[DAO:53babbf] Update #4 for proposal "[BID-0034] DAPPCRAFT"

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Update Status: On Time
Project Health: :green_circle: On Track


During Month 3, our team continued working on 3D-modeling of the Park level and Modules’ interiors. In terms of development, the main task was to implement Admin Tool functionality on the frontend.


A noticeable progress is made by DEV team:

1.Admin Tool:
A prototype of the Admin Panel has been created with the following main sections:

  • Web-3 authentication for accessing the admin panel
  • Adding new users to the Admin Panel and assigning roles (Admin, regular user)
    External Image
  • Content management in different parts of the location - adding videos or images to screens
    External Image
    A preliminary structure for the Booking Rooms page for events has been developed.
    External Image
    External Image
  1. DAPPCRAFT team continues to work on DCL streaming Cast. We’ve successfully tested this feature in Worlds. Next step is to implement it into the Admin Tool (to the Room booking sector).

  2. The Scene is deployed to testing environment

In terms of 3D modeling our team improved Park Level and started to work on Modules’ Interiors.

  1. Our team has started to work on Interiors of Modules in accordance with updated requirements for Modules’ functionality from DAO DCl team.
    At the testing scene the WIP on WAR Room is available.
    The Help Documentation Center will be developed in collaboration with LowPoly.
    External Image



Next steps

  • 3D modeling of Interiors and Rewards
  • Admin tool - WIP,
  • Dynamic Boards - WIP
  • Quests and mini-games - WIP
  • Data Visualization - start to work. NOTE: Our team has decided to postpone the start dates for Data Visualization. We realized that it’s necessary to clarify several requirements with the DAO DCL team before beginning. Therefore, the tentative start of work has been rescheduled for late May or early June.

Additional notes and links

Here is PDF with Month3 Results, some pictures of 3D models

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