[DAO:8a3b51f] Update #3 for proposal "Social Media Content Marketing: Boosting Decentraland and Wearables Market"

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Greetings, Decentraland community! As my project comes to a close, I’m here to share the progress made during the month and final updates on the progression.


Throughout the month, we hosted four successful Wearable Wars with Dollhouse, including the grand finale. I wrote, designed, and distributed 20 social media posts; and designed over 20 visuals for in-game use. The community’s involvement was outstanding, contributing over 70 content pieces during the Wearable Wars challenge.

In total, my 3-month project achieved 120K impressions, showcasing more than 40 wearable creators. Over 100 wearable prizes were distributed. Maintained consistent communication with the community to improve the overall challenge experiences. More than total of 90 content pieces were both written and designed, which is more than one a day and double of the promised amount in the proposal.


No significant blockers were encountered in the final month. However, due to the nature of three-day-per-week format of the Wearable Wars challenge, coupled with an additional two days for testing and in-game visual implementation, led to a slight delay in distributing the designed Guess the Wearable and Affordawear posts.

Next steps

Guess the Wearable and Affordawear will be continued for a while, with the already designed content set to be distributed, as well as for Instagram. While my project officially concludes, I remain committed to producing engaging content for the Decentraland community. Moving forward, my primary focus will shift towards copywriting new and exciting challenges. Thank you for your ongoing support, and I look forward to delivering more compelling content in the days ahead! Hope to see you all with new projects. :blush:

Additional notes and links

Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/FecetDCL

Wearable Wars: https://twitter.com/FecetDCL/status/1754595877551800668
A Winning Team Announcement Post for Wearable Wars: https://twitter.com/FecetDCL/status/1753161411243504078
A Support Post for Losing Team: https://twitter.com/FecetDCL/status/1755347765209481415
Wearable Wars Valentine’s Day Special Logo: https://twitter.com/FecetDCL/status/1758259673998749827
Wearable Wars Valentine’s Day Challenge Post: https://twitter.com/FecetDCL/status/1757132541302116522
The Grand Finale: https://twitter.com/FecetDCL/status/1759343737187033407
Latest Post of Affordawear: https://twitter.com/FecetDCL/status/1762213496526172224

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Today, we held our final meeting with Fecet from Social Media Content Marketing: Boosting Decentraland and Wearables Market. They provided all the evidence, and the project was a success. They delivered the end report and the final metrics, and we only requested evidence for the 300 miceclunius budget they defined in their proposal. We want to congratulate the grantee for accomplishing all their goals.

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