[DAO:716c56c] Social Media Content Marketing: Boosting Decentraland and Wearables Market

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Should the following $3,000 grant in the Social Media Content category be approved?


The central components of my project are rooted in crafting compelling, community-driven content with a focus on two key areas: the Decentraland platform and the wearables market. Within this project, my primary responsibilities involve copywriting, spearheading community engagement initiatives, and hosting challenges designed to enhance Decentraland’s vibrancy. I have deep understanding of Decentraland, great knowledge in marketing communications and graphic designing. Today, I am here with brand new contents and challenges. “Affordawear”, “Guess the Wearable” challenge, and “Wearable Wars”. The grant will be for creating these 3 contents on weekly basis, creating new contents alike, as well as continuation of “Wearable Wednesday”.

Grant size

3,000 USD in MANA

Project duration

3 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



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It is a content series that aims to spotlight the affordable wearables available within Decentraland’s marketplace.
Each “Affordawear” post will feature specific wearables item close the marketplace’s floor price (I call them penny picks), making it more accessible and enticing to a broader audience within the Decentraland community.

Through engaging copywriting and visually appealing content, the objective is to support wearable creators, empower community members with knowledge about affordable wearables that can enhance their Decentraland experience.

The project aims to fulfill the need for affordable and desirable wearables, making them more accessible for community members, including newcomers, and encouraging participation in the wearables market.

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Guess the Wearable:

These challenges, scheduled on a weekly basis, will be presented to the community with distorted or blurred images of wearables, inviting them to guess the wearables’ identities.

Participants will have the opportunity to win wearable prizes, adding an exciting incentive to participate.

The challenges intend to create a sense of camaraderie, competition, and enthusiasm within the Decentraland community.

The primary goal is to enhance the visibility of the wearables market by encouraging users to explore the market, creating interest and motivating community members to explore and engage with it.

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In addition to these brand new two contents, I have another challenge called “Wearable Wars” which will serve as a dynamic, community-driven initiative that adds an exciting competitive element to Decentraland. The concept of allowing participants to choose between themes such as “Steampunk” or “Cyberpunk”, “Fantasy” or “Sci-Fi” and showcase their choice, on a basis, keeps the content fresh and intriguing. This approach aligns with the varied interests of the community. Also, I will be posting for ongoing “Wearable Wednesday” as its popularity is diminishing nowadays.

The Decentraland platform thrives on community participation and interaction. My project addresses this crucial need by offering a diverse range of content and activities, including “Affordawear”, “Guess the Wearable”, “Wearable Wednesday” and “Wearable Wars”. These initiatives encourage users to actively engage with the platform, enhancing its vibrancy and vitality.

The wearables market in Decentraland is a significant economic pillar. “Affordawear” and “Guess the Wearable” bring wearables to the forefront, increasing their accessibility and appeal. Giving people a good cause to explore marketplace with a wider focus.

By providing dynamic content and interactive challenges, my project makes Decentraland more appealing to potential users. Enhanced engagement and retention ultimately drive growth and sustainability for the platform.

Who am I?

I am senior business student (22) with a specialization in marketing. I have practical experience on copywriting and content creation gained during a valuable internship focused on copywriting for social media advertisements. Moreover, my proficiency in graphic design empowers me to independently bring high-quality end-products by myself. This unique combination of academic knowledge and hands-on experience positions me to effectively contribute to the Decentraland platform and its community.

Roadmap and milestones

Month 1: Project Initiation

Launch “Affordawear” and “Guess the Wearable” Initiatives.
Begin with the first “Affordawear” showcase on Mondays.
Host the inaugural “Guess the Wearable” challenge on Fridays.
Continue “Wearable Wednesday” with the 21st post on Wednesdays.
Start conceptualizing posts for “Wearable Wars.”
Share initial project details and updates at the end of the month.
Maintain consistent communication through Decentraland, Discord channels, and social media platforms.

Month 2

Launch “Wearable Wars” allowing theme selection.
Analyze engagement data from “Affordawear” “Guess the Wearable” and “Wearable Wednesday”
Maintain weekly posts for “Affordawear” and “Guess the Wearable”
Sustain “Wearable Wednesday” posts.
Showcase exceptional user-generated content.
Share updates at the end of the month.
Maintain consistent communication through Decentraland, Discord channels, and social media platforms.

Month 3

Collect and analyze data from all initiatives, including “Wearable Wars”
Maintain weekly posts for “Affordawear” and “Guess the Wearable”
Continue with “Wearable Wednesday” posts.
Prepare for the “Wearable Wars” Grand Finale.
Host the “Wearable Wars” Grand Finale event, recognizing outstanding contributors.
Provide an overall project update.
Maintain consistent communication through Decentraland, Discord channels, and social media platforms.

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Some of my earlier #WearableWednesday posts:

I’m voting yes to support. This version of your grant feels much more organized and concise. I think it’s a wise idea to create specific events highlighting our wearable market. Digital fashion is a huge industry, and creating this content will be an excellent way to set Decentraland at the front of the fashion community.

May I suggest you also contribute this content through Instagram, if possible? There is a robust digital fashion community there, and it’s a good way for users to find Decentraland.


Thank you for your support and for your insightful suggestion regarding Instagram. I totally agree that Instagram can be a fantastic platform for showcasing wearable pieces and outfits from Decentraland. It’s a visually engaging platform that can effectively highlight the wearables.

I think Instagram isn’t ideal platform for such challenges however I’m excited to explore other content ideas that can beautifully represent our wearables. Maybe aesthetically appealing contents where I can showcase outfits or informative posts to let people know that they can have wearable NFTs just by attending several events so and so on. I am definitely up for giving Instagram a try.

I vote yes since not only is Decentraland promoted, but it is also an opportunity for creators to promote their work through you.


Voting YES. Fecet has continued to demonstrate their commitment to the marketing of Decentraland through Twitter. The grant budget is very reasonable. I echo the same thoughts like Canessa to post on other platforms like Instagram for more reach, or even Medium.com for additional SEO.

I look forward to seeing the results of this proposal.

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Social Media Content Marketing: Boosting Decentraland and Wearables Market

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 76% 7,548,516 VP (113 votes)
  • No 14% 1,408,078 VP (14 votes)
  • Abstain 10% 1,006,622 VP (17 votes)

Social Media Content Marketing: Boosting Decentraland and Wearables Market

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