[DAO:68e3b0e] DCL Global Recruiting & Onboarding Marketing Campaign Phygital T-shirt Contest

by 0xfe06daef60ecb07fc65e8a9d0e81b82d93fd884b (jEnnova)

Should the following $105,500 grant in the Sponsorship category be approved?


FULL PROPOSAL: DCL Global Recruiting & Onboarding Marketing Campaign Phygital T-shirt Contest - Google Docs

Ennova (Twitter: @ennova_io) understands the need to increase the number of users in Decentraland (DCL), specifically content creator roles such as graphic designers and 3D modelers. As such, Ennova will facilitate a global marketing campaign designed to boost user onboarding and community engagement within DCL. Our initiative will focus on recruiting people from 15+ web2 and web3 platforms to join DCL. We will host a t-shirt design contest where the winning design, which will be chosen by the community, will become the official DCL phygital t-shirt and converted to a limited-edition wearable.

Grant size

105,500 USD in DAI

Project duration

7 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



DCL has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact, socialize, & conduct business. It is vital to invest in marketing strategies that promote growth, brand awareness, & new user onboarding to fully realize this potential & remain competitive. Sponsoring this project presents an innovative approach to addressing these objectives.

Cost-effective Marketing: Our marketing campaign is an affordable & effective marketing strategy. Phygital t-shirts are cost effective & can be produced in large quantities, making it an accessible method to promote DCL globally. When people wear the DCL t-shirt in public, they will be walking billboards for the platform leading to word-of-mouth advertising & increased exposure for DCL. According to a BCG report, word-of-mouth marketing is up to 10x more effective than paid ads. Furthermore, McKinsey & Co reported that the importance of word-of-mouth marketing is only likely to grow with Gen-Zers as 82% of them trust their family & friends for advice on products more than any other source. What better way to empower our community members to market & promote DCL than to give them a product they’d love to wear & leverage to encourage others to join DCL.

Enhanced Brand Recognition & Promotion: The creation & distribution of t-shirts featuring DCL’s logo can significantly boost brand recognition. According to a survey by PPAI, 85% of people remember the brand or business that gave them a branded or promotional product. Ennova will offer these t-shirts to both newly onboarded & existing DCL members effectively creating a network of individuals who will feel further empowered to promote DCL, ultimately increasing its visibility and reach.

Innovative User Experience: Incorporating NFC tag technology into the t-shirts offers users a seamless & interactive experience. Scanning the embedded NFC tag can instantly direct them to DCL’s website removing barriers to engagement & increasing the likelihood of onboarding new users. This approach will not only attract attention but also demonstrate DCL’s commitment to cutting-edge tech & user experience.

Community Building & Engagement: Our design contest will foster community involvement & pride, as members contribute their creative skills & participate in voting for the winning design. This sense of belonging can attract new users & lead to an increase of repeat DCL visits from current users. A study by Invesp found that engaged customers visit a website 2x more often & spend 5x longer on a website than non-engaged customers. Studies like this one suggest that when customers are engaged with a brand, they are more likely to spend more time on the website & make more purchases / take other desirable actions.

Offline & In-World Integration: This initiative bridges the gap between the digital & physical worlds by offering both virtual wearables in DCL & t-shirts with NFC tags. This integration will generate interest from a wider audience & create buzz around DCL, showcasing its innovative approach to the metaverse experience.

This project is beneficial to DCL. It will address current gaps in areas such as new user onboarding, marketing, & community engagement. Furthermore, it will elevate DCL’s brand awareness, drive its further growth in the metaverse market, & showcase its commitment to innovation. Ennova is excited for the opportunity to bring this project to fruition & create something monumental the whole community can be proud of!

Roadmap and milestones

Ennova will complete this project’s milestones in five (5) phases. We have provided the roadmap containing details about each phase along with a high-level flowchart in Table 1(a).

Table 1(a) - Project Flowchart

Additionally, we have provided a chart containing each of the activities the Ennova team will focus on by effort. Here you will see our main area of focus is the recruitment and onboarding of new users (70%) with secondary efforts focusing on current community members (25%). Our tertiary focus is that of the t-shirts which comprises 5% of our focus throughout this engagement see Table 1(b).

Table 1(b) - Ennova’s Key Activities by Effort

Given that our main focus will be on the recruitment and onboarding of new users, we have provided additional details about our onboarding strategies to provide more context around these efforts (see Table 1 (c)).

