[DAO:2576b06] Update #5 for proposal "[RENEWAL] Facilitation Squad H1 2024"

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April 1st - 30th - DAO Facilitation Squad GRANT UPDATE



Governance Operations

  • As usual, kept constant track of proposals and their possible impacts and collaterals for the community, the treasury, and the governance system as a whole. Continued updating the “Legislative Tracker”.
  • Continued with DAO-Foundation Synergy Follow Ups:
    • SDK Support Team & Technical Liaison: A team has been appointed and it’s currently being onboarded by the DAO Squads and the Foundation.
    • Social Media Amplification - Discord Channel
  • Shaped a full governance system revamp through dedicated research, surveys and stakeholder interviews.
  • Working Groups
    • Reporting: kept updated and uploaded summaries and documentation for the different workspaces.
    • No sync sessions during April.
  • Hosted 2 Town Halls (4/11 & 4/25)
  • Onboarding:
    • 2 Onboarding Open Sessions
      • 4/8- 1 attendee
      • 4/22 - 2 attendees
  • Weekly Briefs
    • 1 Covering two-weeks 4/3 to 4/15
    • 1 Covering one-week 4/16 to 4/22
    • 1 Covering one-week 4/23 to 4/29
  • Governance Report - MARCH
  • 3° Community Pulse


During April there were no major conflicts in the Discord server although several scam/spam accounts were banned thanks to community awareness and moderators actions. Forum wise, a single episode led to the T.O of a user that already had already been banned from Discord. Also, As part of the new moderation strategy, the tender proposal for the Moderation handover was opened to bids with the expectation of having a fully operational moderation team by Q3.

Number of time-outs applied: 1
Number of bans applied: 12

The #cybersecurity-awareness channel has been actively updating the community about various cyber and social engineering attacks. This month, several hacking events related to crypto were shared including methods used by scammers using Discord and hacked websites to deliver drainers. A community member has also shared on an email spam campaign that targeted Decentraland users by using Decentraland birthday theme to “Claim a Gift”. This was highlighted to the Foundation for their awareness/action.

Strategic Comms
- 105 Twitter Posts (includes videos, threads)
- 5 YouTube Videos
- Working on final presentation for C3 Community Content Creators Pilot Program - Starting to post content. Received final content from all of C3 cohort. Like mentioned above working on final presentation for that and will present in Townhall. Will continue posting final content from that program. Also, will be attending DCL Summit next month and prepping for content creation around that.


The DAO has encountered decreased engagement in both voting and discussions on Discord and forums, likely attributable to the grants freeze. However, those actively participating in ongoing conversations are doing so with remarkable productivity.

Next steps


  • Following the progression of the DAO’s virtual Headquarters building.
  • 3° Community Pulse Survey.
  • Participate in the Decentraland Summit and offer assistance to both the Foundation and the attending community members.

OPS: Our main focus will be on continue to work with DAO-Foundation Synergy follow-ups (transparency, better communication, technical liaison, etc). Will also continue to focus on working group facilitation, and moving forward with a revamp for the whole governance system. Will also continue to mantain the Legislative Tracker, hosting onboarding sessions, facilitating the 5th RFI round, and populating and improving the “Facilitation Corner” workspace with new content.

MODERATION: Continue to coordinate the process for moderation handover. Exploring workarounds for governance platform moderation.

COMMS: Next month, close out the C3 pilot program and building out more community engaging events and content. We aim to host another 1 or more Brick by Brick and continue to feature grantee and community updates/events/WIPs to get the word out about their projects. Main focus will continue to be posting content across all social.

Additional notes and links

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