[DAO:5f37c6d] Decentraland Official 2023 Phygital TShirt & Wearable Design Contest + IRL Event

by 0xfe06daef60ecb07fc65e8a9d0e81b82d93fd884b (jEnnova)

Should the following $117,800 grant in the Sponsorship category be approved?


FULL PROPOSAL: Ennova | - Decentraland Official 2023 Phygital T-Shirt & Wearable Design Contest + IRL Event - Google Docs

Ennova (Twitter: @ennova_io) recognizes the value of community wear for organizations. As such, we would like to facilitate a 7-month marketing campaign via a phygital t-shirt design contest in DCL. The winning design will become the official DCL phygital t-shirt & be distributed to the community for free worldwide & at an IRL event. The winning design will also be converted to a limited-edition wearable by the designer and developer voted by the community. This initiative will boost DCL’s brand recognition, generate word-of-mouth advertising, & foster unity among the community.

Grant size

117,800 USD in DAI

Project duration

7 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



DCL has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact, socialize, & conduct business. It is vital to invest in marketing strategies that promote growth, brand awareness, & new user onboarding to fully realize this potential & remain competitive. Sponsoring this project presents an innovative approach to addressing these objectives.

Cost-effective Marketing:
Our marketing campaign is an affordable & effective marketing strategy. Phygital t-shirts are cost effective & can be produced in large quantities, making it an accessible method to promote DCL globally. When people wear the DCL t-shirt in public, they will be walking billboards for the platform leading to word-of-mouth advertising & increased exposure for DCL. According to a BCG report, word-of-mouth marketing is up to 10x more effective than paid ads. Furthermore, McKinsey & Co reported that the importance of word-of-mouth marketing is only likely to grow with Gen-Zers as 82% of them trust their family & friends for advice on products more than any other source. What better way to empower our community members to market & promote DCL than to give them a product they’d love to wear & leverage to encourage others to join DCL.

Enhanced Brand Recognition & Promotion:
The creation & distribution of t-shirts featuring DCL’s logo can significantly boost brand recognition. According to a survey by PPAI, 85% of people remember the brand or business that gave them a branded or promotional product. Ennova will offer these t-shirts to both newly onboarded & existing DCL members effectively creating a network of individuals who will feel further empowered to promote DCL, ultimately increasing its visibility and reach.

Innovative User Experience:
Incorporating NFC tag technology into the t-shirts offers users a seamless & interactive experience. Scanning the embedded NFC tag can instantly direct them to DCL’s website removing barriers to engagement & increasing the likelihood of onboarding new users. This approach will not only attract attention but also demonstrate DCL’s commitment to cutting-edge tech & user experience.

Community Building & Engagement:
Our design contest will foster community involvement & pride, as members contribute their creative skills & participate in voting for the winning design. This sense of belonging can attract new users & lead to an increase of repeat DCL visits from current users. A study by Invesp found that engaged customers visit a website 2x more often & spend 5x longer on a website than non-engaged customers. Studies like this one suggest that when customers are engaged with a brand, they are more likely to spend more time on the website & make more purchases / take other desirable actions.

Offline & In-World Integration:
This initiative bridges the gap between the digital & physical worlds by offering both virtual wearables in DCL & t-shirts with NFC tags. This integration will generate interest from a wider audience & create buzz around DCL, showcasing its innovative approach to the metaverse experience.

This project is beneficial to DCL. It will address current gaps in areas such as new user onboarding, marketing, & community engagement. Furthermore, it will elevate DCL’s brand awareness, drive its further growth in the metaverse market, & showcase its commitment to innovation. Ennova is excited for the opportunity to bring this project to fruition & create something monumental the whole community can be proud of!

Roadmap and milestones

Ennova will complete this project’s milestones in five (5) phases. We have provided the roadmap containing details about each phase along with a high-level flowchart in Table 1(a).

Table 1(a) Project Flow

Project Milestone Phases






Table 1(b) - Designer & Developer Prizes


Table 1(c) - Wearables Sales Proceeds Distribution


Table 1(d) - Proposal Highlights


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I love this idea! What a wonderful and innovative way to onboard new users and leverage the amazing talent in this platform to create something that the community can enjoy!

