About the Request for Information (RFI) Procedure

How does RFI Procedure works? (visit our FAQ section for further information)

General Guidelines - An RFI can be useful when there is necessary information which you do not currently have access to. An RFI can be about the “what”, “why” and/or “how” of a specific topic. It is highly recommended to limit the request and to be specific about what information is being requested in order to optimize the document for brevity, as this will allow the Foundation to read and digest the information in less time without omitting key data points.

Liaison (DAO-Foundation): DAO Facilitation Squad will serve as an Entries & Support Desk (ESD) to organize, prioritize, forward the questionnaires, and reach out to the Foundation technical areas. Meaning that the ESD will be responsible for managing a pipeline for all RFI, help with their writing and for verifying the feasibility of getting answers.

Channel & Functioning:

  1. The main channel for submitting RFIs and getting responses will be a Category created on the Forum for setting up the ESD.
  2. Each thread created within the RFI Category will remain open for a continuous period of 45 days for community members to submit their questions through the template form. The ESD Facilitator will moderate these threads and will possess the authority to remove posts that are not relevant to the RFI form.
  3. The questions submitted by the community will be ranked based on the number of votes/likes received within a period of 15 days after the first stage is closed. This ranking will determine the priority of the questions/topics for the community, and the questions with the most votes/likes will be forwarded to the Foundation.
  4. Once the current round of submissions is complete, another round will be opened to allow community members to pose their questions.
  5. The process must allow sufficient time for responses and provide an appropriate deadline for the Decentraland Foundation to respond to the RFIs. As a standard, the Foundation will have a 45 days period to send a response, considering the necessary time to gather and compile all relevant information and documentation.

Form Template


-Name of requester/Address (optional)

-Category (Features | Roadmap | Technical | Marketing | Events | Other)

-Introduction: Provide an introduction that explains the purpose and scope of the RFI. This can help the reader understand the context and importance of the questions being asked.

-General questions: Include some general questions that provide background information and context for the specific topics being addressed in the RFI.

-Specific questions: Include specific questions that address the topics or issues that you want to explore in greater detail. These questions should be clear, concise, and relevant to the purpose and scope of the RFI.

-Supporting documentation: Provide supporting documentation or examples that help clarify or support the questions being asked (screenshots, diagrams, or other visual aids that help illustrate).

Other Considerations

Time Extensions: If the Foundation considers that the posed questions are complex or require extensive research or analysis, will be able to ask for a time extension.

Publishing: The response will be public and available for everyone through official channels such as the Governance dApp, social media, and/or other communication channels and the RFI Tracker.

Follow ups: The requestant may, if necessary, seek additional clarification or information on specific topics or questions from the Decentraland Foundation by submitting another RFI form and referencing the previous Q&A. This option will be available for a duration of three days, after which the requestant will be required to initiate a new RFI process.

Closing & Tracking

  1. When a questionnaire has been responded and the period for submitting follow ups has come to an end, the ESD will consider the questionnaire as closed.
  2. ESD Facilitator will assign a number to each issued RFI and keep track of the pipeline by following up if necessary. A specific space within the dApp and/or complementary apps will be set up for these purposes.