[DAO:7c3bc20] Update #4 for proposal "Decentraland DAO Facilitation Squad Grant Proposal [RENEWAL]"

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Update Status: On Time
Project Health: :green_circle: On Track


September 1st - 30th - DAO Facilitation Squad GRANT UPDATE


Governance Operations

  • As usual, kept constant track of proposals and their possible impacts and collaterals for the community, the treasury, and the Governance system as a whole. Continued updating the ‚ÄúLegislative Tracker‚ÄĚ.
  • Finalized the first ‚ÄúCommunity Pulse‚ÄĚ comprehensive survey.
  • Working Groups
    • Reporting: kept updated and uploaded documentation for the different workspaces.
    • Sync Sessions
      • 7¬į Strategic Planning Session (9/20)
      • Financial Planning Open Session (9/25)
  • RFI (Request for Information to the Foundation)
    • Succesfully facilitated and closed the 2nd round for RFI submissions and forwarded the questionnaires to the Foundation. Received and ‚Äúcurated‚ÄĚ 5 questionnaires during this round.
  • Proposals
    • Pitch - Decentraland DAO HQ
  • Hosted 2 Town Halls (9/14 & 9/28)
  • Onboarding:
    • 1 Onboarding Open Session - 3 attendees (9/18)
    • 2 ‚ÄúPrivate‚ÄĚ Onboarding Meetings - 3 attendees (9/8; 9/19)
  • Weekly Briefs
    • 1 Covering two-week period from 8/28 to 9/11 (2 weeks together to avoid being repetitive)
    • 1 Covering one-week 9/12 - 9/18
    • 1 Covering one-week 9/19 - 9/25


Presently, the implementation of the Code of Ethics has facilitated users in obtaining a comprehensive understanding of its contents. Additionally, users have been granted public access to the moderation logs, enabling them to express their viewpoints.

The primary objective is to continually enhance the effectiveness of the Code as a guiding framework, ensuring that conversations and debates within the community are conducted in a civil, objective, and wholesome manner for all participants involved.

The system of strikes and cool-downs for low and medium tier offenses is also being effectively applied.

  • During the month of September, no major incidents have been reported.
    • Time-outs applied: 2 (for 24 hours)
    • Bans: 4

Strategic Comms

  • Shared updates and attended 2 Town Halls
  • 135 Twitter Posts (includes videos, threads)
  • 7 YouTube Videos
  • 8 instagram posts 10 Stories
  • Hosted 1 Twitter Spaces: (Decentraland Music Festival Open Call with Bay Backner)
  • Hosted 3 Brick by Brick Sessions: Two with Malloy (3D modeling Wearable Creation 5 hour session and one 3 hour session) one with Tobik (video editing Content creation 1.5 hour session)


No significant blockers during this period.

Next steps

GENERAL: Conducting the data processing and analysis using the Community Pulse survey to establish a standard baseline assessment of community perceptions. Subsequently, starting with the development of a follow-up survey, incorporating both the previously asked questions and new ones focused on current community concerns, to create a midline assessment.

The team has also started to establish the necessary infrastructure to initiate the hosting of In-World Town Halls with the assistance of community members, creators, and grantees.

OPS: Will continue to focus on working group facilitation, maintaining the Legislative Tracker, facilitating the 3rd RFI round, and populating and improving the ‚ÄúFacilitation Corner‚ÄĚ workspace with new content. Our attention will be also directed towards establishing the technical specifications for the DAO‚Äôs virtual headquarters, and enabling its progression through the bidding and tendering process.

Additionally, and in coordination with the Foundation and the Governance Squad, will design a pipeline for the progression of platform enhancements, with features and developments to be proposed, supported, and financed by the DAO. As well as continuing to explore and guide discussions towards finding a comprehensive approach to balance participation, incentives and VP distribution.

COMMS: Next month, will prioritize on building out more community engaging events and content. Aiming to host another 2 or more Brick by Brick and continue to feature grantee and community updates/events/WIPs to get the word out about their projects. Main focus will continue to be posting content on twitter and Instagram. I also want to build out and post more education focused threads.

Additional notes and links

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