[DAO:71797bf] Update #2 for proposal "Social Media Content Marketing: Boosting Decentraland and Wearables Market"

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Greetings, people of Decentraland! I am here to share my project’s second month process.


During the second month, I created over 20 content pieces as well as more than 10 visuals, logos, designs for challenges. Promoted over 25 different creators, 5 games in Decentraland, and Decentraland Marketplace as a whole. 18 wearable prize distributed to challenge participants, made sure that each reward is different with a particular focus on distributing a set to repetitive participants.

“Wearable Wars” has been launched, and collaborated with Dollhouse DCL to integrate the challenge to be both in-game and social media challenge to expand its reach and impact across different channels.

Continued to produce “Guess the Wearable”, “Affordawear”, and “Wearable Wednesday” on X, produced an Instagram Reels, launched “Bytedrobe Dictionary” under Bytedrobe Instagram account and covered “Wearables” as an informative post.


Fortunately, the project encountered no significant blockers during its second month. However, we did face a minor delay in the launch of “Wearable Wars” by a week. This delay was necessary to avoid overlapping with Decentraland Wellness Week, ensuring that both initiatives received the attention and focus they deserved.

Next steps

I copywrote few more contents for Instagram, they will be designed during the next month. 3 more “Wearable Wars” challenge will also be produced during the month, last one will be the grand finale. Continuation of “Guess the Wearable” challenge, “Affordawear”, and “Wearable Wednesday”.

Additional notes and links

Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/FecetDCL

Wearable Wars: https://twitter.com/FecetDCL/status/1752060844198756805

Latest post of Guess the Wearable: https://twitter.com/FecetDCL/status/1751372731533115774

Latest post of Wearable Wednesday: https://twitter.com/FecetDCL/status/1750229657151017229

Latest post of Affordawear: https://twitter.com/FecetDCL/status/1747052130379219117

Bytedrobe Instagram account: Bytedrobe (@bytedrobe) • Instagram photos and videos

Any thought, feedback or idea is so valuable for me, don’t hesitate to share please.

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Today, we had our Monthly Meeting with Fe Cet from Social Media Content Marketing: Boosting Decentraland and Wearables Market, and I’m pleased to report that the project is on track and nearing completion. Fe showcased progress, and we reviewed their GovApp Update and Public Roadmap.

During the meeting, we also discussed Instagram since there wasn’t much content there initially. Fe committed to giving it a try, explaining that making a significant impact on Instagram, similar to what they’ve achieved on Twitter, would require about 6 months to a year. Fe also shared their latest content, which exceeded what was proposed initially.

Additionally, we reviewed the impact metrics and agreed to include one more content piece