[DAO: QmZJ9ya] Create an online dashboard showing advanced Decentraland stats

by 0x128dccf449d95b4c23decc98ecc1bc2126c99e19 (Rphad#9e19)

Should the following Tier 2: a one-time payment of $1500 - $3000 USD in MANA grant in the Community category be approved?


This dashboard would be the enhancement of the one I already started, which shows the number of addresses connected to Decentraland.

The Decentraland servers offer a great amount of data that have yet to be aggregated in one place. There are already some works here and there but no place to put it all together. Plus, by creating a dedicated website, I can offer a good amount of visualisation and depth into the stats.

Grant size

3,000 USD

Beneficiary address



This would allow everyone to get a more precise look at Decentraland’s size & impact. Also, as the owner of a scene (or a potential buyer), this might give you new insight that you currently cannot get unless you write your own tools.

The improvements I could bring include :

  • Time graph of online users with realm separation
  • Recent position of users on the map / possible timelapses
  • Number of unique users in the last week/day/hour
  • Number of users on a parcel (unique or not)

Analysis of the balances are also possible :

  • ETH and MANA balance of users (other tokens are possible, ERC721 & L2 should be doable too)
  • Total amount of ETH and MANA (and $USD maybe) present on DCL
  • Average amount of ETH/user
  • ETH distribution amongst users

Also, a lot of data comes from the parcels and the marketplace, so why not create some complementary tool that eases the deciding process for example.

I think you get the point. There are a lot of data to analyse and I am full of ideas. Plus, with community feedback, the dashboard can be improved in the direction people want.


The code for my dashboard is already open source. I plan to use node and a database (SQL instead of a .csv as I did until now) to do the job. Decentraland’s API and other links will be used to collect the necessary data. Additionnaly, some time ago I already made some back-of-the-envelope programming to show the activity on the map of decentraland (you can see one of my images here). The code or data might not be fully accessible or open source at first (while I’m building), but the goal is to make it so afterwards.


I’m a student and autodidact who loves the technology behind the blockchain (yes, you read that right, I’m in it for the tech ! ) and who wants to build useful tools. I became familiar with Decentraland in late 2020 and immediately started experimenting with it. I’ve built some scenes, wandered through the metaverse, interacted with smart contracts and so on.

Not only do I think I have the skills to make this dashboard, but I have already proven that I can do it. I wrote my website with HTML, CSS and JS; I can setup a server, use node, make graphs etc.

Roadmap and milestones

The first step will be to migrate what I have already done to a dedicated domain. Then, I’ll start to write the scripts needed for data collection and automation in order to make a new addition (new graph for example). I will repeat that process and push the changes for every idea I get, until I run out of ideas. This makes sure that the dashboard gets better and better and that it doesn’t takes forever to launch a v1.

I’ll start to work upon grant reception and expect to have a solid result after 1 month. Before that, the data available to see will be done incrementally, as I said.

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so a site similar to https://dclnodes.io/ ?

Not sure i follow why the DAO should give you funding for this rather than you just creating it yourself and funding it with ads? and/or offering analysim services to commercial applications to help cover the hosting costs…

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It will differ from dclnodes.io because much more analytics will be displayed. (AFAIK on dclnodes the only data available is the number of users connected per realm at the time you view the site, there’s no historical data that can be viewed. Also, nothing related to user position in DCL and nothing about the balance.

Maybe I can put ads but I’d rather not. I think that with DCL funding this, they’ll pay the working hours as well as, like you said it, the hosting costs.

I’m also thinking about some customized service (more precise data for your land but that may come later). I’ve already made some analysis for people but with a funding, a lot more data can be provided for free and things can be open sourced (faster).