[DAO:fceb1b0] Update #6 for proposal "Dhingia Builds HQ: Play to Build Ecosystem in Decentraland"

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As Dhingia Builds HQ reaches a pivotal moment in its journey within Decentraland, our hearts are filled with profound gratitude. This final update reflects on our remarkable achievements and the vibrant community that has been instrumental in our success.



  1. Central AI NPC Integration: Elevating Player Experience

    The introduction of our central AI NPC represents a significant leap forward in enhancing player support and interaction within the game. This AI guide serves as a reliable companion, offering valuable advice, tips, and guidance, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for all players in the Dhingia universe.

  2. Innovative Wearable Machines

    Our new wearable machines are a testament to our commitment to continuous innovation. These machines allow players to craft unique wearables using their collected and crafted resources, adding a layer of customization and personal expression to their Decentraland avatars.

  3. The Workshop Launch

    The Workshop area, now open to the community, fosters a collaborative and innovative environment where Decentraland builders and enthusiasts can come together. This space is dedicated to sharing ideas, inspiring creativity, and turning collective visions into virtual reality.

  4. Nebula Key Introduction

    The release of the Nebula Key is a game-changer, offering players the ability to mint and gain access to custom builds. This feature enhances the gaming experience by allowing personalized and exclusive content creation in Decentraland.

  5. Successful Weekly Events

    Our series of three Weekly events throughout the month has been a resounding success, witnessing tremendous engagement and appreciation from the DCL community. These events have not only provided a platform for fun and interaction but also strengthened the communal bond within Dhingia Builds HQ.


Project Completed.

Next steps


Our journey thus far would not have been possible without the enthusiastic involvement and support of the DCL community. The excitement and engagement shown by players, even before our official game launch, have been incredibly motivating. We extend our deepest thanks to every participant for their contribution to making Dhingia Builds HQ a thriving and dynamic environment.


As we wrap up this phase, we eagerly anticipate the future, committed to evolving and enriching the Dhingia Builds HQ experience. We promise to keep innovating, providing new challenges, and enhancing the gameplay for our beloved Decentraland community.


A huge thank you to each member of our community for being part of this amazing journey. Your creativity, feedback, and dedication have shaped Dhingia Builds HQ into a landmark destination in Decentraland. We are excited to continue this adventure with you and look forward to many more milestones together.

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Thank you, DCLites, for your unwavering support and enthusiasm. Together, we’ll keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in Decentraland!

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