[DAO:7975994] Dhingia Builds HQ: Play to Build Ecosystem in Decentraland

by 0x447c9058be5c164e0c4aae380381e7a5215052d4 (MrDhingia)

Should the following $96,400 grant in the In-World Content category be approved?


Dhingia Builds proposes Dhingia HQ, user-empowering project in Decentraland, extrapolated from a successful demo launched in Arpril 2023. Dhingia HQ integrates a unique crafting system where users gather various crafting resources, or “Craftons,” and use them in machines to create personalized 3D builds, assets, wearables, and custom 1/1 Dhingia Build Passes. These user-created entities not only express individuality but significantly enhance Decentraland’s aesthetic and interactive landscape. Leveraging our expertise from designing over 80 unique builds including 35+ open-source structures to the Decentraland’s Awesome Repository.

Grant size

96,400 USD in DAI

Project duration

6 months

Beneficiary address


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Dhingia HQ is an evolution of our basic demo version including of a simple brick collection system, launched back in April 2023, which had a fantastic response from the community. Our aim is to bring a new level of creative freedom and active participation for the users in Decentraland, taking advantage of the vast possibilities of the Decentraland.

The core of Dhingia HQ is the innovative crafting system we’ve developed. Here’s how it works: Users can gather resources, which we call “Craftons,” from specific areas designated for harvesting resources within the HQ. Once they’ve collected Craftons, they can use our crafting machines to transform these resources into customised 3D builds, unique wearables, or personalised 1/1 Dhingia-Build Passes. The crafting machines come in different types, from basic to more complex, with upgraded versions available as users progress.

The items users can create with the Craftons are varied and diverse, ranging from common items to extremely rare ones. This means users can add unique aesthetic touches to their Decentraland experience. The rarer the materials users gather and the more they experiment with combinations, the higher the value of the items they can craft.

But Dhingia HQ is more than just a place to craft items. It’s an engaging space designed to enhance user interaction and exploration. We’ve got different areas designated for various activities: there are spaces to gather materials, hubs for crafting, areas with interactive puzzles and obstacle courses that reward users with prizes. To help users navigate and make the most of these areas, we’ll have AI guides providing insights about digital architecture, crafting, and more.
We will also create a Builder’s workshop, which is designed as a hub for all Decentraland builders, both experienced and aspiring. Here, they can gather to share ideas, learn from each other, and have meaningful discussions about architectural designs, virtual builds, and other related topics.

Beyond crafting and exploring, Dhingia HQ will also serve as a vibrant hub for Decentraland’s community and culture. We’re planning to customise and create new thematic builds on the HQ for every major festival and event in Decentraland. We have excecuted this during the Decentraland Metaverse Fashion Week 2023 (can check it out here - https://www.mrdhingia.com/post/dhingia-fashion-buzz-at-mvfw23-decentraland ), and it was a huge success. The event saw high engagement levels and positive feedback from the community, and we’re convinced that Dhingia HQ can be a key venue for celebrating the metaverse’s shared events and milestones.

Moreover, to keep the spirit of competition and achievement alive, we plan on hosting in-game tournaments. These tournaments will include various tasks and challenges, and winners will be rewarded with MANA, Mythic wearables, and other exciting prizes. This will not only encourage more user interaction but also contribute to the overall vibrancy and dynamism of Decentraland.

Lastly, our Dhingia-Build Passes add another dimension to user creativity. Users can craft these passes to commission custom builds for their personal use from Dhingia Builds, allowing them to leave their unique imprint on the Decentraland landscape.

Overall, our vision for Dhingia HQ is a user-centric, dynamic space that enhances the Decentraland experience by offering the opportunity to craft, explore, and celebrate the metaverse’s shared events.

Roadmap and milestones

July 2023:

  • Continue development on the main structure of Dhingia HQ.
  • Begin the development of the resource gathering area, where users will collect crafting materials.

August 2023:

  • Finalise the resource gathering area and implement the first set of crafting materials.
  • Start development on the central crafting mechanism, where users will use materials to create unique designs.

September 2023:

  • Complete the central crafting mechanism and begin collecting user feedback for improvements.
  • Initiate development on the quest and challenges system, aiming to enhance user engagement through mission-oriented gameplay.

October 2023:

  • Complete and launch the quests and challenges system.
  • Begin work on the interactive obstacle course to further engage and challenge users.

November 2023:

  • Complete and launch the interactive obstacle course.
  • Start development on AI assistants to guide users through the various aspects of Dhingia HQ.
  • Begin development on the Builder Workshop, where users can get more creative with their designs.

December 2023:

  • Complete and launch the AI assistants and Builder Workshop.
  • Final polishing, bug fixing, and optimization based on community feedback.
  • Official launch of Dhingia HQ with full functionality.

Following the development timeline, it’s important to note that the crafting of custom builds, wearables, and build passes will only commence after the full crafting system has been implemented and deployed.

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Here are some notable developments that have taken place at the Dhingia Builds headquarters in the past six months.

Here are some examples of Mythic and Legendary Builder Wearables that offer in-game utility:

This is the example of builds developed for the players.

Our construction approach for previous MVFW events and upcoming builds will follow a consistent pattern for all major events in Decentraland.

Some images from the Demo Version

WIP Video Dhingia Builds HQ WIP - YouTube

What does this game do that isn’t already being done by another project?

