[DAO:7c3bc20] Update #3 for proposal "Decentraland DAO Facilitation Squad Grant Proposal [RENEWAL]"

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Update Status: On Time
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August 1st - 31st - DAO Facilitation Squad GRANT UPDATE


Governance Operations

  • RFI (Request for Information to the Foundation)
    • Successfully closed the 1st round of RFI.
    • Kicked off the 2nd round for RFI questionnaire submissions.
  • Went live with the first “Community Pulse” comprehensive survey (https://decentraland-dao-community-pulse.ethelo.net/page/welcome)
  • Kept constant track of proposals and their possible impacts and collaterals for the community, the treasury, and the Governance system as a whole. Continued updating the “Legislative Tracker”.
  • Continued development of the “Facilitation Corner” and Decentraland DAO Linktree by adding new sections and content.
  • Worked on a first draft for an incentives structure based on the Governance Squad ‘badges system’.
  • Led reformatting and revitalization of Foundation AMA into the New “Decentraland All Hands” format. Coordinated structure and roll out with other Core Units and the Decentraland Foundation.
  • Proposals
    • DRAFT + BINDING - Code of Ethics
    • DRAFT - Limit Max VP accounted in a vote from a single address
  • Working Groups
    • Reporting: kept updated and uploaded documentation for the different workspaces.
    • Sync Sessions
      • 6° Strategic Planning Session (8/21)
  • Hosted 2 Town Halls (8/10 & 8/24)
  • Weekly Briefs
    • 1 Covering one-week period 8/1 to 8/7
    • 1 Covering one-week 8/8 to 8/14
    • 1 Covering two-week period from 8/15 to 8/27 (2 weeks together to avoid being repetitive)
  • ETH Argentina Conference
    • Team Member, Covered the Decentraland Booth during the 4 days at the ETH Argentina conference. Onboarded builders, creators and created awareness about Decentraland and the DAO.
    • Team Member, Represented Decentraland DAO in a side event from ETH Argentina titled “Governance Day”, and presented in front of 100+ people an exposition titled “Governance, Decision Making & Agency in a decentralized environment”.


Throughout this timeframe, our primary attention has been directed towards finalizing and ratifying the Code of Ethics. This objective has been successfully accomplished through the collective collaboration of our entire team, alongside community members and Foundation associates.

Regarding Discord moderation, there is a noticeable improvement in the conversations and the community is being encouraged to participate constructively and productively in all discussions related to the DAO.

Strategic Comms

  • 135 Twitter Posts (includes videos, threads, posts) -average of 30-45 posts a week working and creating content for that.
  • 12 YouTube Videos + 3 shorts
  • Hosted/Promoted the first “Decentraland All Hands” session
  • Hosted/promoted/Planned 1 Brick by Brick Builders Club - Featuring Nico Earnshaw (SDK7)
  • Supported Working Group sessions, Town Halls and other DAO meetings.
  • Launched a weekly Decentraland DAO event summary at the beginning of each week to help inform the community of upcoming events
  • Building a new content planning calendar/system to help increase transparency and community driven content.
  • Implementing newsletter migration from MailChimp to BeHive to align with the Foundation.
  • Continued collaborating with the Foundation to improve coordination and cross promotion for social media.


No significant blockers during this period.

Next steps

GENERAL: Will start hosting on-boarding sessions for new entries to the DAO every two weeks, while continuing to develop educational materials to improve the DAO’s onboarding experience. Additionally we will oversee implementation of the ongoing Community Pulse survey and prepare a industry standard baseline assessment on community perceptions, to be used as a point of reference for forthcoming midline and end-line assessments that assess change in community perceptions, if any, over time.

OPS: Will continue to focus on working group facilitation, maintaining the Legislative Tracker, populating and improving the “Facilitation Corner” workspace with new content, facilitating the 2nd RFI round, improving DAO-Foundation synergy and transparency by enhancing different communication instances. As well as continuing to explore and guide discussions towards finding a comprehensive approach to balance participation, incentives and VP distribution.

COMMS: Maintain focus on sharing community, grantee, core squad and general DAO updates across our Socials. Continue collaborating with the foundation to improve coordination and cross promotion. For the next month will prioritize on getting even more micro content and post more education focused threads out there across our socials. Main focus will continue to be posting content on twitter as well as build out the twitter spaces, In World Meet Up, Builders Club organized and lined up for the next month.

Additional notes and links

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