[DAO:8d0c93d] Update #1 for proposal "[BID-0034] DAPPCRAFT"

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Update Status: On Time
Project Health: :green_circle: On Track


There were several goals to achieve in Month 1:

  • Finalize Creative Concept
  • Finalize System Architecture
  • Start 3D Modeling (Park Level, Main Auditorium)
  • Start to work on Streaming Infrastructure
  • Start to work on Admin tool


  1. A noticeable progress is made in 3d modeling.
  • The structure of Park Level is finalized. From upper few it has a D shape (whar refers to Decentraland and DAO). The Park level consists of 4 zones, marked by color.
  • Basic modeling of Park Level is done: ground, roads, greens, fountaint, teleports, decorations, lights.
    Exterior of Main Auditorium & Small Module
    Interior elements such as Big screen, ottomans and other decor elements
    Flasks for Wearables for Marketplace Zone
    NPC assistant
    External Image
    External Image
  1. One of the goals for the first month was to start working on the Streaming Service. Our team set itself the task of finding a solution that would best meet the principles of decentralization. We have conducted research and are currently considering two several options for using ready-made services that do not require the creation of a separate server infrastructure. One of these services is DCL Streaming Cast. We keep in touch with DCl DEV Team to come further with our research.

  2. Admin Tool.
    The Structure of Data Base is done. The stack is chosen:
    Frontend (Admin panel, Booking page): Stack - ts, react (tbc)
    Backend: Stack - python, fastapi

External Image


Next steps

  • deploy the testing scene
  • To continue 3D modeling
  • Streaming service UI - WIP
  • Admin tool (Web3 authorisation) - delivery
  • Admin tool (roles and permissions) - delivery
  • Admin tool (room booking) - start to work
  • Admin tool (content manager) - start to work
  • Data Visualization - start to work

Need to get deployment rights from DCL for testing environment.

Additional notes and links

Here is PDF with Month1 Results, some pictures of 3D models

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