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Greetings @jar0d Dhingia HQ is designed to provide a unique user experience at Dhingia Builds HQ, With our innovative crafting system, users can craft 3D builds, assets and wearables, quests and activities spread on this development. We want to provide valuable assets for the DCL landscape to the users/players. Dhingia-Build Passes give users the ability to commission a fully custom build from Dhingia Builds. And also for the DCL culture we will host major events like we did at the MVFW 23.

I am still a little unclear on what the innovation is.

Is it that you are offering the ability to craft things besides wearables?

What about the game mechanics? Will you be demonstrating any Decentraland capabilities not being shown off in other games?

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Is the $12,400 for server costs only covering 6 months? Over 2k/month for servers sounds very expensive. Will you apply for future funding to cover infrastructure costs for the project or do you see it being self sustaining from the in-game purchases?

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This proposal is only a one time grant for the development of the gamified experience of the builds HQ. The budget of $12,400 for server costs covers an extended period of nearly two years, ensuring an uninterrupted experience for our users. Dhingia HQ is designed to generate revenue through in-game purchases, making it self-sustaining and eliminating the need for additional funding for infrastructure costs

While I appreciate much of what your builds have been for ppl in DCL who are new to building or hosting experiences, this seems like a steep price tag for a crafting experience/quests.

@ckbubbles, Hey CK, At Dhingia Builds HQ, we’ve created a gamified factory where players can craft claim unique 1/1 builds and wearables from machines. These builds can be used for personal land, deployed in WORLDS. We’re also introducing build passes as a feature which can be won in tournaments, events and quests.

For example, if you win a quest and receive a build pass, you can bring it to us, and we’ll create a custom nail salon just for you. Take a look at the free custom builds we’ve created for Stoneye and CJTrax as a reference for the type of builds we have to offer. Also, our open-source builds were a huge success, loved by the entire community. This time, we’ve taken our game to a whole new level, and I assure you that every build we create will be a true marvel. If u are in world pls visit -99,35 and check the HQ. Thanks

Hello @Dhingia as you know I am a fan or proponent of all that you do. You do much inside DCL as well as IRL. I love the idea of being able to have a chance at a 1/1 wearable and better yet a custom build. I do have a question similar to @mattimus. If the server fee is to cover 2 years in actuality, do any of the other fees cover an extended length of time as well. Such as ensuring that the custom builds are paid for, for an extended time or amount in the case of not being entirely self sufficient after the 6 months? Same for the wearables will there be a sufficient amount created under this grant to ensure this project lasts and remains active for at least 2 years as well? I hope that makes sense and appreciate your response. Thank you.

Hello @Existential14, Thank you for your support and enthusiasm for our work in the Decentraland and IRL. We want to clarify that the funding we received is a one-time grant specifically for building the gamification project from scratch. Over the past six months, we have made significant progress in deploying updates at the Dhingia Builds HQ.

Regarding the project’s longevity and sustainability, we have carefully considered the financial aspects, including custom builds, wearables, server fees, and SDK development. Our goal is to make the project self-sustainable, leveraging revenue from in-game purchases and other sources to support its operation beyond the initial two years covered by the grant.

We appreciate your support and will keep you updated on our progress.

Thank you,

Some Progress on what we have build so far:

We tried a soft launch of the place
Where had had 76 people came to the soft trail launch.

Metrics from DCL-metrics .com

Mr.Dhingia Has created so much for the DCL community! His builds are legendary and he continues to provide value beyond our wildest dream. His last grant help builders and creators save funds and scale their project! This is a big yes from the MT community!

Voting no, because the buildings created in your last grant was not really what I had expected. Foundation has provided much more detailed and higher quality template scenes: Decentraland Studios

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While some of this is hard to follow from a Grant perspective, switching to yes as D is clearly passionate and bringing IRL momentum, working full time, and giving to the open source ecosystem for others to build from. Let’s see where he takes this.

Hello @Shiny, thank you for sharing your perspective. I apologize if our builds from the last grant did not meet your expectations. Design is indeed subjective, and it’s natural to have different preferences. While we respect your opinion, we have received positive feedback and engagement from other community members who have shown appreciation for our builds. We can proudly say that several of our builds have hosted and to this day continue to host successful events in Decentraland weekly. It’s also important to note that comparing our work with that of Foundation may not be fair, as they operate on a different scale with a larger team. Although we may not be at the same level as Foundation currently, we are committed to continuous improvement in our modeling, texturing, and skilled architect expertise, and we will get there soon (you can yourself notice the difference in the quality of our work before, and at this moment. For reference, I will post some of the latest builds we made in the comments). As a small group of dedicated 3D Artists and developers, we strive to contribute our unique sense of design and architecture to the Decentraland space. We hope you understand and appreciate our commitment to creating meaningful experiences.

Custom free build for creator ISA an arabic style.

SCI FI, Build style for current proposal
Render (23)

@johnnysharp I sincerely appreciate your support. We have exciting plans in store for this Build HQ. My primary focus revolves around empowering people and enriching the platform with valuable opensource contributions.

Dhingia Builds HQ: Play to Build Ecosystem in Decentraland

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 64% 8,786,584 VP (82 votes)
  • No 33% 4,773,238 VP (48 votes)
  • Abstain 3% 501,446 VP (5 votes)

@Dhingia I’m thrilled that this grant was approved! You merit every cent, Alpha and I were truly impressed with the high-quality work you’ve contributed to this community. You’ve devoted countless hours to DCL without asking for anything in return. You and your wife always step up to lend a hand when needed. Myself, Alpha, and the entire @bverse family recognize and appreciate your efforts. Even though some may undervalue your contributions in Decentraland, we certainly do not.

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