Table 1(c) - Ennova Onboarding Strategies

Table 1(d) - Designer & Developer Prizes


Table 1(e) - Wearables Sales Proceeds Distribution

Table 1(f) - Proposal Highlights

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The recruitment approach outlined in this proposal is a breath of fresh air in the professional world. It’s exciting to think about the talent that can be discovered through these means. Full support from me!

As a two-time small business owner, I believe in the power of word-of-mouth. Incorporating the mentioned technology, perhaps with a preloaded PDF onboarding guide, could simplify the process. The proposal’s fusion of fashion, technology, and gaming, along with designer prizes, could attract major brands. Brands like Gap, Old Navy, and Gucci, each with its unique community, could find this appealing.

I’m ready to support by providing streaming on over 15 social platforms, 5 metaverses, and 4 decentraland parcels, alongside 3 physical venues. Let’s help cultivate a new decentralized community channel. Best wishes with the exciting plan!


Oh wow, this proposal isn’t just about a contest, it’s about revolutionizing how we think about talent recruitment. It’s fresh, it’s exciting, and I’m thrilled to back this idea. Here’s to a new era of innovation!


This is Epic lets GOOOAT


Same thing last time they pitched. I want a 3XL and a 6XL in case i gain more weight and an XL so when I flex outside the ring against tobik my shirt rips like the hulk. It will be more like snorlax flex but will do just as good.


I’m genuinely excited to support this proposal. The way it aims to recruit talent from various professional platforms is fresh and inspiring. I see a bright future for this project!


I have a Decentraland Ozzfest T-Shirt I wear to the gym occasionally. Sometimes, I get stopped and asked about my T-shirt. I think it’s a good way to advertise Decentraland (especially if you live in a big city). Voted Yes, best of luck!


I remember the first proposal and voted yes on this one, I see that you worked on some updates and suggestions so I’m more convinced now. This proposal’s innovative approach to talent recruitment is exactly what we need. Let’s make it happen!


$100k for a tshirt contest? $22k for tshirts alone? voting no…

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Hi @dogman . It appears there’s a bit of a misunderstanding on your end on our project. Happy to clarify.

This is a global recruitment effort of creators and builders for DCL. We need to onboard more of these roles to help keep our platform alive and thriving. As such, we’ve created this recruitment initiative that will allow these roles to showcase their works and skill set while including a fun aspect to the project where participants stand to get something cool (i.e., prize money), community members (i.e., a cool DCL shirt), and the DAO (i.e., the creation of the wearable version of the design where 50% of the revenue will go to the DAO in perpetuity).


yes its a recruitment effort by way of a tshirt contest correct?

Yes, @dogman, that is one aspect of it. We also have an IRL event included as part of this project’s recruitment and onboarding efforts as we are taking a multi-faceted approach to bringing in new talent. Check out our charts for more details on how we plan to successfully execute our plans.

Below you will see our onboarding strategies inclusive of what platforms and approach we will take.

As you will see in the pie chart, only 5% of our efforts will be dedicated to the contest. The majority, 70%, will be dedicated to onboarding and recruitment efforts.


@JEDiMETATRON, thank you for recognizing the depth and potential of our proposal ! Your support fuels our drive for innovation in talent recruitment.


@AaronLeupp, we’ve got you covered!

Thanks for taking the time to review our proposal and vote!


This proposal opens up avenues for potential collaborations which will allow us to distribute DCL shirts as recruitment and brand awareness tools to other initiatives in DCL. Below are a couple of newer DCL initiatives we can potentially partner with:

Ambassador Program: Decentraland Ambassador's Program

Community Experiences - Potential New Category: DAO grants program - New Category: Community Experiences

A standout feature of this initiative is that creators get to materialize their creativity into tangible wearables and shirts that can be worn in both DCL and IRL.

How amazing would it be to see the DCL logo on and offline?!


Thanks for recognizing our vision! Your enthusiasm fuels our drive tomake this project a game changer in talent recruitment!

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Thank you so much for your continued support and recognizing the improvements InJester! Together, we will help foster the growth of talent recruitment and innovation on DCL.

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AMAZING! That’s fantastic to hear how your T-shirt sparks interest in DCL!

Thanks so much for the support. Cheers!

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What a waste of $$$ - Voting NO!

The pitch deck looks quite professional, we can see they are keeping to modify it time and time again. Would love to see the how it become real exposure figure, that will be more persuasive