[DAO:fceb1b0] Update #2 for proposal "Dhingia Builds HQ: Play to Build Ecosystem in Decentraland"

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Greetings, Decentraland community! I’m thrilled to return with the latest report on our Dhingia Builds HQ initiative. We are excited to show you the progress we’ve made and the improvements We’ve added to our Dhingia Builds HQ project.


New Resource Added:

We’ve added a new item called the D-Brick. It’s made by combining all the three first line of resources. We currently have 236 total users. These users have collectively collected 40,356 resources and crafted 60 bricks.

Crafting Tool Live: Our central crafting tool is now up and running. Users can now make D-Bricks using basic resources through this.

Better Inventory System: Made some good changes to how we manage items and improved our user interface which makes it easier to use and navigate.

NPC guides: Added two NPC guides which will help the users to navigate and understand the scene better and assist them in carrying out the tasks.

Starting on Wearable Machine: We’ve begun working on a tool that lets users make wearables using the D-Bricks they forged through the Crafting machine. We’ll be able to launch it really soon

Quest System in Progress: We’re creating a system where users can do tasks and get rewards in the form of special kinds of resources or direct second line of resources.


We don’t have any blockers

Next steps

Next steps are:

Complete development and Launching the quest and challenges system.

Complete development and Launching the puzzle reward system.

Complete development and Launch the wearable dispenser machine.

Start Development on AI NPCs.

Additional notes and links

New website for future updates

Regular updates on Dhingia Builds X

Resource collection on Monday events:

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