[DAO:a1ab94c] Should we open source laser tag everywhere & give out at DCLOnboarding.dcl.eth?

by 0xe945ed0530da54c1af15c6b034be9ef3e6bbe7b1 (OGContraBand)

Should the following $48,000 grant in the In-World Content category be approved?


New users are no longer sent to genesis plaza when they first come to Decentraland for the first time, but to DCLOnboarding.dcl.eth by metadyne labs where they win wearables- see several screen shots below. I suggest to hand out laser tag everywhere v1.7 here. Secondly the code will be open-sourced and added to awesome repository etc.

Grant size

48,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

4 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



I think it may be a surprise to many that Genesis Plaza is not longer the new user entry point. I vote on most proposal and never saw any such request (off topic), anyway… Here the user will receive 2 wearables, learn some basics of DCL and then genesis plaza is now just 1 of many jump in points. I suggest to 1 - hand out laser tag everywhere v1.7 in place of the pictured below wearable. Users can then have access to fun multiplayer battle arena game instantly. For the grant I will mint as many as needed for air drop in DCLOnboarding.dcl.eth and metadyne labs. Secondly I will both open source the code and fix small defects found while group testing, adding to awesome repository as other creators are interested in having their own battle guns etc.

Roadmap and milestones

1 - Deliver code for open source. 2 - mint existing smart wearable. 3 - bug fixes, comment code, cleanup code.

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Here is the hat and shirt new users win, obviously laser tag everywhere that shoots lasers and allows multiplayer game battle in all parcels is way cooler than this.


Now genesis plaza is just 1 of 3 options for new users. This drastically effect the land valuations which has always been higher in the center of the map. Can you imagine pay $20,000 for center map and then this? This divide genesis traffic by 3, then once inside of course there are similar jump in options - mostly empty buildings of the popular cool kids in student counsel. Because of my new year resolution to be nicer I won’t point out that casino (won’t say mob boss) and certain legislator (won’t say cult) are the other 2 default options.

My gawd you’re still wasting your time on this homeless shelter? Why don’t you let me apply the grant? Cant you see the grant is only for woke indoctrination. Wake up!

If you think it will help sure => you’re the boss. I thought you don’t want the public spotlight? I can put a rainbow flag on the property or whatever is needed when it comes to woke indoctrination compliance. The good news now everyone who tell us ‘open source’ the software will be exposed when they vote no to open source the software. I suggest they go to their boss tomorrow and announce from now on they’re working for free and open source their work no matter what that may be - open source chef, open source truck driver, open source plumber, you name it. Working for free in a dead mall is the future

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Haha you’re cute you think they have job? Their job is draining this DAO contract and boss is only Biden for woke instructions. The other good news is DCL is an exact replica of what China would call “American-Style Democracy” - more money more votes, more woke more money. Just like in real life the only business opportunity depends upon the number of social connections between you and the money printing press and nothing else. Everyone can see the simulation instantly fails and the dangers of wokeism and communism. It’s time to use the proper term for such a STATE-RAN ENTITY like Walmart. “American-style democracy” is not only synonym for backsliding democracy, but backsliding capitalism and it’s all perfectly replicated in Decentraland from the corruption to the faux capitalism that’s only thinly vailed communism with success determined by proximity to the MANA printing press. From my experience here so far this may be the most interesting thing about DCL and I don’t know if it’s intentional or not.

Much distaste. Such wow.

Should we open source laser tag everywhere & give out at DCLOnboarding.dcl.eth?

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 4,003 VP (14 votes)
  • No 92% 16,111,455 VP (34 votes)
  • Abstain 7% 1,302,566 VP (14 votes)