

  • Marketing and Promotional Tool: Lastly, a slogan can be a useful tool in marketing and promotional materials. It can be used in advertisements, social media posts, and other promotional materials to catch people’s attention and draw them into the platform.

Some possible options would be:

  • Build, Explore, and Create with Decentraland
  • Decentraland: Where Imagination Meets Reality
  • Your World, Your Rules - That’s Decentraland
  • Venture into the Virtual - Discover Decentraland
  • Unleash Your Digital Destiny with Decentraland
  • Decentraland: The Unimagined, Realized
  • Decentraland: Where Your Dreams Have Already Come to Life

If it is decided that Decentraland should have a slogan, the next step would be to determine what that slogan should be. If in favor, please comment on the ones listed or feel free to come up with one you like best.

  • Yes, DCL Slogan
  • No not needed
  • Invalid question/options

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I vote yes as long as it has the words Waifumon in it.

How much of this is ChatGPT?

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At least half of it according to zerogpt.com

I like the idea of a slogan. If this moves forward it would be fun to have a community contest to create the slogan. Winner receives an amount determined through a small grant request approved prior to the contest.

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Decentraland - Get in. :slight_smile:

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The question and idea is mine. I did ask chatgpt for some positive reasons as to why DCL should have a slogan. Do you disagree with the reasoning? That is about it. Most of the suggestions are mine with a few from chatgpt as well. It is a tool, is it not? I could just as easily google the questions, this route is just much faster. I don’t believe it changes whether DCL should have one or not. Thank you.

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I like that idea as well. The bigger picture here is to have a slogan for the creation of a TV commercial, radio etc. to reach those that are not in the space that we continue to advertise to with the same results. It’s time to revert to WEB 2. IMO. Will plan on a pre poll for that next if the sentiment remains as it is with the yes votes.

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Voted yes!!
We need a united vision/mission for DCL!! it will start with a Slogan!!

The US Constitution, which was manually created and handwritten by men, was flagged and detected as AI-generated content by ChatGPT. So i wouldn’t be quick to judge or believe whatever the result from AI-based plagiarism checker including ZeroGPT[.]com.

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So is it possible to get some reasoning from the large NO voters? It’s not an urgent or pressing subject but it would be a good idea to explain why so few stand against so many. @Eibriel @HowieDoin and I forget the other.

Hi, sure. When I read text generated with ChatGPT my brain just shuts down, I’m unable to keep reading since I know what the text will say. I jumped to the options and was not convinced by them (why those slogans include the word “Decentraland”?).

I compared the proposed ones to the current one, and decided that the current one is better. And voted no.

I missed this part: “If it is decided that Decentraland should have a slogan, the next step would be to determine what that slogan should be”.

But even so there are two things to determine:

  • How the slogan would be selected?
  • How will be implemented? Since Decentraland is managed by the foundation and they have the say on all the trademark related issues.

To illustrate the complexity of the topic, a grant to create Branding for the DAO was recently completed. As far as I know it was not used at all: https://governance.decentraland.org/update/?id=835fed70-ef44-11ed-813c-b353c3943eab

Maybe we could make a slogan for the DAO, it doesn’t have one and we have some control over its trademark.

Note: English is not my first language and I use automated tools that help me write, including ChatGPT. But I don’t think is the best tool to create proposals. ChatGPT (and similar) are just text generators that write some sort of averaged vague idea of all the text on internet. That means that the text will not contain any new, inspired and grounded idea specifically tailored for Decentraland.

Here are some comments from the people from that grant about the usage of the material


Pre-Proposal Poll for a Decentraland Slogan

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes, dcl slogan 44% 1,748,976 VP (46 votes)
  • No not needed 55% 2,198,951 VP (18 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 1% 19 VP (1 votes)

Thank you @Eibriel that was very good feedback. I do want to mention that while I did use chatgpt for some of this not all and some of the slogan ideas are mine and others who have mentioned some to me. I am not the best at formulating my words in writing but am able to explain to chatgpt what it is i want to say so like you it is a tool for me as well. But if like you say it is still owned by the foundation then i guess this poll is no good. Yes the DAO perhaps could benefit from one but I’m not currently looking at advertising the DAO itself, but DCL. Perhaps then the foundation could do a much better job at marketing DCL than currently being done and we wouldn’t have people asking for grant money to do marketing. I guess the line between what we can do as a DAO and what we can’t is something I will need to look into a bit more. Again I do thank you.

Pre-Proposal Poll for a Decentraland Slogan

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