[DAO:9bd3583] Promotional campaign for Decentraland by Cryptoast

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Should the following $47,000 grant in the Social Media Content category be approved?


This proposal is made by Cryptoast. In a few words, Cryptoast is the first French-speaking media in the field of cryptos, having trained and informed more than 15 million individuals about the stakes of our ecosystem.

Cryptoast offers to organize a marketing campaign to highlight Decentraland and bring you a new wave of users. We can offer you :

  • Long articles on our website. This is the mostpowerful format for visibility and long-term notoriety.
  • News articles that provide a significant boost in visibility.
  • A custom podcast with an interview with a member of Decentraland.
  • Handmade videos to discover the universe or meet your team.
  • Banner integrations on our website or in our newsletter.

Grant size

47,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

3 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



Before we go any further, here’s some background. Created in 2018, Cryptoast is now the reference in the French-speaking world with several million unique visits per month on the website, nearly 145k subscribers on YouTube (1st crypto media channel), 230k followers on Twitter (the first crypto community on social networks), 50k subscribers to our newsletter and more than 100k listenings per month on our podcasts.

Cryptoast is also a partner of BFM Business (TV channel specialized in finance) and Bloomberg which references each article on its terminals. Finally, our live book published by Larousse Editions has sold more than 20,000 copies!

Finally, Cryptoast has built its reputation on a team of experts in their fields. As a journalist, Valentin Demé is the reference in France, as is Vincent Ganne for technical analysis.

Cryptoast has already been trusted by the biggest companies in the cryptocurrency industry to run marketing campaigns. In our opinion, this one could give Decentraland a huge boost to consolidate its position as a pioneer in the metaverse, highlight the quality of its product, increase its user base and build loyalty.

In other words, the benefits we are going to bring you are based on 5 years of brand image built by Cryptoast, making our community trust our word. Our reach is vast, as our statistics (see above) testify.

Roadmap and milestones

  • 1st month:
    A long format article : (5-10k readers, 50k impression on social networks). A presentation, an interview or a report (about 1,500 words). This is the most powerful format for visibility and long-term notoriety, with full coverage on the entire Cryptoast ecosystem (homepage, social networks, newsletter, google news, etc.)
    A custom made video : (15-50k views, 3k positive interactions). Between 20 and 40 minutes, a visit of Decentraland’s offices, discussions around a predefined subject, or a Decentraland gameplay presentation. Full broadcasting on the Cryptoast ecosystem: cryptoast.fr; YouTube; podcast platform; social networks and newsletter.

  • 2nd month :
    A long format article : This article could be a complete tutorial on Decentraland: how to access the universe, what can be done there, etc. It could echo the video, in order to give it a second wind on YouTube.
    A customized podcast : (50k listenings, 40k impression on social networks). A 20 to 30 minute interview with our journalist, with full broadcast on the Cryptoast ecosystem; YouTube and all podcast platforms (Spotify, etc.). This is our best tool to build awareness and install a long-term brand image.

*3rd month :
2 news article at 2 weeks apart. (2.2k readers, 50k impressions). Full coverage on the entire Cryptoast ecosystem (homepage, social networks, newsletter, google news, etc.)
Display: 1 month of display on our header and sidebar. 3 million unique visitors on the site with a click rate of 0.8%.

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Hey love the idea of a promotional campaign for DCL, but I’d love to know your experience with DCL, and why the team would be qualified to promote such platform.

I think it would be important for your team to be in world and experiencing as the community does to fully understand the platform and its needs, before promoting it to new targets or users.

This is a lot of money to rationalize a grant to a group of unknowns in the space(at least by myself), but I’m open to reconsider if I am incorrect in what I know.

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Promotional campaign for Decentraland by Cryptoast

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 1,408 VP (20 votes)
  • No 98% 7,348,251 VP (61 votes)
  • Abstain 1% 2 VP (1 votes)