[DAO:71e0bde] Update #3 for proposal "[BID-0034] DAPPCRAFT"

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Update Status: On Time
Project Health: :green_circle: On Track


During Month 2, our team continued working on 3D-modeling of the Park level. A lot of research was conducted as part of the development, particularly for implementing integration with the Marketplace, In-world voting, Discord.
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1.dApps Integration:
A prototype of the Marketplace has been created and implemented into the scene. It consists of flasks with wearables and a filtering system that allows selecting items based on certain criteria and displaying them in the flasks.
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A prototype of the In-world-voting system has been implemented as well.
There are 2 options how to vote:

  • Task-list with active proposals to vote. By clicking on Proposal Task the user can open 2D UI to read more about proposal and give his vote.
  • Governance web-page on a big screen with navigation through 2D UI.
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  1. DAPPCRAFT team continues to work on DCL streaming Cast. We’ve received a response from the DCl DEV team and now are testing several tech solutions (how to separate rights for deploy from streaming rights).
    FYI - Booked Rooms as well as Main Auditorium during Events will be deployed in Worlds. The access will be from Main Scene through teleport function.
  • reduces risks during the event
  • better control over the voice chat function
  • less load on the stage
  • limited amount of guests - 100 avatars…
  1. Admin Tool.
    The Backend part is implemented.
    The team is working on the interface structure and types of resources.


Need to get deployment rights from DCL for testing environment.

Next steps

  • deploy the testing scene
  • 3D modeling of Interiors
  • Streaming service - WIP
  • Admin tool - WIP
  • Dynamic Boards - WIP
  • Data Visualization - start to work
  • Quests and mini-games - start to work

Additional notes and links

Here is PDF with Month1 Results, some pictures of 3D models

View this update on the Governance dApp