[DAO:7f3e0c7] Analysing the customer base of Decentraland (Masters Thesis)

by 0x78b850b0f8728de91a392d79011d183f44d01d08 (BigMouth)

Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Community category be approved?


A customer base analysis is an essential method to manage and develop relationships with customers by predicting their future purchase patterns. In the first part, a scientific paper aims to provide insights into the diverse userbase of decentraland by using qualitative and quantitative research methods. The second part of this idea consists of developing an opensource user interface for creators to use on the parcels and collect qualitative data from the visitors.

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16,450 USD

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Hello, my name is Domo aka. BigMouth.eth

I am currently enrolled in the last term of my masters degree in digitalization, innovation and information management. Searching for a suitable topic for my masters thesis, I wanted to use this opportunity to do something nobody did before (I think). By asking the DAO to fund my scientific mark research, I want to work fulltime on providing value to Decentraland and it’s creators.

The idea is to develop and formulate proper questionaires and do a research on the userbase on decentraland. A scientific approach is enforced by the University I am currently enroled in and brings a certain level of quality and effort into this research (it is my masters degree).

After presenting the results of my own research, I want to provide a framework, which enables creators to do similar questionaires and ultimately collect valuable feedback through beautiful user interfaces and easy-to-setup backends (+data storage) from inside the Metaverse.


This Masters thesis is about analysing the userbase of decentraland and propose an opensource framework for creators and brands to use to better understand and target existing and potential customers within their virtual experiences.

By using a mix of qualitative and quantitative research methods (interviews, questionaires, blockchain analysis, live calls, ingame interfaces) I want to find answers to some of the most difficult questions:
Who are the different decentraland players (users, creators, developers, comittee, staff), what is their motivation, expectations, dreams and fears. The results of this research should help shine a light on the mayority as well as minorities in the decentraland community to better understand their needs and ultimately create a better experience for everyone.

The second part of this proposal consists of designing and developing an easy-to-setup interface for creators to use on their parcels and continue the research beyond this scientific research.


Domo aka. BigMouth.eth
(I prefer to stay semi-anonymous in this proposal, but definitely plan to release my full identity to the public as I get closer to the release of the scientific paper.)

Being 4+ years in the crypto space (and a super early player of decentraland), I have build a huge network of creators in DCL and beyond, having experience as a corporate social media manager and change manager surely helped me with that. Especially my Giveaway and advisory activities have helped many creators getting started in the space.

Furthermore, I have already written a compareable scientific paper (my bachelors thesis), which can be found here: GitHub - Utopianer/Bachelorthesis: My little repository for my public bachelor thesis

My DMs on Twitter are always open: https://twitter.com/BigMouthMeta

Roadmap and milestones

This proposal is divided into two main parts, which can be broken down into more specific steps.

Part 1:
The work begins with the research of relevant literature and sources regarding the customer base analysis. The scientific research methods need to be defined and approved from the professors. The base salary of a student working in a corporate environment on a compareable masters thesis is around 1000$ per month (6x1000=6000$).

Part 2:
The most essential part of this proposal is the development of a user interface, which can be easily deployed by land owners. In order to do so, I need to rent land, develop a built (2000$) and hire my friend and decentraland wearable creator Metadojo (https://twitter.com/MetaDojo) to design a user interface and optimize the user experience for visitors and land owners (3000$). Furthermore, different forms of rewards will be used to drive attention and participation on the project. Several wearables will be designed and created by famous creators like Michi Todd (2000$ + submission fees). Furthermore, a developer needs to be hired (from decentraland verified creators) to assist me with the backend development and setup tutorial (3000$). A dedicated Server is required as well (~250$ for 6 months).

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I voted $$$YES$$$ and love the proposal as a vendor looking to get the most out of DCL but you should KEEP THIS PROPOSAL and delete the duplicate up there. you’ll cut into your votes…

This is an interesting concept. I know we have already have had a grant that created a data tracking platform for dcl, but the difference here is I don’t believe theirs is open source.

