[DAO:0049a66] Decentraland PH

by 0xe1951ceca2cca5f7ebeb23b1dfdb8eb383f2eb1f (akasya)

Should the problem/opportunity outlined be refined and taken to the next level?

Problem Statement

We believe that Decentraland is one of the top web3 metaverse project and still on its early stages. However, we see challenges in retaining users, as the excitement about the metaverse experience tends to diminish after a short period.

Proposed Solution

Launching Decentraland PH will enable Decentraland to expand its presence within the Filipino community, increasing its user base. The potential for user retention will be higher when the Decentraland PH metaverse experience and party gatherings are fully operational. This growth will not only result in more Decentraland users but also raise awareness about the concept of metaverse in the Philippine market.

This initiative will require Decentraland DAO to:

  1. Support Decentraland PH
  2. Delegate the acquired 3X2 estate (6:Rent or Sell - Decentraland Marketplace) to Decentraland PH.
  3. Include Decentraland PH to Townhalls and Newsletters
  4. Allow Decentraland PH to use Decentraland branding and any tools for its growth

Decentraland PH works under the umbrella of Decentraland DAO so DCL PH is required to:

  1. Support Decentraland DAO.
  2. Report to Decentraland Facilitation Squad.
  3. Provide Metrics, Statistics, Transaction Receipts, etc.
  4. Attend to Townhalls, AMA and other required participation by Decentraland DAO.
  5. Use Decentraland branding in a proper manner that may promote DCL in a professional way.

Target Audience/Customer Base

We are proposing for the launch of Decentraland PH under the umbrella of Decentraland DAO. Decentraland PH will onboard Filipino people with the goal of user retention as we provide futuristic metaverse user experience and metaverse gatherings. We believe that metaverse experience is too good not to share to our fellow citizen so we request support from Decentraland Foundation, Decentraland DAO and the community to launch Decentraland PH.

Why is this relevant now?

We are planning to start at a very small budget to see if we can catch the attention of Filipino people, and onboard them to Decentraland within three months timeframe. We know the market conditions are tough, but we’re taking a risk and launching Decentraland PH with a minimal budget, supported by Decentraland DAO. Once we show the Filipino community that Decentraland is a cool and futuristic way to connect and socialise, we can keep them engaged, which will be beneficial for both Decentraland and Decentraland DAO in various ways."

Finally, this is a pitch proposal for Decentraland PH so the project Decentraland PH may or may not go to our team (akasya.eth, zCayel, Sunshine).


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I do know, DG onboarded a lot of people from PH, are you going to be able to out perform them?

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100% nope.
DG is a cryptocurrency project with $21million market capitalisation.
Decentraland PH is a SEED startup that needs initial funding to start.

Feel free to ask more. I am more bullish on Decentral Games than Decentraland PH hahaha

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I like the idea, I think there’s a lot of potential when we bring in specific communities. I would love to see a lot more detail on what you’re thinking you will do with this grant, how much it will be for, etc.

I’m hesitant however, because there are sooo many amazing communities I’d like to see come in. I’d like to have the Romanian DCL community get a grant and the Turkish community get a grant and the Greek community get a grant, etc. etc. I feel like once we start giving out grants to specific global communities, we set an expectation for the rest. So I guess to alleviate this, I’d push to have specific grant funds available for “Global Initiatives” where any global community can apply, but there are guidelines that each group has to follow. This way the Czech community doesn’t see the Norwegian community get twice as much as they got, and would hopefully encourage organization on a global scale.

Voting yes to get it to the next stage, but will need a lot more clarity to proceed past that.

Thanks Canessa.
This is a Pitch proposal so our team can or cannot takeover the Decentraland PH brand, especially if some PH team competitor with more experience will Pitch their proposal against us.
It’s fine to be hesitant whether to fund Decentraland Philippines or not as there is no proper background on Filipino participation on DCL metaverse except from @MetaTrekkers DJ battle where I believe can attract more users effectively than us.
This Pitch proposal requires Decentraland DAO to own Decentraland Philippines under direct surveillance so it’s fine whether who will takeover the brand, whether it’s us or the others.

If you want some estimates and if our team will be selected, it would cost 4 digits in USD for the first three months. Then if Decentraland DAO likes our performance or the user retentions brought from the past three months, then we can officially request for a proper funding.

I will open my cards here as I believe transparency can bring an honest vote in this DAO.

We intend to bring result so this initial funding will be a risk against the DAO.

Finally, regarding other communities you have mentioned, I believe the capital cost for Decentraland PH will be cheaper as we can onboard Marketing and Developer at a very cheap rate but still superb in talents.

I hope this transparency can bring more vote whether to pursue an official Decentraland PH under DAO umbrella, or not, since there is no proper background compared to Decentraland Brasil.

Cheers everyone!

Hi Akasya! First, thanks for putting this pitch together. I love to see more international communities getting involved on the platform.

I am trying to get a grasp of the current community size, current engagement from the PH community, and maybe what efforts/events has the current PH community contributed to the space? What is the aimed target reach (physical and online)?

There are many communities who have made organized events, meet-ups, created content initially without grants to begin with. Any insights would be great! Nonetheless, seeing these efforts being made is a step in the positive direction!

Hello Maryana.

Thank you for giving time to read our Pitch proposal.
I will be honest with you so that we can get your honest vote regarding our proposal.

This pitch is about launching Decentraland PH under the umbrella of the DAO so it is uncertain whether our team will be selected for the Tender or not.

