5th Request for Information from the Foundation


Inaugurating the fifth round of RFI submissions, as part of the established RFI Procedure.

This thread will remain open for a continuous period of 45 days for community members to submit their questions through the provided template form. The questions will be ranked based on community votes/likes, with the highest-ranking questions forwarded to the Foundation. Once the current round of submissions is complete, a new round will be opened for further inquiries.

REMINDER: Please note that only posts relevant to the submission of RFIs will be allowed in the designated threads, and any unrelated posts will be subject to removal.



-Name of requester/Address (optional)

-Category (Features | Roadmap | Technical | Marketing | Events | Metrics | Other)

-Introduction: Provide an introduction that explains the purpose and scope of the RFI. This can help the reader understand the context and importance of the questions being asked.

-General questions: Include some general questions that provide background information and context for the specific topics being addressed in the RFI.

-Specific questions: Include specific questions that address the topics or issues that you want to explore in greater detail. These questions should be clear, concise, and relevant to the purpose and scope of the RFI.

-Supporting documentation: Provide supporting documentation or examples that help clarify or support the questions being asked (screenshots, diagrams, or other visual aids that help illustrate).