So that’s intriguing. You list submission fees for wearables, normally I am not for this, and I’ve seen others who are against it. But I’ve done the math and it seems very little is saved for that. Also the wearables will be giveaways only? Not sold for revenue?

I’m curious to know your roadmap beyond the thesis and and how you plan to release the platform for users. What is that process like, will you beta it? What additional research beyond is planned?

Regardless, I really like the idea of this, I see great benefit all around for not only the individuals involved, but the community and the platform.

Oh my bad, there was an error when submitting but looks like it still got through. I deleted the other one.

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Thank you very much for the feedback!

One part are the .glb files and user interfaces, which will be integrated in a public github repository to be easily accessible by anyone.

Collecting and storing the results does require a backend, which will be more tricky to release for everyone. While we will test and give access to the backend to various creators, I want to develop a tutorial so everyone can easily setup their own servers and collect visitors data for months and years to come.

Regarding the wearables, yes I plan to use them solely for compensation (it’s common practice to compensate people for participating in questionaires and interviews)

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Hello @yemel I noticed you voted No and would like to know if there is any feedback you would like to share, so I can learn from my mistakes.

Easy YES from me. Yes this is a small investigation on data but just my small time in collaborating and swapping data points with BigMouth has helped a ton in both of our growth and making us some of the top followed Decentraland players today. Both of us continue to grow daily in terms of followers and exposure to our content and used it to push new users to Decentraland both our preferred metaverse. I forecast BigMouth’s findings will help all of us Decentraland creatures to understand the community more and learn data points on what directions we should continue on to expand exposure to Decentraland as I have seen him do in the past.

@BigMouth please reach out on discord to somethingMoreProfessional#6896, I’m interested to talk more about your survey widget and may be able to provide you with land space regardless of the outcome of this proposal.

Gosh I want you to do this!

I see the entire education/thesis field as a untapped frontier to gain important insights, data, and measures to be used for years to come. If you or someone else was able to get baseline data at this stage, it would be invaluable 2, 5, 10 years down the road to have something to compare it to. “Data drives decisions” is what I used to live by, and this serves true here as well. Without empirical evidence that would be vetted and peer-reviewed, how can we really make informed decisions in the future? I could see this data being helpful to every user and creator in Decentraland.

I think you could find people willing to rent land out to you for little or even for free. Can you explain what you would be putting on the land? How would this help you compile your data? What would the purpose of the wearables be? Would you be acquiring data from the users who come to your land?

I’m going to vote no today, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like your project! I just want to see more clarity in why it needs these funds in order to create a masters thesis. I think you could conduct interviews and hold calls, etc. you would not need to have a land parcel to do so. I’d suggest if this proposal doesn’t pass, to see what you could do to try again. I think we NEED peer-reviewed sources like this to educate the next generation… the Metaverse Generation. Keep going Domo!

Thank you to everyone that voted and shared feedback with me.

Renting out land is probably the most minimal cost of it all. I wanted to create a whole build with .glb assets like voting machines, signs and voting booths, to make the experience more like the real world way of going to vote.

Furthermore, just a voting widget with a nice UI won’t do here. The reason why I wanted to connect this effort with my masters thesis is to find out WHAT QUESTIONS TO ASK and HOW TO COLLECT the data.
As you can imagine, one can’t simply share a link to a form that abusers would fill out only to get a free wearable and destroy the results. There needs to be more research done on the fundamentals of collecting data in the Metaverse.

As already mentioned, I want to work FULLTIME on decentraland (even more than I already do in my freetime), but if the reply from the Community is to do it for free then I will have no other choice than to abandon this idea and do my masters degree with a “normal” company.

Also, I don’t feel confident to try to update this proposals while DAO comittee members and huge VP delegates vote NO without sharing any feedback whatsoever.

A big THANK YOU to everyone that voted yes (and those voted no, but shared a feedback), I see you :heart_on_fire:

i don’t entirely understand this proposal to be honest - what needs to be deployed? why do wearables need to be involved?

if you need data though, please contact me and i can help out

Analysing the customer base of Decentraland (Masters Thesis)

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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