[DAO:89321a3] Update #4 for proposal "[RENEWAL] Facilitation Squad H1 2024"

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March 1st - 31th - DAO Facilitation Squad GRANT UPDATE


Governance Operations

  • As usual, kept constant track of proposals and their possible impacts and collaterals for the community, the treasury, and the governance system as a whole. Continued updating the “Legislative Tracker”.
  • Coordinated and promoted the submission of several governance proposals in regards the governance system and the grants program. Started to draft a comprehensive proposal for revamping the governance system.
  • Continued with DAO-Foundation Synergy Follow Ups:
    • SDK Support Team & Technical Liaison - Tender Proposal
    • Social Media Amplification - Discord Channel
    • Advising community members and pushing Canny requests for the Foundation to include them in the following Shape-Up Cycles. This round, from 31 canny requests submitted, 10 were prioritized and included in the current cycle.
  • Working Groups
    • Continued with discussions and conducted surveys for #vp-distribution and #grants-restructuring working groups.
    • Reporting: kept updated and uploaded summaries and documentation for the different workspaces.
    • Sync Sessions
      • 3/7 - VP Distribution (WG Session)
      • 3/11 - Grants Restructuring (WG Session)
  • Hosted 2 Town Halls (3/14 & 3/28)
  • Onboarding:
    • 2 Onboarding Open Sessions
      • 3/4 - No attendees
      • 3/25 - 2 attendees
  • Weekly Briefs
    • 1 Covering one-week 2/27 to 3/4
    • 1 Covering two-weeks 3/5 to 3/18
    • 1 Covering one-week 3/19 to 3/25
  • Governance Report - FEBRUARY
  • Kickstarted RFI 5° Round


Following the February trend, March was also calm with no major conflicts occurring in Discord or Forum and even less disciplinary sanctions had to be applied compared to the previous month. No Time-Outs were applied and bans were related to spam accounts and for a single user that tried to instigate conflict.

Number of time-outs applied: 0
Number of bans applied: 7


The #cybersecurity-awareness channel has been actively updating the community about various cyber and social engineering attacks with most recently a phishing email leveraging on a hacked mailing list belonging to the web3 media outlet Decipher.

One community member, ZestyBeam, shared a YouTube video concerning the cyber scams associated with Redline stealer.

Strategic Comms

  • Specific Deliverables
    • 124 Twitter Posts (includes videos, threads)
    • Hosted 1 Decentraland All Hands
    • 8 YouTube Videos
    • Working on C3 Community Content Creators Pilot Program - Starting to post content.
    • Hosted 1 Brick by Brick - MESH artists
    • Hosted 1 In World Meetup - ArtWeek adventures with WIP and Bay
    • Created overview presentation about C3 and presented it to the community during our first townhall of the month. Started posting content from pilot program members, still waiting to receive some final content but will be posting this content over the next few weeks. Will continue finishing up the program structure and create a final overview report for this. Also hosted a Brick by brick this month with 3 artists from MESH and hosted an In World Meet up with the WIP meetup.


The DAO has encountered decreased engagement in both voting and discussions on Discord and forums, likely attributable to the grants freeze. However, those actively participating in ongoing conversations are doing so with remarkable productivity.

Next steps


  • Following the progression of the DAO’s virtual Headquarters building.
  • Continue with the process for transferring moderation responsibilities to another team or group of individuals by the end of this grant term.
  • Launch the 3° Community Pulse Survey.

OPS: Our main focus will be on continue to work with DAO-Foundation Synergy follow-ups (transparency, better communication, technical liaison, etc). Will also continue to focus on working group facilitation, submitting “patch” proposals with small improvements to the current system, but also shaping a revamp for the whole governance system. Will also continue to mantain the Legislative Tracker, hosting onboarding sessions, facilitating the 5th RFI round, and populating and improving the “Facilitation Corner” workspace with new content.

MODERATION: Cotinue to coordinate the process for moderation handover.

COMMS: Next month, we’ll prioritize on finishing up the build out for C3 pilot program and building out more community engaging events and content. We aim to host another 2 or more Brick by Brick and continue to feature grantee and community updates/events/WIPs to get the word out about their projects. Main focus will continue to be posting content across all social. I also want to build out and post more education focused threads.

Additional notes and links

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