Historically, I haven’t seen many projects blend IRL and IVL while focusing on onboarding new users. We must think of different ways to attract new users while paying homage to those already in the community building and creating cool things. Love this project!

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I don’t know what you’re up to, but why is it not to try!
Best wishes!


We are thrilled to finally submitted this exciting grant proposal that will ignite the communities creative talents and leave a lasting mark on the Decentraland platform.

Get ready to showcase your design skills and be part of something truly special by designing the official Decentraland t-shirt!

This is your chance to finally have something tangible to represent Decentraland and show your pride in the community.

Imagine wearing a unique t-shirt that sparks conversations and generates curiosity about the incredible world of Decentraland.

By voting YES, you will not only contribute to the growth and onboarding of new users but also play a vital role in shaping the future of Decentraland’s branding.

Let’s make this phygital tshirt a symbol of unity and pride!

Attention ALL Decentraland members! Do NOT miss the chance to leave your mark and be part of Decentralands journey!

With your support, we will make this project a reality!

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I would love to see this project go about. I am very aware as a two time small business owner word to mouth has definitely shown the best results maybe a bit more labor and at hands work but very effective. Have technology of the nature mentioned above I say could be a way of ease to onboard as it can also be preloaded with a pdf onboarding guide of somesort. This layout mentioned here above on the proposal I agree and totally love the idea of inter graded fashion and technology phygitally. With the gaming side of it with competitive designing and designers prizes this will def interest big name brands to eye the space in many ways as commercial marketing is the highest sales and profitable business with reoccurring revenue on a daily think of gap think of old navy think of Gucci. These brands all have different value and community behind them the possibilities of catching the eye could be high if marketed right and the support of the community is onboard for the trip. I’d love to extend my hand out and support by providing multiverse and phygital streaming to over 15 social platforms 5 metaverses and 4 decentraland parcels already and still growing this also includes 3 Irl venues hosting our m3u8 link on live 24/7. Let’s give them a chance and help them grow a new channel of community in decentraland. Wishing you all luck love the layout and game plan so far totally have my support


Thank you for the well wishes, PhutureMusic!! Appreciate your support of both the draft and the proposal. We are grateful, humbled, and looking forward to kicking off this project!

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Love the perspective and insights shared from your profesional and personal background!

What you mentioned re: the integration of fashion and technology and the fashion brand examples were amazing!

Appreciate the well wishes and looking forward to the opportunity to potentially work together :pray:!

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I find it disingenuous that someone from your team makes the first comment about how much they love the proposal.

People have joked in the past about doing this as a way to influence votes, not surprised to see it here.

I think the proposal is a scam to syphon money from the DAO. Voted NO!


“Ah shit, here we go again”


Hi HP.

Sorry you feel this way. Please let us know if there are any questions or thoughts you’d like to discuss with us. Happy to do so.

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Hi PB. Our goal is to foster a healthy & productive community discussion. As such, I will keep the context of my response positive, too.

Your defamation of character and libel when referring to me as a “scammer” leave me perplexed especially coming from someone that I have met in person who represents the DCL.

As for the opinion of the first comment being ingenious - that is also confusing. We are super enthusiastic abt this project & thrilled to share it with the community however and wherever we can. We encourage everyone on our team to participate in the DAO process, just as every community member should.

This project will truly bring something new & innovative to this space while contributing positively to the DCL community & broadening its reach. Now, by no means am I saying vote in favor. You, of course, can respond how you wish.

If you’re going to comment, please feel free to share your perspective on the content of the proposal itself. We also encourage the community to take the same approach when posting comments to the forum.

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This is something I have been recently talking about actually. That we continue to pursue reaching people in the spaces they don’t go. Twitter, IG, anything Web 3 related. It is time to hit the streets, pound the pavement and reach those outside of the space. I would love to see these kinds of things spread throughout different locations around the world. Our presence at NFT conventions has been minimal but again those are Web 3 spaces as well and not reaching a wider audience. I believe we need to take a chance on something different and this can be the testing ground for future smaller ones possibly. It also benefits creators in DCL and will encourage participation from others in DCL. We are often quick to vote no on some of these opportunities yet alternatives are not given. If you don’t think this will work, what do you feel will? I think taking it to the streets is a great idea and one we should definitely try.


