[DAO:7975994] Dhingia Builds HQ: Play to Build Ecosystem in Decentraland

Why does this community love to celebrate Transphobic pieces of shit so much?

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Dhingia Builds HQ: Play to Build Ecosystem in Decentraland

This proposal has been ENACTED by a DAO Committee Member (0x88013d7ed946dd8292268a6ff69165a97a89a639)

Vesting Contract Address: 0x715c936260584b1ecb3d9f4dfec8de763dee684d

Today, we had our monthly meeting with @Dhingia from Dhingia Builds HQ, and the project is on track. We reviewed their public roadmap, comparing it with a live demo during the meeting. We discussed progress on applying new challenges for players and designing unique quests that reward users with rare crafting materials. We identified some minor bugs related to collecting them, which they believe may be linked to the SDK7 platform.

We proposed a testing session with the community on Thursday, the 30th, at 5 PM UTC. Additionally, we reorganized dates on their roadmap to align with their current vesting contract. Regarding metrics, we agreed to list past events in an Excel sheet initially, using the data they have been collecting. As they are not yet comfortable with DCL Metrics, we requested a first version to check the structure. We will then move on to reflecting all the past metrics on Notion to be updated. Please reminds that in the next GovApp update you will need to add the metrics for November. Thanks

Next steps:

  1. Grantee sends their metrics.
  2. GSS checks them.
  3. GSS executes the pre-testing session steps."