I will be direct to you and everyone. Metaverse is dead in the Philippines. There is NO community size, no engagement, no EFFORTS contributed to the Decentraland space so much. The only sustainable metaverse PH community is the Decentral Games, which has enough budget to retain users through play-to-earn.

Regarding organised events, my team member zCayel has organised an IRL event in the Philippines with a US$3K grants from the DAO. I am saying this because despite the IRL, the user retention remains significantly LOW for PH Community. (don’t be mad at me @zCayel hahaha)

We are not yet elected as the official team for Decentraland PH but we can showcase some of 3D metaverse experience from our team’s realm zCayel (link and stats to be provided soon)

Jokes aside, I want to emphasised that launching Decentraland PH will expand the reach of Decentraland as we/they work towards metaverse awareness that promotes user-retention, as long as the selected PH team will be sincere to the core proposition. It could be us or the others but having this PH team will lessen the burden to Decentraland to reach the Philippines.

Your vote will be greatly appreciated.

I am for the idea because I know Filipinos make great communities, being a first hand witness from an Asian’s perspective.

However, the budget size and details are what i’ll be looking closely at, because it’ll also set precedence for subsequent community building efforts. I’ll also like to see some form of self sustainability effort inside the proposal.

Please also include a tenure for the land rental. A yearly renewal would be good.

I am very thankful that you can envision our vision.
Luckily, our team has a good idea on how we can onboard Filipino people here on Decentraland metaverse and retain them with a very minimal budget.

It is a Pitch so that the brand will go to the rightful team.

If our team will be chosen, a three month tenure for Land delegation is necessary.
If the DAO is satisfied with the result, then we can do another proposal to extend.
If not satisfied, then we have to dissolve our team, return the assets and branding, so a new team can takeover Decentraland PH.

We look forward for the launch of Decentraland PH even if it’s not us. :smiley:

Hello guys.

I want to clarify to everyone that I am open to honest votes.
Don’t be afraid to raise NO to this proposal. I will not bite hahaha

Anyway, our friend cannot comment here on governance forum so I took the screenshot so that everyone can decide whether to pursue this or not. This is a valid concern so dont be shy to vote Yes or No

To Sannin,

I see that you vote No on this proposal but with only 3k VP.
May I request you to vote again so that all your VPs will be accounted for?
Thank you very much.


that’s not how snapshot and delegation work.

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I was thinking about this proposal more, and it really made me think about giving money to specific international communities… This has nothing to do with Decentraland PH, but more just around the topic of awarding money to any specific country or demographic.

What I realized is we could potentially show discrimination against a certain ethnicity or demographic if a group of people ask for a grant and it is not supported. Maybe the grant was not thorough or well written, but if it fails, it may look like one group of people are targeted.

To explain further, let’s say the Czech community wants a grant, and fails to get it (I’m picking on the Czech people because I am very proudly Czechoslovakian <3 ) Now traditionally the Czech people have not been historically discriminated against and they haven’t been religiously persecuted (Obviously in WWII horrible atrocities happened to the Czech people, I’m not overlooking that). If the grant they wrote was to fail, community members might say it’s because the grant was not well done.

Now let’s compare, let’s say a Muslim community wants a grant, and fails to get it. Or a Jewish community. If these grants fail, it could possibly be because of religious or political motivations/persecutions. Or it could be because the grant was not well written. But honestly if it was me, and my grant failed to pass, and my heritage has a long history of persecution and political turmoil, I’m apt to think that my grant failed because of discrimination.

My point is that when we start awarding grants to groups based on their specific demographics, we start opening the door to discrimination on a global scale. We could alleviate that by creating a clear set of parameters that need to be met if a specific community comes asking for funds (like the Philippine community or the Brazilian community) so that EVERY group has the same chance to be awarded funds to help their community grow, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or political affiliation.

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hello @Canessa , thank you for your honest feedback. I really appreciate it.

I will back your concern regarding future discriminations. That would be tough for the DAO in the future…
We just want to see Filipino people in the metaverse as I mentioned:

I will be direct to you and everyone. Metaverse is dead in the Philippines. There is NO community size, no engagement, no EFFORTS contributed to the Decentraland space so much. The only sustainable metaverse PH community is the Decentral Games, which has enough budget to retain users through play-to-earn.

This Pitch was about the launch of Decentraland PH, the “international community”, that poses risks to Decentraland DAO.

I want to mention further about the risks, including the one you mentioned, in the next stages of the Pitch so that any PH team can take over the “brand” and pitch their ideas on how we can minimise those risks.

I want to add also, that I am NOT sick of the same people in every metaverse party. I want to see you all over and over again.

As I told you, I will back your concern.

That means, I will take my hands off to Decentraland PH and let other people or team takeover the brand. Metaverse was just too good not to share but most PH teams need funding to kick start the idea.

I would like to thank everyone especially @HPrivakos , @maryana , @jar0d , @Canessa and @3Point1Four who help me break the silence and raise valid concerns regarding this Pitch proposal.

Kindly forgive me @zCayel and @ITSUCKSTOBEME for giving up too early hahaha. Let’s just play ICE Poker on Decentral Games.



Decentraland PH

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 66% 1,668,462 VP (72 votes)
  • No 33% 832,422 VP (8 votes)
  • Abstain 1% 4,013 VP (7 votes)

Thank you everyone for participating.
Your votes are greatly appreciated.