Hello @Existential14 !

Yes, indeed! Love that you see the vision and are as enthusiastic as we are! We’ve noticed this as an opportunity for DCL and started thinking of ways to fill this need! From that ideating, this project was born.

We wanted to bring the power to the community in terms of creative direction and decision making. We also understand that IRL is a huge component of the successful onboarding of new members which is why we brought in the IRL aspect.

We are hopeful in this project’s success and believe this can be the foundation of other similar projects in the future. We are thrilled that others are just as excited as us!

Thank you for the review, commentary, and vote!!

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this proposal is seriously awesome! I love the idea of a phygital tshirt design contest in Decentraland. It is such a fun and creative way to promote the platform, engage the community, and spread the word about DCL worldwide.

I have a small question tho how will the winning design be chosen for the phygital t-shirt and limited-edition wearable, and what role will the community play in the selection process?


Yes, I am down as long as I get two one in 3XL or 10XL and the other in L if you have it. Also has to have the price tag of $117,800 put on both as well so I can use it as a flex to help me get my first IRL girlfriend. Thank you.


Hi @InJesterr,

Thank your for taking the time to review the proposal and provide positive commentary! Love to see you understand and are aligned with the vision and concept!!

In regards to your question, happy to respond. The winning designer AND developer will both be chosen by the community during an in-world event. We will work with a parcel in DCL to host a voting event and do IVL voting. This will level the playing fields for DCL community members regardless of their length of time or status in the community to use their voice and vote! It will encourage those who may have been newly onboarded by developers or artists to vote and anyone else we are able to bring in as part of the event promotional efforts.

The biggest thing here is ensuring we provide a fair platform for people to vote and use their influence to select the official 2023 DCL phygital t-shirt.

Many thanks, again, for the support!!

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@AaronLeupp !!

Appreciate jestful comment! Maybe you can onboard this future IRL girlfriend to DCL using the phygital shirt :laughing:!

Thanks for taking the time to review our proposal and vote!

Thank you for bringing forward this proposal. I would like to share my feedback on the matter:

The individual named jEnnova, who authored this proposal, has not been observed actively participating in either the DAO or Decentraland main Discord groups, apart from contributing comments related to this specific proposal.

Requesting more than half of the quarterly budget for a single proposal limits the opportunity for other potential proposals that could potentially bring greater value to Decentraland.

The Ennova_IO Twitter account was created in March 2023, and the domain activateEnnova.com was registered in April of the same year. The website hosted on the domain suggests that Ennova_IO/ActivateEnnova is a company specializing in web3 consulting services.
3a) Can you confirm if this is a registered company?
3b) Considering the recent establishment, has the company delivered any web3 services since its inception? Could you provide a portfolio of your work?

Regarding the in-real-life (IRL) event mentioned, have you organized any previous IRL events? If so, where were these events held? Are they primarily held within the United States or internationally? And should this budget passed, where will the events be held?

Personally, I have reservations about voting in favor of allocating a grant of this magnitude to a newly established group/company. I have not been able to find any substantial evidence of legitimate business engagements with web2 companies or reputable web3 projects that could instill confidence in the company’s ability to deliver successful outcomes.

I would suggest that the author start off with a smaller grant request and try to deliver one of the events mentioned successfully to instill confidence to the community that the company has what it takes and evidence to deliver future projects with a bigger amount of grant.

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This team has no experience doing anything they are wanting to get paid for in their proposal.

They say they have experience but when asking for any sort of proof they are unable to provide it.

Don’t support this without doing your own investigation into the team please.

They are newly active in DCL and are just looking for a payout imo.

I think it’s important DCL has a presence at IRL conferences/events with swag. Having an oficial tee is a step on that direction. I’d love to rock an official DCL tee at an NFT event! LFG <3