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Hello once again, Decentraland community! It’s a pleasure to provide another update on our Dhingia Builds HQ journey. We’ve been hard at work, and I’m elated to showcase the latest advancements and additions to our growing project.


Wearable Dispenser Launched:
We’ve successfully launched the Wearable Dispenser Machine. Users can now create unique wearables using the D-Bricks they’ve crafted, enhancing their in-game avatars and overall experience.

Free Collectible Wearable:
We’ve added a free collectible wearable machine where players can collect a free wearable. This initiative is designed to attract and encourage new users to explore our HQ.

Backend and Frontend Interactions Revamped:
We have overhauled the previous backend structure with a new, efficient design, optimizing server and frontend interactions, reducing data redundancies, and minimizing data loss.

Custom Metrics System:
To offer tailored experiences for our users, we’ve incorporated a custom metrics system in our backend. This will monitor player activities, giving us insights into what’s working and areas of improvement.

Quests and Puzzle System:
Players can now take on daily quests/puzzles, each providing unique rewards. Quests can be action or engagement-based, with rewards scaling based on difficulty. These reset daily at UTC 00:00.

UI Overhaul:
Our previous UI system faced compatibility issues with the older SDK 7 version. After the SDK 7 update, we have completely restructured our UI components, ensuring a fully responsive in-game interface.

Introduction of Dcoin:
We are thrilled to introduce our new Dcoin resource, boasting more versatility and utility compared to the previous Crafton resource. This new addition promises to amplify user engagement.

Interactive Obstacle Course:
We’ve commenced work on an engaging obstacle course within the HQ. This will offer players a fresh way to interact with the scene while competing with peers for valuable resources.

Builder’s Workshop Development:
Work has started on our Builder’s Workshop, aiming to provide a unique space for creativity and construction within Decentraland.

AI NPCs Development:
We’ve initiated the development of AI NPCs to further assist users, offering guidance, distributing tasks, and providing an even more immersive experience.

Note: Some of the features mentioned as completed are live while some are under internal testing, however all of them will be live on the land by November 1, 2023


Dhingia Builds HQ regularly hosts weekly at our various builds in the HQ area to introduce visitors to the builds HQ experience https://tinyurl.com/3jvsbs49 .

Furthermore, we commemorated Ganesh Chaturthi, a deeply revered Indian festival, at our Indian-style building within the HQ area https://tinyurl.com/mu6dky6h, and Halloween event by giving away a unique Hauntwear hoodie exclusively for the event participants. https://tinyurl.com/4acbndsj

We also celebrated the success of the Global DCL Communities Nations Party, where we contributed a specially designed free wearable and a complimentary 9 parcel build for the community event.

Giveaways with MetaGamiMall special wearable https://tinyurl.com/5bk2ff54


We encountered some challenges with the UI for Quests and NPCs due to the recent changes in SDK’s UI features. Although some issues were quickly addressed, a few remained unresolved, forcing us to revert to a previous SDK version.

Next steps

Our roadmap for the near future includes:

  1. Making the AI guides live.
  2. Launching the engaging obstacle course.

Additional notes and links

For a comprehensive insight into our updates and activities:

Dhingia Builds HQ main website: https://dbuildshq.com/

Stay updated with Dhingia Builds X via https://twitter.com/DhingiaBuilds

Follow the journey with Mr. Dhingia at https://twitter.com/MrDhingia

Thank you for being a part of our journey, and we eagerly await to share more as we continue to shape the Dhingia Builds HQ experience!

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