[DAO:6dd23da] Update #1 for proposal "Social Media Content Marketing: Boosting Decentraland and Wearables Market"

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Greetings, people of Decentraland!

I’m excited to provide you with the first-month updates on my ongoing project, made possible with your incredible support. Here’s an overview of what has been done so far.


More than 20 content pieces were created during the first month. “Affordawear” and “Guess the Wearable” challenge have been launched. Over 10 creators were showcased with more than 30 wearables. Kept up with our tradition “Wearable Wednesday” with fun concepts. 15 wearable prizes were distributed with “Guess the Wearable” challenge, got feedbacks from the participants about the challenge, implementing the feedbacks continuously with an effort on balancing difficulty of the challenge.

An Instagram page to increase Decentraland’s presence on Instagram is created. The page is called “Bytedrobe” combination of the words byte and wardrobe. Designed a logo, shared “Fashion Tips in a Virtual Environment” post.


The project has faced no significant blockers during its initial month. The progress and success achieved can be attributed to the fantastic support and input from the wonderful individuals within the Decentraland community that are willing to help with different approaches.

Next steps

New challenges with different concepts are coming up for “Guess the Wearable”, continuation of “Wearable Wednesday” and “Affordawear” as well as new contents for our Instagram page “Bytedrobe”. “Wearable Wars” challenge will be starting in 3 weeks where participants will select one of two themes and fight with each other presenting the theme.

Additional notes and links

Twitter Page:

Latest post of Wearable Wednesday:

Latest post of Guess the Wearable:

Latest post of Affordawear:


Any thought, feedback or idea is so valuable for me, don’t hesitate to share please.

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Sure, here’s a revised version:

Today, we had our Monthly Meeting with Efe from Social Media Content Marketing: Boosting Decentraland and Wearables Market. The project is on track. They showcased progress, initiated three contests, and we reviewed the posts, their GovApp Update, and their Public Roadmap. We also discussed Impact Metrics; we requested the grantee to send them as comments in Notion. Additionally, we discussed their progress toward reaching the target audience and the number of pieces proposed. So far, they have time to achieve it, and it seems that they are going to make it. We also invited them to showcase their progress in the TownHall on the 8th of February.